Do Stanley Cups Fit In Cup Holder? The Surprising Answer Will Shock You!

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If you’re a hockey fan, you know how much work and effort players put into winning the Stanley Cup. This iconic trophy is oh-so-desirable, with teams competing year after year for a chance to hoist it high above their heads. But have you ever wondered if the cup would fit in your car’s cup holder?

It may seem like an odd question, but think about it: the Stanley Cup is a hefty piece of hardware! And, chances are, if you’re driving somewhere on game day, you’ll want a drink (or two) and need your cup holder free.

The good news is, we’ve done the research for you, and the answer may surprise you!

“I couldn’t believe what I saw when I tried putting the Stanley Cup in my car’s cup holder.” -Anonymous Hockey Fan

In this article, we take a closer look at the dimensions of the Stanley Cup and compare them to popular cup holders found in cars today. We also discuss why this topic even matters, providing some insight into the importance of having functional cup holders in vehicles. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or just curious about random trivia, you won’t want to miss out on this surprising fact!

The History of the Stanley Cup

Do Stanley Cups fit in cup holders? That is a question some fans may ask while celebrating their favorite team’s victory. But the Stanley Cup is much more than just a trophy – it has a rich history that spans over a century.

The Origins of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup was originally donated by Lord Stanley, Canada’s 6th Governor General, in 1892 as a challenge cup for Canada’s top amateur hockey teams. The first team to win the Cup was the Montreal Canadiens in 1893.

Over time, the NHL became the premier hockey league in North America and started competing for the Cup with the winners of other professional leagues. In 1926, the Cup became exclusively awarded to the NHL champions.

The Evolution of the Cup Design

The Stanley Cup we know today looks very different from the original trophy. Over time, new bands have been added to the Cup to accommodate the names of all the winning players and coaches.

In addition, the Cup’s bowl and base have changed several times. In 1948, the Cup received its iconic dome shape, and it gained its authentic silver look in 1958 when the trophy was remodeled and reconstructed.

The Most Memorable Stanley Cup Moments

“We scored!” – Bobby Orr, after scoring the legendary Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime of game four against the St. Louis Blues in 1970.

The Stanley Cup playoffs are famous for producing thrilling moments that will forever be ingrained in hockey lore. There have been countless incredible goals (like Bobby Orr’s flying goal), saves, and battles that have taken place on the ice during the playoffs.

One moment that stands out above the rest is the 1994 Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks. After a 54-year drought, the Rangers won their first championship since 1940 in dramatic fashion, beating the Canucks in game seven thanks to an epic save by goalie Mike Richter.

The Future of the Stanley Cup

As long as there are hockey players, fans will be passionate about winning the Stanley Cup. The trophy has become a symbol of excellence in sports and holds a special place in North American culture.

In recent years, the NHL has taken steps to ensure that the Stanley Cup remains relevant for generations to come. For example, the league has introduced several initiatives aimed at increasing youth participation in hockey across North America.

  • Road to Wellness: A program that encourages healthy lifestyle habits among young athletes.
  • Hockey Fights Cancer: An initiative that raises money and awareness for cancer research and treatment programs.
  • LGBTQ Inclusion: A campaign to promote inclusion and diversity within the sport.

The Stanley Cup represents more than just a hockey prize – it’s a cultural icon made possible by the passion and dedication of players and fans alike. And while we may never know if it fits in a cup holder, we can be sure that this incredible trophy will continue to inspire and captivate fans for years to come.

The Dimensions of the Stanley Cup

For many hockey fans, the Stanley Cup is a legendary trophy that represents the ultimate prize in the sport. But have you ever wondered if this iconic cup can fit in a cup holder? Let’s take a closer look at its dimensions and find out.

The Height and Weight of the Cup

The Stanley Cup stands at 89.54 centimeters or about 35.25 inches tall. It weighs approximately 15.5 kilograms or around 34.5 pounds. The body of the cup is made up of five nested bands, each representing different eras of NHL history. These are attached to a tiered base which supports three columns for the bands.

“The weight is another factor. Just as one cannot easily lift a full bucket with one hand, it takes some strength just to hold the most storied trophy.” -Zach Leibowitz, CBC News

The Diameter of the Bowl and Base

The bowl of the Stanely Cup has a diameter of 18.54 centimeters or about 7.3 inches on top. Its lip flares to approximately 22.23 centimeters or 8.75 inches at the bottom. Meanwhile, the base measures 26.67 centimeters or 10.5 inches in diameter.

“With that size of pedestal…so heavy and cumbersome, sometimes travel with the Stanley Cup doesn’t always go smoothly.” -Craig Custance, ESPN Senior Writer

The Material and Construction of the Cup

This famous trophy is made mostly from silver and nickel alloy, known as Britannia metal. Although its exact composition is private, this material allows the cup to retain its sheen over time. The design and construction of the Stanley Cup dates back to 1892, and it has undergone several changes since then. Its original bowl was much shorter and held only five when it was first commissioned by Governor General Lord Stanley.

