How Hockey Shoulder Pads Should Fit? [Answered!]

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There are many different types of sports equipment to choose from when it comes to keeping your sports active. When it comes to keeping your equipment clean though, there is no alternative but to use protective equipment.

Equipment used for hockey usually consists of a helmet, a pair of gloves, and a chest protector. While these are all necessary for the sport, they don’t always feel right. That’s where the shoulder pads come in. They act as a cushion for your arms and a barrier between you and the puck. The right fit for your shoulder pads is essential for both functionality and styling. This article is going to teach you how to achieve the right fit for your shoulder pads so you can play your best hockey ever!

Adjustable Shoulder Pads

It’s important to find the right fitting for your equipment as much as finding the right equipment is important. If you play hockey every week, you’ll eventually find that your equipment doesn’t fit as well as it did the first week you used it. That’s why it’s important to try on a few different sizes before buying.

Most hockey shops offer adjustable shoulder pads. These are great for people like myself who have large breasts and end up having sleeves that aren’t long enough. Typically, the pads come with an inner lining that can be removed and washed, which makes them reusable. This feature alone makes them worth it.

The best part about these types of pads is that even if they don’t fit perfectly the first time you try them on, you can always take them apart and reattach the lining if they do move around too much. While this might not seem like a problem at first, after a while it can start to feel a little weird wearing pads that don’t fit perfectly.

The Best Way to Try On the Equipment

The best way to find the right fit for your shoulder pads is to take them off and put them on in the shower or bath. This way you can try on a variety of different sizes and make the right choice. You wouldn’t put on your winter coat in the car, so why would you put on your hockey gear in the shower?

The reason this method is best is that it allows you to get a good look at how the gear fits without any distractions. When you’re in the shower or bath, there is no way for the gear to move around, so each piece of equipment will remain in the position it was in when you took it off. This means you can ensure you’re wearing the right size.

This method also ensures the quality of the fit. For example, if you’re trying on a pair of gloves and the fit is poor, you’ll notice right away and won’t be able to continue wearing the gloves. Similarly, if you put on a helmet and it doesn’t fit right, it’ll feel too tight and hurt your head. This is why it’s best to take all the equipment off and put it on in the shower or bath: to ensure you’re not harming your health by wearing poorly fitting gear.

Choosing the Right Size

After you’ve tried on a few different sizes, you’ll realize that not all hockey equipment fits the same. Especially with adjustable shoulder pads, your chest protector and arm pads will no longer fit the same as the rest of the equipment. This is why you need to measure your arms and note the size down before making a purchase decision.

Measure the fullest part of your arms, just below your elbows. This is where the padding is and it’s the only place you need to be measuring. If you’re doing any type of physical activity, especially ones that bring your arms up above your head, note the size down so you can choose the right fit. If you wear a tight-fitting top and sleeves, your arms might appear smaller than they are, so take that into account when choosing the right size.

Choosing The Right Shape

When choosing the right shape for your shoulder pads, you want to go for a snug fit but not so tight that it hurts when you move around. Your arms should be able to move naturally when playing the game but you don’t want to feel like you’re going to rip off any muscles when you do certain moves or lifts.

The best way to find the right shape for your shoulder pads is to sit down with a few of the different styles of gear and put them on. Squat down and push your forearms against the floor while lifting your arms above your head. This is how you determine the right shape for your shoulders: if you can do this exercise without having to adjust the tightness of the equipment, you’re wearing the right shape.

There are many different styles of shoulder pads available on the market, all with their perks and quirks. Just remember that no matter what type of style you choose, snug fitting is the key. In addition to choosing the right fit for your equipment, you also want to choose the right color. Dark colors like black, brown, and purple look great but can often times be a bit restrictive when playing certain sports. If you’re not sure what color would suit you best, ask a shop owner or a teammate; they’ll be able to tell you which ones are the best.

How to Measure For a Custom Fit

If you’re not happy with the fit of the gear you bought, there is another option. Instead of returning it, take it to the shop and have them make it fit you customarily. This is often times the most practical option if you’re not sure if any of the sizes you tried on actually fit or if you bought a size and it isn’t large enough.

Shops like these who specialize in making custom gear fit almost everyone are worth trying. They might not have all the different sizes you need, so it’s a good idea to measure the fullest part of your arms and write down the numbers; this way you’ll be able to choose the correct size when they finish making your custom fit.

Style Is Paramount

When you’re choosing the right equipment for your sport, you also want to make sure that it looks good. This involves picking out good-looking pieces that compliment your body type. For example, if you have large breasts and are wearing a tank top, you’re going to look like an oddity. Instead, try for a sports bra that covers your nipples and has good padding. This will give you a more natural look while keeping you cool during those hot plays.

You might also want to try out a sleeveless shirt instead of a tank top. This way, your arms will be free and not covered by any type of padding or armor. If you have more hair on the bottom half of your back than on the top half, go for a tight shirt with a high collar, which will keep the heat in.

You can also choose the right style for your equipment by looking at the construction of the pieces. There are many different types of arm protectors that are designed for different purposes. For example, a long straight protector will keep the heat in but won’t give you much padding. A soft cup with a high collar will give you more protection but might not be the best style for keeping the heat in. Instead, go for a more traditional design which you can find at most sports shops. This is because these types of shields are usually more effective at keeping the heat in.

Look For Protection Above Everything Else

It’s important to find the right fit for your gear but you should never forget about safety first. The worst case scenario when playing sports is getting injured, especially if you’re playing on a playground. When it comes to protecting yourself from harm, nothing beats proper gear more than proper gear.

The best way to achieve safety is by choosing the right size, which we’ve already covered, and by choosing good-looking and stylish gear. Another option is to choose an outfit that is designed for the sport you’re playing. For example, you might want to choose hockey pants that have an extra cushion for the bottom or the top of the legs. This way you can prevent injuries to your tailbone (coccyx).

A last option when choosing safety gear is to get a hockey sled. These are similar to skate boards in that they allow you to navigate the ice more easily. They come in different sizes and material, so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. Make sure to buy one that is not only safe but fun to use as well. Remember: less is more when it comes to safety. You don’t need to go overboard and buy a ton of protective gear. Instead, choose what is necessary and what makes you feel safer.

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