How Fast Can You Shoot A Hockey Puck? [Expert Guide!]

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If you are into sports you will know that hockey is one of the most popular sports across the world. The rules are simple – try to score more goals than the opposing team. It is a fast-paced game that will keep you on your feet all night long.

While you may think that the best way to enjoy hockey is by attending a live game, there is also something about watching games at home that makes them more exciting. The action is always close and personal and there is the added bonus of being able to pause the game and analyze plays afterwards.

Many people have wondered if there is an official pace for hockey. Is it best to skate as fast as you can and try to flash the puck around the ice as much as possible? What about taking a relaxing approach and allowing the game to come to you rather than trying to rush it? The truth is there isn’t a specific rulebook that details exactly how fast you have to shoot the puck, but there are definitely some guidelines.

Here are the general rules for shooting the puck in hockey:


The first and most important rule is that you should always keep your pace when shooting the puck. If you try to rush it or shoot it faster than you can pull in a smooth movement, you will probably end up with an ineffective pop or jam on net.

If you want to score, it is best to play it cool and collected. Take a few quick steps and then pull the puck back and snap it quickly. If you are afraid that you will overuse your arm trying to increase your velocity, then take a deep breath and hold your arms out at the side to make the movement more elegant.

Every player has a unique speed that they can reach when shooting the puck. If you try to rush it and overuse your arms you will likely struggle to get the full potential out of your legs.

Follow Through

Another important point to make about shooting the puck is that you must keep your arms throughout the movement. Once you have shot the puck and it has landed, it is no longer your responsibility to control it. Instead, you must immediately start following through with your arms in the right position so that when the opposing team’s goalie starts jumping up and down, you can be sure that you hit the intended target. The farther you can keep your arm away from your body, the faster you will travel when shooting.

Some people have criticized the position that Guy Carbonneau (French-Canadian) learned to shoot in. He would hold his arms out at the side with his palms facing upward which is supposed to make it easier for the puck to come off his shots. While this may be true, you must remember that a high percentage of his goals came from shots that he positioned with his arms slightly bent. Since the position allows for more complete and accurate follow-through, he should not be penalized for using it.

Pull The Trigger

When you pull the trigger on your hockey stick, you will send the puck in the desired direction. However, it will not travel in a straight line. Instead, it will take a bit of a curve, which is why you must always keep your arms fully extended throughout the movement. When you pull the trigger, follow through with your elbows so that they are at least slightly bent, which will help you generate more power. This rule also applies to whether you are shooting left or right.

Even though the rulebook doesn’t state it explicitly, you must keep your eye on the puck at all times. Looking down at the ice is a recipe for disaster since you will lose track of where the puck is when you look down. Instead, keep your head up and watch the action in front of you.

Snap It

When you pull back the puck and shoot it, you must do so in a smooth, fluid motion. You do not have to shoot the puck as fast as you can, but you must stay smooth and consistent in your movements. Shoot the puck quickly but smoothly and with good form and you will find that your shots will start going in more often than not.

There are many different styles of shot that you can learn to generate power. By learning how to position your arms and legs, you will find that you can easily pull off some tricks. For example, you might want to consider taking a quick peek at Shane Doan (Canadian) or Pavel Derevyanko (Russian), whose shots often come from awkward positions and who use their entire body in one swift motion to create momentum and momentum to split the goal.


Another important point to make about shooting the puck is that you should not just focus on getting the ball in the net. It is also beneficial to take into consideration where you are shooting from and the size of the area that you are responsible for. Since hockey can be a chaotic game, it is important to know where you are shooting from so that you do not waste any shots. If you are shooting from the right side of the ice, for example, you will not score many goals, simply because there are usually no players on that side when you are shooting from there. It is also worth noting that you will not have the same effect if you are shooting in the air, since the goalie can see you coming.

Follow The Leader

Every team has a player who the coaches turn to when they need a goal. The puck will generally be passed to this player, who will then score a nice goal.

If you are waiting for a goal to come along, you should not waste any of the other four rules of shooting the puck. Simply take a deep breath, pull back your arms and give it a quick snap. If you do this, you will increase your chances of getting the puck into the net.

Shoot The Puck Low

When shooting the puck, it is important to keep it low. You should be shooting for the goalies’ gloves, which are generally above their head. The lower the better, since it will make the shot go further.

If you can get the puck below the goal line, it will usually find its way into the net. It is worth noting that some goalies will actually dive after the puck, so you will have to find the right moment to pull the trigger.

Make It A Hangman Puzzle

While it is important to keep your pace when shooting the puck and always pull the trigger, it is also worthwhile to take a relaxed approach and see how many shots you can make without losing any speed. Make a few easy shots and then try to get creative by using your hands and arms for some fancy moves. This will help you figure out how fast you can shoot the puck without losing any of your ability.

You should be able to get a good sense of how fast you can shoot the puck just by trying out different techniques. If you are trying to perfect a certain style, then spending some time doing that will help you find your perfect speed. You will definitely be able to impress your friends at the local rink with how quick you can shoot the puck in practice!

There are many different ways to shoot the puck. If you want to become a better player, then take a look at what the elite do and try to incorporate that into your game. If you are worried about losing any speed, then pull back your arms and let the ball take flight, since there are no brakes on creativity when it comes to sports.

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