What Is Plus Minus NHL? Learn How It Can Impact a Player’s Performance

As an NHL fan, it’s important to understand the various statistics used to evaluate players. One of these stats is plus-minus, which measures a player’s impact on their team’s goal differential when they are on the ice. But what exactly is plus-minus? And how does it affect a player’s performance? In this article, we’ll dive … Read more

Why Do Hockey Players Smell Salt? The Answer May Surprise You!

As you watch a hockey game, have you ever wondered why some players smell salt? This seemingly odd behavior may not make sense at first but it has been a part of the sport for years. The answer to this mystery is surprisingly simple yet plays an important role in enhancing performance on the ice. … Read more

What Is A Bender In Hockey? Learn How To Spot One On The Ice!

If you’re a hockey fan, you’ve probably heard the term “bender” thrown around on the ice. But what exactly does it mean? A bender is a player who has poor skating technique and often leans heavily to one side when they skate. The term originates from the way their skates bend under the weight distribution … Read more

Why Does The Goalie Leave In Hockey? Discover the Surprising Reasons!

Hockey is a fast-paced and dynamic game that requires great physical and mental skills. The goalie, arguably the most important player on the ice, is responsible for protecting their team’s net from incoming shots. As fans watching from home or attending live games, we might wonder why goalies sometimes leave the ice during a game. … Read more

What Is Roughing In Hockey? Learn the Rules and Penalties

Hockey is known for its fast pace, intense physicality, and hard hits. While some contact between players is expected in this sport, rough play that goes beyond the rules can result in penalties. This is where “roughing” comes into play. Roughing is a penalty called by officials when a player engages in excessive or aggressive … Read more

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