What Was The Longest Overtime In Hockey? [Ultimate Guide!]

While it is always great to score a goal and add a few more precious minutes to your game day, the true meaning of sportsmanship is never ending an overtime game. In fact, sometimes the extra frame can even decide the outcome of a match. Even the Stanley Cup final is not immune to sudden … Read more

Where Can I Buy Hockey Tape? [Solved!]

Hockey tape is a product that you can use to fix or improve your athletic ability. It is available in different widths and lengths to suit different uses. You can buy it in large or small quantities to suit your needs. It is used by athletes to make their games more comfortable and safer. It … Read more

When Does Hockey Camp Start? [Updated!]

While many people are basking in the glory of sunshine and relaxation in the coming week, the world of hockey is gearing up for the start of another season. As the temperatures start to rise, the need for cold winter clothing starts to fade and you begin to see more and more people donning their … Read more

What Size Is 56 In Hockey Jersey? [Fact Checked!]

Whether you play ice hockey or not, the NHL has become quite popular in recent years. The league itself has evolved a great deal since its inception in 1917, with the game now being played on ice rinks as well as outdoors. While the rules of the game have remained the same over the past … Read more

When Is Hockey World Cup? [Fact Checked!]

The men’s world championship is one of the classic events in international sports, rivaled only by the Olympics in terms of popularity and prestige. It is one of the four major sporting events which make up the summer Olympics: along with the FIFA World Cup, the Football World Cup, and the Champions League final. The … Read more

What Is The Mhl Hockey? [Answered!]

The Mhl hockey is an innovative new hockey stick developed by the Molten Corporation that is completely recyclable. This biodegradable plastic can be 3D printed and reformed into new hockey sticks as often as needed. Its creators claim that this new hockey stick is twice as fast as conventional hockey sticks, which makes it ideal … Read more

When Will Hockey Resume? [Fact Checked!]

A lot of people were certainly shocked when they heard that professional hockey players had stopped competing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it was initially thought that the league would have to cancel the entire season. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and hockey resumed in early June. Still, even in today’s world where … Read more

What Size Adidas Hockey Jersey Should I Get? [Updated!]

If you’re new to hockey, it can be difficult to know the right sizing for your gear. Different hockey equipment wears differently, so you might need a different set of equipment depending on the size of the ice surface you’re playing on. For example, if the ice is smaller, you’ll need a smaller hockey jersey. … Read more

When Is Hockey Regular Season? [Updated!]

When is hockey regular season? It’s a question we get asked all the time. In fact, the NHL typically asks fans to submit their question on Twitter using the hashtag #askthehockeymafia during the season. We’ll do our best to answer, but let’s be honest, it’s difficult to know for sure. Hockey Is Always Winter The … Read more

What Is The Area Of A Hockey Rink? [Solved!]

One of the most crucial factors in determining the overall feel and atmosphere of a hockey rink is the size of the rink. The larger the rink, the greater the feeling of inclusion and entertainment for the audience. However, the size of the rink has limitations – in particular, the structural limitations of the building … Read more

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