Did Pk Subban Win A Stanley Cup? Find Out Now

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If you’re a fan of hockey, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of P.K. Subban – one of the most talented defensemen in the game today.

Subban is known for his impressive skills on the ice – from his ability to control the puck to his incredible speed and agility.

But despite all of his success, there’s one question that many fans have been wondering: Did P.K. Subban win a Stanley Cup?

“The Stanley Cup is arguably the biggest prize in all of sports, and winning it is the ultimate goal for any player in the NHL. But did Subban ever achieve this feat?”

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at P.K. Subban’s career and find out whether or not he has won a Stanley Cup. From his early days as a rookie with the Montreal Canadiens to his more recent stint with the Nashville Predators, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this incredible athlete and his quest for greatness.

So if you’re ready to learn more about one of hockey’s biggest stars and whether or not he was able to bring home the coveted Stanley Cup trophy, keep reading!

Who is PK Subban?

PK Subban’s Early Life

PK Subban was born on May 13, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Subban grew up in a hockey family where his father and three brothers all played the sport. He began playing hockey at a young age, and as he got older, he knew that he wanted to pursue it as a career.

Subban played junior hockey for the Belleville Bulls and helped lead them to an OHL Championship in 2008. This success caught the attention of NHL teams, and Subban was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the second round of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

PK Subban’s NHL Career

Subban made his NHL debut with the Canadiens during the 2009-2010 season and quickly became a fan favorite with his exciting style of play and dynamic personality.

In 2014, Subban won the Norris Trophy, which is awarded annually to the best defenceman in the league. He also helped lead the Canadiens to the Eastern Conference Finals that same year.

In 2016, Subban was traded to the Nashville Predators, where he continued to be a top-performing defenseman. In 2017, he helped lead the Predators to their first ever Stanley Cup Finals appearance, although they ultimately fell short against the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games.

“I think we learned a lot about our group this year. We found ways to win some big games. That’s what playoff hockey is: It’s not necessarily always pretty.” -PK Subban

Although Subban has not won a Stanley Cup yet, he remains one of the most talented defencemen in the league and is recognized for his high-level play, leadership skills, and positive impact on and off the ice.

What Teams Did PK Subban Play For?

Pernell-Karl Subban, commonly known as PK Subban, is a professional ice hockey player from Canada who has played for three different National Hockey League (NHL) teams. Let us take a look at his journey with each team.

PK Subban’s Time with the Montreal Canadiens

Subban was drafted 43rd overall by his hometown team, the Montreal Canadiens, in the second round of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut on February 20, 2010, against the Philadelphia Flyers. Over time he became one of their star players, playing an integral role in reaching the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2009-10 playoffs and being nominated for the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s rookie of the year the same season.

In the 2014-15 season, Subban led the Canadiens to their first Atlantic Division title since its creation in 1998–99. He also received the James Norris Memorial Trophy that season, symbolizing him as the best defenceman in the NHL. However, his tenure in Montreal came to an abrupt end when he was traded to Nashville Predators in June 2016.

PK Subban’s Time with the Nashville Predators

In what might have been considered a colossal trade, Montreal Canadiens exchanged Subban to Nashville Predators for Shea Weber. Subban played for the Predators for three seasons, starting in 2016-17 until 2018-19. In his first season, he helped lead the team to the Stanley Cup Final but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully lost out to the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games.

The 2017-18 campaign was Subban’s most productive season with the Predators. He scored 16 goals and added 43 assists in 82 games, earning himself an invite to the All-Star Game and finishing top-10 in Norris Trophy voting.

PK Subban’s Time with the New Jersey Devils

In June 2019, Nashville traded Subban to the New Jersey Devils for a pair of second-round draft picks. Unfortunately, injuries prevented him from playing to his full potential during his first season with the Devils (2019-20).

Did Pk Subban Win A Stanley Cup?

No, PK Subban has not won a Stanley Cup yet but he came very close while playing for Nashville Predators when they reached the Stanley Cup Final in 2017 only to lose out in six games against Pittsburgh Penguins.

PK Subban’s Time with the Olympic Team Canada

Subban has also represented Team Canada on various occasions, most notably at the Winter Olympics where he won a gold medal in 2014 held in Sochi, Russia.

“To have the chance to stand up there and hear our anthem being played and know that you’re representing everybody back home – it’s just an incredible feeling.” – PK Subban

PK Subban is currently playing for the New jersey Devils, having previously played for Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators. Although he hasn’t won a Stanley Cup yet, his journey shows that he is undoubtedly one of the league’s most talented defenceman.

Has PK Subban Won Any Awards?

P.K. Subban, a Canadian professional ice hockey player, has won multiple awards throughout his career. He is considered one of the most dynamic defensemen in the NHL, known for his speed and aggressive style of play.

PK Subban’s Norris Trophy Win

In 2013, Subban won the James Norris Memorial Trophy, which is awarded annually to the best defenseman in the NHL. He beat out some tough competition that year, including Ryan Suter of the Minnesota Wild and Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“It’s such an honor, it’s a prestigious award, especially with all of the great defensemen in our game today,” Subban said during his Norris Trophy acceptance speech.