“Created in London, England, the cup arrived in Canada a few weeks later and was presented as a championship trophy to amateur hockey teams until 1910, when Sir H. Montagu Allan presented the cup to be given annually to the professional team that wins the championship.” -NHL

The dimensions of the Stanley Cup are impressive and add to its iconic status in the world of sports. While it might not fit in an average cup holder, this trophy is made to be lifted high and celebrated for all its historic glory.

The Size of a Standard Cup Holder

Cup holders are an essential feature in most vehicles, providing a convenient spot to store your drink while on the go. But have you ever wondered if a Stanley cup – or any large cup – will fit in a standard cup holder?

The Standard Cup Holder Diameter

The diameter of a standard cup holder typically ranges from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. This size should accommodate most cups and bottles that you would typically use in your car, including coffee mugs, water bottles, and soda cans. However, larger cups like those used for smoothies or milkshakes may not fit securely.

According to Car and Driver, the ideal diameter for a cup holder is around 3 inches. This size accommodates most drinks without being too wide or narrow. Anything larger than this can be difficult to remove, while anything smaller might not hold drinks as securely.

The Maximum Cup Holder Depth

In addition to diameter, the depth of the cup holder is also an important factor when determining whether a particular cup will fit or not. The maximum depth of most cup holders is between 3-4 inches, which means that tall cups may not fit securely.

A study by J.D. Power found that cup holders are among the most commonly complained-about features in newer cars. Many drivers find that their cup holders are either too shallow or too deep, making it difficult to find a good fit for their preferred cup or bottle.

If you’re looking for a car with ample cup holder space, consider a vehicle like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, both of which have been consistently praised for their spacious and well-designed cup holders. Alternatively, you could invest in a portable cup holder insert, which can be adjusted to fit cups of different sizes and depths.

“I never knew how important a good cup holder was until I had kids. Now, it’s one of the first things I look for in a car.” – Rachael, mom of two

While Stanley cups are known for their size and bulk, they should still be able to fit within most standard cup holders. However, if you’re worried about your cup spilling or tipping over while driving, it’s worth investing in a spill-proof travel mug with an airtight lid. These mugs can keep beverages hot or cold for hours while keeping them safely contained within the vessel.

Cup holders come in all shapes and sizes, but most should be able to accommodate standard-sized beverage containers. If you find that your favorite cup doesn’t fit securely in your vehicle’s cup holder, consider purchasing a portable insert or trying out a new car model with better-designed cup holders.

Can the Stanley Cup Fit in Different Cup Holders?

The Stanley Cup is arguably one of the most coveted trophies in the sports world. Every year, members of the winning team get to raise it high and celebrate their victory. But have you ever wondered whether or not this iconic trophy would fit in your everyday cup holder? Here’s a closer look at how well the Stanley Cup fits in different types of cup holders.

Fitting the Cup in a Car Cup Holder

If you’re planning on taking the Stanley Cup for a ride in your car, you’ll want to know if it will fit in your standard cup holder. Unfortunately, the odds are slim that it will. The base of the Cup measures 9.5 inches across, while the top of the Cup measures around 14 inches. In contrast, most car cup holders only measure about 3-4 inches in diameter. Even larger cup holders found in some SUVs and trucks may still be too small.

According to a Reddit user who tried fitting the Cup in his car, “The top was too wide to even allow for hopeful placement, probably by around six inches.” It’s safe to say that getting the Stanley Cup into a car cup holder is next to impossible.

Fitting the Cup in a Portable Cup Holder

If you’re determined to take the Stanley Cup with you wherever you go, there are portable cup holders available that might work better than car cup holders. For instance, popular brands like Yeti, Klean Kanteen, and Hydro Flask offer insulated cup holders designed to keep drinks cold or hot throughout the day. These cups usually feature wider mouths than car cup holders, which makes them more accommodating to odd-shaped containers like the Stanley Cup.

One user on the same Reddit thread mentioned trying to fit the Stanley Cup into a Hydro Flask cup holder. They said, “It fit much better in one of those big Yeti can coozies…doesn’t insulate well because obviously it’s too small, but it did hold the weight and carried it around without issue.”

It may be possible to find a portable cup holder that works with the Stanley Cup, but you’ll need to experiment and try different brands until you find one that fits just right.

“The #StanleyCup seems to have more adventures & has its picture taken more times than anybody else I know.” -Phil Pritchard, Keeper of the Cup

The Stanley Cup is certainly an icon in the sports world, known for its unique shape and storied history. While fitting it into most standard cup holders might prove impossible, there’s still hope if you’re willing to experiment with larger or specialized cup holders like those designed by leading brands in insulated drinkware. Good luck!

What Happens When You Try to Fit a Stanley Cup in a Cup Holder?

The Cup Holder Depth Limitations

Cup holders are designed to securely hold disposable cups or water bottles, which typically have a maximum height of around 6 inches. But the iconic Stanley Cup trophy stands at 35.25 inches tall and has a diameter of 11.42 inches at its widest point, making it impossible to fit into any standard-size cup holder.

