How Does Point Spread Work In Hockey? [Fact Checked!]

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When it comes to sports, most people think about the outcomes of games and who wins or loses. However, there is a lot more that goes into it than that. For example, which team scored the most points in a game? What was the point spread? How did the teams’ offenses perform and how did defenses react? Finding out the details of a game can be difficult and it can often take a lot of time. Luckily, there are sports betting apps (also known as “bookies”) available that can make analyzing games much easier. In this article, we will briefly discuss how point spread and over/under betting work in hockey and how to use this information to your advantage when betting on the games.

Point Spread

Point spread is the favorite of sports bettors because it is relatively easy to understand and requires hardly any effort to use. Essentially, a point spread represents the “lines” on a sporting event and can be used to make predictions about the game. For example, if you believe that one team is going to win a game by a certain amount (for example, by 3 points), you can place a sports bet on that game and if your prediction is correct, you will make money. Most bookies will offer you slightly different point spreads for different games, so it is always a good idea to look at the current line before making any wagers. This is also where most people miss out on the easiest ways to make money – they do not keep up with the current line or they do not understand how the point spread works in the first place.

The following tables show some of the most popular point spreads for hockey as of January 20th, 2019. All odds are from

NBA Finals

This year’s NBA Finals are going to be between the ​​Toronto Raptors and the ​​Cleveland Cavaliers. The over/under for the game is set at 7.5 and the line is Toronto +3.5, meaning that Toronto is going to cover the 3.5 points. The last time these two teams met in the Finals, the Raptors won 100 – 98 and the point spread was also 3.5 in their favor.


The Superbowl is one of the most popular sporting events in America and this year’s game is between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The over/under for the game is set at 43.5, but since there are no points in football, the line actually represents the spread in money (i.e. Patriots -7.5). This line has not changed much in years and it is still one of the most popular bets at reputable bookmakers. One other thing to keep in mind about the Superbowl is that the point spread does not apply to teams with byes. The schedule for the Superbowl is not very balanced and it is likely that most people will not see half of the games, especially since the game is on the opposite side of the country. Furthermore, not a lot of people are going to want to watch the broadcast, given the time difference and that it is going to be a cold game.

NHL Winter Classic

The prestigious NHL Winter Classic is going to be played at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana. The game is between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings and the over/under is set at 4.5. The line opened up as Red Wings -5 and it has not moved a lot in the last few years. The Blackhawks have not played in the Winter Classic since its inception and they are looking to change that this year. They are also one of the most popular teams in the NHL and it will not be easy to get tickets for this game.

WACB Championship

The Women’s America’s Cup Championship (WACB) is an annual international boat race that takes place in Alameda, California. The event pits 16 teams against each other and the winner is determined by their overall performance over 7 races. This year’s boat race is between the USA’s Team Raice and the German team MSC Sustainability with the over/under set at 8.25. The line opened up as Raice +1.5 and it has not moved a lot in years. The WACB is a very prestigious event and it regularly draws huge crowds. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how point spreads work in hockey, so it may be difficult for you to make money from this bet.

College Football Playoff

The postseason in American football is one of the most exciting events in sports. Every year, the top eight teams in the country meet in one of the four major bowls, with the winners advancing to the College Football Playoff. The College Football Playoff is a four-team series that pits the highest-seeded team from the Big Ten Conference against the highest-seeded team from the SEC in the National Championship Game. As of January 26th, the over/under is set at 7.5 for the National Championship Game and it has not moved a lot in years. The last two games of the series were played in January and they ended up going under, as usual. It was another disappointing season for CFP fans, who hoped that their team would break their duck of an undefeated season.

CFL Playoffs

The Canadian Football League has two playoff systems – the East Division playoff and the West Division playoff. The winners of these games will advance to the Grey Cup, a championship game that determines the Canadian football champion. The East Division and West Division winners each get to host the game and this year’s matchups are the Toronto Argonauts vs. the Calgary Stampeders and the BC Lions vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The over/under for these two games is set at 6.5 and it has not changed a lot in years.

The following table shows you which teams are winning the most games this year and over the last three years. You will notice that the spreads do not change a lot from one season to the next, which makes sense, as the games are usually between the same teams. Furthermore, there are always going to be some games where one team is a huge underdog and wins by a lot. However, since the line is always in favor of the favorite, that cannot happen all the time.

Over Under

An over/under is when you bet on whether a certain total number of points will be scored or whether it will be lower or higher. For example, if you think that the Toronto Raptors will win the NBA Finals this year by 3 points or more, you can place a wager on that game and if your prediction is correct, you will make money. Most over/under bets are very simple and there are numerous reputable bookies that offer very competitive rates, provided you use a good online bookmaker. One other thing to keep in mind about over/under betting is that it is fairly easy for the bookies to take advantage of new or short-term customers. Therefore, it might be a good idea to try and hedge your bets a little bit by combining over/under betting with point spread and/or moneyline betting.

If you are looking to make some easy money from home, you can also try sports betting apps, which are much easier to use and more reliable than trying to use the traditional methods with online bookies. With the right app, all you need to do is enter the scores of the game and you will instantly see the outcomes of all of your selected sports, with the betting lines and statistics. It is a good idea to download the app to your phone before the start of each season and monitor all the games, as often times there will be plenty of action to go around. To give you an idea of how much money you can make from an app, here are some of the bonuses that offers:

  • $100 in free cash when you make your first deposit
  • $100 in free cash when you place a cash bet at least $25
  • $50 in free money when you make a bet of at least $100
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