Subban recorded 38 points (11 goals, 27 assists) in just 42 games during the shortened season due to the lockout. He also led all NHL defensemen with 26 power-play points, proving his dominance on the ice and making him worthy of the Norris Trophy that year.

PK Subban’s Olympic Gold Medal

Subban represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. He helped lead Canada to the gold medal with his exceptional performance during the tournament. Although he was not a regular on the roster, he stepped up when needed and contributed significantly to Canada’s success.

“Any time you have the opportunity to wear your country’s jersey and represent them on the world stage, it’s special,” Subban told reporters after winning the gold medal. “Winning gold obviously makes it even better.”

He finished the tournament with one goal and two assists while averaging around 12 minutes of ice time per game. His impressive work on the ice earned him a gold medal and cemented his place as one of Canada’s greatest hockey players.

PK Subban’s World Junior Championship Medal

Before playing in the NHL, Subban represented Canada at the 2008 World Junior Championships held in Pardubice and Liberec, Czech Republic. He played a crucial role in leading Canada to a gold medal victory over Sweden, recording five points (two goals, three assists) in seven games during the tournament.

“Honestly, it’s something I still can’t explain,” Subban said reflecting back on the tournament win. “But obviously, when you look back at it now, being part of that team with all those great players and winning that tournament is special.”

The World Junior Championships proved to be a defining moment in his career and helped showcase his potential as a future NHL star.

In conclusion, although PK Subban has not won a Stanley Cup just yet, he has had an incredible career thus far, filled with numerous awards and accolades. Winning the James Norris Memorial Trophy, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a World Junior Championship medal have made him one of the most accomplished Canadian defensemen in recent history.

What Were PK Subban’s Impressive Stats?

PK Subban’s Career Points

Pernell-Karl Sylvester “PK” Subban is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman who started his NHL career with the Montreal Canadiens in 2009. Throughout his twelve seasons as an NHL player, Subban has been known for his impressive stats, including his career points.

Subban accumulated a total of 435 career points over 645 regular-season games as of May 2021. He also had 74 postseason points in 96 playoff games played during his career. With an average of 0.67 points per game and several All-Star appearances under his belt, Subban established himself as one of the league’s elite defensemen early on.

“PK is a dynamic offensive force that drives the play and leads by example.” -Nashville Predators President of Hockey Operations-General Manager David Poile

PK Subban’s Career Goals

One of PK Subban’s most notable contributions to the teams he played for was his ability to score goals. As of May 2021, Subban scored a total of 107 career goals, which places him among the top-scoring defensemen in the NHL.

Aside from Subban’s 2014-2015 season, when he tallied 15 goals, he averaged over ten goals per campaign. Despite being primarily known for his defensive skills, Subban’s goal-scoring abilities made him stand out as a well-rounded defenseman throughout his career.

“He does it all…He can move the puck up the ice really well and contribute offensively. He’s great in the room, he’s a leader, and he will do anything for the team.” -Predators forward Ryan Johansen

PK Subban’s Career Assists

In addition to his impressive goal-scoring proficiency, PK Subban was also efficient in setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities. As of May 2021, he had a total of 328 career assists which represents nearly three points per four games played.

Subban’s ability to move the puck up ice and set up plays made him a significant offensive threat from the defense position and paved the way for numerous goals throughout his career.

“He brings an element that not many guys have…a lot of other players aren’t able to get shots through like he is.” -Former Canadiens Defenseman Tom Gilbert

Despite this clear talent and skill on the ice, some fans may wonder if PK Subban ever won a Stanley Cup during his impressive NHL career.

Did PK Subban Lead His Team to the Stanley Cup Finals?

PK Subban’s Playoff Appearances

P.K. Subban is a dynamic defenseman who has played in playoffs with both Montreal and Nashville Predators. He was an integral part of his team’s success, even leading them to the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

During his tenure in Montreal, he led the Canadiens to three playoff appearances (2013, 2014 & 2015), where they were eliminated twice in the second round and once in the Eastern Conference finals.

In 2016, he joined the Nashville Predators, where he helped lead his team to their first ever Western Conference Final appearance. In 2017, he again played a huge role in helping them reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

PK Subban’s Contribution to his Teams’ Playoff Success

PK Subban played an essential role in every team he represented during the playoffs throughout his career. He is known for being a game-changer on the ice due to his superb puck handling skills, incredible speed, and explosive shot from point positions.

Subban is one of those rare players who can have a significant impact without accumulating many points on the scoreboard because his defensive skills are just as impressive as his offensive skills. For example, in the 2015 playoffs against Ottawa Senators, he scored only seven points in 12 games but also provided excellent defense, which resulted in him holding onto a +8 plus/minus rating (the highest among all Habs defenseman).

The following year while playing against Boston Bruins, Subban was again instrumental in leading Montreal into the eastern conference finals, having amassed 14 points in just ten games and also providing timely defending to keep opponents at bay.

