How Does Hockey Season Work? [Expert Review!]

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Hockey season is a magical time of year. Few sports have as much fun and excitement as hockey does. The season typically starts in September and ends in March, with ice being available for the public to skate on in the winter and warm weather in the summer.

While it’s always exciting to follow the NHL, it can be difficult to gauge when and where the next hot streak will hit. That’s why every other October, we look back at the previous season and try to foresee the upcoming trends. Let’s take a look at how season works and when we can expect the puck to start dropping.

Start Of The Season

The season begins in the Northern and Southern hemispere in mid-September and continues throughout the globe. The first couple of weeks are typically the start of a long layoff for the top tier of hockey players, as they take a well-deserved break from the game. Clubs at the top of the league slowly get back into action and begin to vie for supremacy. But the games aren’t played on ice yet…

It’s a waiting game at this point, as the hockey world is on the edge of its seats, eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Back-To-School And Ice-Hockey

The next couple of months see the world’s top tier of hockey players hit the ice for some serious training, with clubs attempting to beef up their squads for another season of battle. Meanwhile, the lower leagues get ready for their long winter break, with some teams scrapping for survival and others folding due to financial difficulties.

October is usually a month of reflection for sports fans, as we look back on the previous season and try to see the trends that lay behind the year’s successes and failures. For hockey players, it’s a chance to rest, regroup, and get ready for another campaign. With the summer officially over, there’s no turning back now.

NHL Pre-Season And In-Season

The pre-season is a short competition between teams, usually featuring exhibition games and tournaments. This is where players get the opportunity to showcase their talents and fight for a spot on an NHL roster. Pre-season games are valuable, as they allow fans and scouts to see the best of the best play, before the puck drops for the regular season.

In the season, things get real. Schedules are packed, and there’s a lot of hockey to play. As a general rule, the more games you play, the better your chances of winning. The playoffs are a gleaming beacon at the end of the season, as the best of the best fight it out for glory and a chance at the cup.

With the summer behind you, it’s time to buckle down and prepare for another bout of hockey. As in the previous year, injuries and illness loom large. There are bound to be growing pains as you settle into a new team and a new league. But the anticipation is there, as we wait for the puck to drop and the battle to begin.

That’s a wrap on the 2019-20 NHL season. Tune in next year to catch all the action as it unfolds.

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