How Hockey Pucks Are Made? [Expert Review!]

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Modern Manufacturing Process

The story of the puck starts with a group of guys in a workshop playing with a ball. Some of them noticed that the ball went in more accurate bounces if they hit it harder. But, in the end, it was about having fun and challenging each other. Then, these good friends took their idea about the ball and applied it to a wooden stick. The result was something that is now being used every day around the world and has completely changed the game of hockey. From there, it was only a matter of time until these little round objects we now call puck began to appear in games.

The Evolution Of The Hockey Puck

The shape and size of the original hockey puck made it simpler to transport on and off the ice and simple to store in and manage in the game. The thin round shape and the smooth surface made it easier for the puck to travel through the air and to stick to the ice for a clean break. These attributes made it ideal for its original purpose: fighting and checking games between professional teams. But, with the evolution of the internet and social media, fans have more access to in-depth information about their favorite team than ever before.

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