In fact, according to a study by, most cup holders can only accommodate containers with a maximum base diameter of 2.75 to 3.5 inches. This means that even if the Stanley Cup were short enough to fit, its wide base would exceed the capacity of most cup holders.

The Cup Holder Stability Issues

Even if you manage to wedge the Stanley Cup into a cup holder, there is no guarantee that it will stay put during transportation. Unlike disposable cups and water bottles, the Stanley Cup weighs about 34.5 pounds and has an irregular shape, which can make it unstable when placed on flat surfaces.

This lack of stability can potentially lead to spills and damage to the cup itself, not to mention the danger it poses for drivers who may be distracted by the loose trophy while driving.

The Cup Holder Compatibility with the Cup Shape

Cup holders are meant to hold cylindrical containers, which is why they work best with soda cans and coffee mugs. The Stanley Cup, on the other hand, has a circular shape that widens from its base towards the top, making it challenging to find an appropriate container that can hold it snugly in place.

According to Durable Supply Company, some custom-made ceramic mugs and tumblers can be shaped to accommodate the Stanley Cup’s unique shape, but even then, one needs to ensure that the stability of the trophy is not compromised.

“The cup doesn’t fit into any standard coffee mug holder unless it’s custom made,” said Dustin Brown, former Los Angeles Kings captain and two-time Stanley Cup winner.

While attempting to fit a Stanley Cup in a cup holder may seem like a fun experiment, it is probably not worth the risk or effort involved. The best way to transport this precious NHL trophy is through specially designed travel cases or with the guidance of experienced handlers who know how to protect its integrity during transportation.

Alternative Ways to Display the Stanley Cup in Your Car

The Stanley Cup is one of the most prized trophies in sports, and for hockey fans, winning it is the ultimate achievement. While displaying the cup at home or in a trophy case is common, some fans may want to take their beloved trophy on the road with them. But do Stanley Cups fit in cup holders? The answer is no, but there are alternative ways to display the Stanley Cup in your car.

Using a Cup Holder Adapter

If you’re set on using your cup holder to display the Stanley Cup, then a cup holder adapter may be the solution. These adapters are designed to hold larger cups and bottles that won’t fit in standard cup holders. You can find them online or at specialty auto stores. However, the downside is that the cup holder adapter is not specifically built for the shape of the Stanley Cup, so it may not provide the best display option.

Displaying the Cup on a Seat

An alternative way to showcase the Stanley Cup is by placing it on a seat. This method allows for a more secure display since the seat will keep the trophy from moving around while driving. It also allows passengers to view the Cup up close and appreciate its beauty. Just make sure the Cup is seated securely before hitting the road.

Mounting the Cup on the Dashboard

If you’re looking for a unique way to display the Stanley Cup in your car, then mounting it on the dashboard could be an option. There are special mounts made for holding trophies in place on the dashboard. This method ensures that the trophy doesn’t fall over or move during transit. However, this option does require drilling holes into the dashboard, which may not be ideal for those who are leasing their vehicle or plan to sell it in the future.

Placing the Cup in a Cup Holder Insert

If you want to use your cup holder for displaying the Stanley Cup, then a cup holder insert may be an option. These inserts are designed to fit inside your cup holder and provide a secure base for larger cups or bottles. However, they are not specifically made for the shape of the Stanley Cup, so it may not be the best way to display it, but it does help prevent tipping and spilling if you’re driving on rough terrain.

“The Stanley Cup is possibly the most iconic trophy in all sports.” -Jeremy Roenick

The Stanley Cup holds a special place in hockey lore, and while displaying it in your car may seem unconventional, it’s just one more way to showcase your passion for the sport. By using these alternative methods, you can safely and stylishly transport the beloved Cup from one destination to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a Stanley Cup in a standard cup holder?

No, a standard cup holder cannot hold a Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is too large and bulky for a typical cup holder. It requires a much larger space to fit comfortably.

What is the size of a Stanley Cup and how does it compare to a cup holder?

The Stanley Cup is 35.25 inches tall and weighs 34.5 pounds. It has a diameter of 11.5 inches at the widest point. In comparison, a standard cup holder has a diameter of 3 inches and a depth of 3.5 inches. The Stanley Cup is much larger and heavier than a cup holder.

Are there any cup holders specifically designed to fit a Stanley Cup?

Yes, there are cup holders specifically designed to fit a Stanley Cup. They are typically custom-made and installed in vehicles used to transport the Cup. These cup holders are much larger and deeper than standard cup holders and can securely hold the Cup in place during transport.

What are some alternative ways to transport a Stanley Cup in a car?

Some alternative ways to transport a Stanley Cup in a car include placing it in a padded and secured case, strapping it down to a seat using seat belts, or placing it in the trunk of the car. It is important to ensure that the Cup is safely secured during transport to prevent any damage.

Has anyone ever successfully fit a Stanley Cup in a cup holder before?

No, a Stanley Cup cannot fit in a standard cup holder. It is too large and bulky. However, custom-made cup holders designed specifically for the Cup have been used for transport in vehicles.

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