After joining the Nashville Predators during 2016, PK Subban was a significant contributor when they reached their first Western Conference Final. He provided them with some excellent playmaking for his teammates and scored twice in the playoffs, once against St. Louis Blues and once again against Anaheim Ducks.

In 2017, he led Predator’s defense into the Stanley Cup Finals, making him one of the team’s primary players in doing so. Subban played a vital role throughout the playoffs that year. It included scoring two goals while capturing ten assists all over the run-up to the final series (WCF & SCF) and limiting opponents’ chances by adequately defending at critical moments of each game.

“PK claps back fast” – Ryan Johansen

All in all, without a doubt, it is not an exaggeration to say that PK Subban leads from the front in every playoff appearance. When he’s on the ice, coaches know that he has everything covered, and this reliability can sometimes make all the difference between victory and defeat in high-stakes games such as those found in the NHL playoffs.

Has PK Subban Won a Stanley Cup?

P.K. Subban is one of the most exciting and dynamic players in the NHL, known for his lightning-fast skating, crisp passing, and devastating shot. Despite his impressive skill set, however, many fans have been eagerly asking the question: “Did P.K. Subban win a Stanley Cup?” In this post, we’ll explore the star defenseman’s playoff history, examine his championship credentials, and take a closer look at his legacy as a potential Stanley Cup winner.

PK Subban’s Stanley Cup Finals Appearances

Over the course of his career, P.K. Subban has had several opportunities to compete in the Stanley Cup playoffs, including appearances in the finals with both the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators. In 2010, during his rookie campaign with the Canadiens, Subban played an important role in helping the team reach the Eastern Conference Finals before eventually falling to the Philadelphia Flyers. He would go on to make two more postseason appearances with Montreal, but would never advance past the second round.

After being traded to the Predators in June 2016, Subban was once again thrust into the thick of the playoff race, appearing in back-to-back Western Conference Finals with Nashville in 2017 and 2018. Although he scored several key goals and provided invaluable leadership throughout those runs, neither resulted in a championship for the franchise.

PK Subban’s Stanley Cup Win with the Boston Bruins

Despite all of his previous playoff heroics, P.K. Subban’s first Stanley Cup victory came not with the Canadiens or Predators, but rather with the Boston Bruins – albeit in virtual form. In June 2020, Subban joined the likes of Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, and several other NHL stars in the “NHL Player Gaming Challenge,” an online Xbox tournament run by EA Sports. Representing the Bruins, Subban helped lead his team to a thrilling 3-2 victory over the Arizona Coyotes in the championship game.

PK Subban’s Legacy as a Stanley Cup Champion

While P.K. Subban may not have won a physical Stanley Cup ring during his time in the NHL, he has nevertheless left an indelible mark on the league – both on the ice and off. Known for his charitable work with organizations like SickKids Foundation and MusiCounts, as well as his outspoken advocacy for racial justice and equality, Subban has become one of the most respected and beloved players in the game.

What’s more, despite never winning a championship at hockey’s highest level, Subban is no stranger to success. Along with his aforementioned gaming triumphs, the 31-year-old defenceman has won two Olympic gold medals with Team Canada, a World Junior Championship, and was also named the NHL’s top defenseman in 2013. And while there’s no denying that a Stanley Cup would undoubtedly be the crowning achievement of his career, it’s clear that PK Subban’s talents and accomplishments extend far beyond the ice.

PK Subban’s Stanley Cup Ring

While fans may continue to debate whether or not PK Subban will ever win a Stanley Cup on the ice, many are likely already wondering what a “Subban Cup ring” might look like. Although such a piece of jewelry does not currently exist in real life, it’s safe to say that it would be nothing short of spectacular – much like everything else associated with the star defender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did PK Subban win a Stanley Cup during his career?

Yes, PK Subban won the Stanley Cup in 2017 with the Nashville Predators. He played a vital role in the team’s journey to the finals, scoring two goals and ten points in the playoffs.

What teams did PK Subban play for during his NHL career?

PK Subban played for three teams during his NHL career. He began with the Montreal Canadiens in 2009 and played there until 2016. He then played for the Nashville Predators from 2016 to 2019 before being traded to the New Jersey Devils, where he currently plays.

What awards has PK Subban won during his NHL career?

PK Subban has won several awards during his NHL career, including the Norris Trophy in 2013 as the league’s best defenseman. He has also been named to the NHL All-Star team three times, won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2014 Olympics, and was named the NHL Foundation Player Award winner in 2015.

How has PK Subban contributed to the NHL off the ice?

PK Subban is well-known for his charitable work and community outreach. He has donated millions to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, created the Blueline Buddies program in Nashville to build relationships between police and underprivileged youth, and has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

What is PK Subban’s net worth?

PK Subban’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. He has earned this wealth through his NHL career, endorsements with companies like Adidas, Bridgestone, and Gatorade, and various business ventures, including a production company and investment in a real estate development.

What is PK Subban up to now?

PK Subban is currently playing for the New Jersey Devils. He is also actively involved in his charitable work, including with the Blueline Buddies program and his PK Subban Foundation, which aims to help children achieve their goals and dreams.

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