How High Are Hockey Boards? [Solved!]

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Hockey boards are an important part of the equipment of every hockey player. Without a proper board, a puck will bounce off the player and either remain in the playing field or enter the ice surface undefended. Since there is a fixed surface area on the ice that players need to cover when they are on their feet, the height of the board is crucial in order to play at your best. If you are looking at purchasing a new sports equipment item, such as a hockey board, you need to look at the options available to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

The Varieties Of Hockey Boards

As the name suggests, a hockey board is used for taking part in ice hockey. There are five main varieties of hockey boards – hard, soft, thick, medium, and super-thick – and each one is suitable for a specific purpose. Hard hockey boards are the most common type of board and are ideal for hitting, checking, and shooting the puck. Soft boards are great for smooth skating and quick acceleration because they are slightly flexible. Thick boards are best for protecting the body from injury and can minimize the effect of hits on the ice. Medium boards are in-between hard and soft ones and are thus ideal for use in all situations. Super-thick ones are thicker than thick ones and are made of a special type of material that provides excellent impact resistance and high speed stability.

The Importance Of The Right Fit

When buying any type of sports equipment item, including a hockey board, you need to consider the size of the person using it. There are three main dimensions to take into account – width, height, and depth – and you need to find a sports equipment store that provides adequate fittings so that the board can be inserted and removed as required by the user. The width of the board indicates how wide it is while the height measures how tall it is. The depth measures how far it is inserted into the snow or ice surface. When fully extended, the depth of the board should reach the skin level of the user so that while walking, sitting, or kneeling the board can stay flush with the ground. It is also important that the depth of the board be proportional to its width so that while carving corners the board does not rise above the user’s head height. In this case, you need a medium board that is approximately two to three feet deep.

Go Further For Performance

Even among professional hockey players, the quality of their equipment varies from one team to another. This is because not all sports equipment stores offer the same quality and because some companies are more dedicated to creating performance-boosting products than others. In other words, not all soft boards are created equal, and some companies go that extra mile in order to provide boards that are as good as it gets. For example, some boards feature a raised pattern that promotes airflow thus minimizing the effect of temperature on the play. This improves the players’ experience and allows them to perform at their best in all situations. In addition, some companies are more concerned about weight than anything else, so they use lightweight materials in the making of their boards in order to keep the overall weight low and the board easy to maneuver. This makes a big difference especially when the player is carrying extra gear with them such as helmets or shoulder pads.

Pay Attention To The Finishing

Even among professional athletes, no detail is more important than the look and feel of the sports equipment item. This is particularly important when purchasing a board that is going to be used in a high-stress environment for which aesthetics are not taken into consideration. In these cases, you need a company that offers a high-quality product with a matte black finish that will not peel away after a few weeks of heavy use. As an option, you can also get a stainless steel plate that protects the board from damage and provides a safer environment for your favorite players to engage in sports activities.

Things To Keep In Mind

When buying a new helmet, padding is crucial. Regardless of the type of activity that you enjoy participating in the most, there is always a chance that you might get injured. This is why you need to invest in high-quality head gear that protects your head from getting hit especially if you participate in full-contact sports. In addition to this, make sure that you buy a helmet that fits you well so that it can stay in place while you are skating. This is highly important as it prevents any strain on the part of the helmet and thus minimizes the potential for injuries.

As a general rule, you need to buy quality sports equipment items that are durable enough to last a lifetime while also being lightweight so that your body is not overloaded during strenuous activity. In case you want to buy a hockey board, consider investing in a specialized fitting room at your local sports equipment store that has a wide selection of options available. In addition to this, be sure to buy a board that you can use for its intended purpose without any issues.

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