How Hockey Skates Should Fit? [Solved!]

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You’ve probably heard the expression “it’s what is inside that counts,” and if you’re a true hockey fan, you know exactly what that means. The performance of your team doesn’t necessarily depend on the way their jerseys fit, but instead on their attitude and effort inside the crease. That’s why when you’re shopping for hockey skates, you have to make sure that the fit is the right one. If you want to perform at your best and be comfortable on the ice, then finding the right fitting pair of skates is crucial. Whether you’re playing in a recreational league or a professional game, a good fit is key to having the edge over your opponent.

The Importance Of The Tongue

One of the main reasons why your hockey skates need to fit correctly is due to the way the ice hockey game is being played nowadays. During the classic game, players would just rush toward the puck and try to knock it down, but with the growing popularity of shootouts and 3-on-3 overtime, players are now spending more time between the pipes than on the ice. This means that the role of the goalie has changed a bit, and they have to be able to handle the puck better than ever before.

A good goalie needs a good pair of skates that fit well, and with the extra attention paid to defense these days, it’s important that the goalie’s equipment is comfortable and well-fitting. One of the essential elements that make up a good pair of skates is the tongue. In order to maximize handling power and control of the puck, a good goalie needs a well-shaped, wide tongue. The shape of the tongue is also important, as you want it to fit closely to the roof of the mouth, otherwise it could cause problems when handling the puck. A too-forward pointing tongue could also hurt your shooting ability if it hits the roof of your mouth unintentionally.

There are many styles of hockey skates, and knowing which one to buy can be a daunting task. If you want to pick the best pair of skates for your needs, then you should probably consider the following:

Your Weight

The first thing you need to do is figure out your weight. This is important because heavier players need bigger sizes than lighter ones do. If you’re a heavy person, then you should probably go for a pair that’s about 7 inches higher than your usual size. That’s because bigger sizes mean greater stability when riding the puck. If you’re a beginner or a recreational player, then you should probably go for an intermediary size, since bigger sizes are recommended for pros.

Play Style

Another important factor to consider when picking your hockey skates is the play style you want to implement. There are three primary play styles in hockey: defense, attack, and hybrid.

If you want to play a defense-first game and be the best defenseman possible, then go for a pair that’s built on the sturdiness of a shoe. This will give you greater stability while maintaining a powerful grip on the puck. On the other hand, if you’re a bit of an offensive player and want to rush the puck more, then you should probably opt for a pair of hockey skates with a convex curve on the bottom. This will enhance your pivoting ability and allow you to move faster while on the ice.


The last thing you need to consider when picking your pair of hockey skates is the size. You want to make sure that the fit is right, as it could make a world of difference in how well you play. The length of the skate is also important, since you want to be able to reach the puck easily, and the shorter the length, the easier that will be. As for the width, if you’re a wide person, you will need wide ones, and if you’re a skinny one, you will need narrower ones.


As we mentioned before, the role of the goalie has changed over the years due to the increasing level of play. Nowadays, they are not just there to stop the puck but they’re also responsible for handling it. This means that they have to be comfortable on the ice and know how to improve their game through proper equipment fitting. Another crucial factor to consider when buying a pair of hockey skates is the feel of the material. Some of the best hockey skates are made of synthetic materials, such as plastic or textile fabrics, and although they are great for keeping your feet cool and dry, they don’t offer the same support as a pair of nike skates.

If you’re looking for comfort, then go for a pair of sneakers, as the name suggests, or for the textile skaters, some of the latest designs offer an incredible level of comfort, even on the hottest days. If you’re a heavy person, then get bigger sizes, as they will offer you greater stability.

Finding the right equipment for your needs can be challenging, especially since there are so many different brands out there that all claim to have the best product. The truth is that not all of them are created equal, and it’s important to do your research beforehand so you can purchase a pair of hockey skates that will last you a lifetime and make you feel like a natural born athlete.

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