How Is Hockey Scored? [Ultimate Guide!]

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Scoring in hockey is a method that is mostly used to determine the victor of the game. It is typically done by measuring the performance of each team up until the final whistle. The goal of measuring is to even the playing field by giving an equal chance of winning to both teams.

While there are several different scoring systems used around the world, there are six basic principles of how hockey is scored that all hockey leagues should follow.

1. Goals Are Counted First

When a goal is scored in hockey, the players on the field skate in the direction of the goal until they reach the end of the ice. Once they have gone around the entire length of the ice, the goal is signaled and players immediately go back on the offense. This is why goals are counted first in hockey. In most cases, a goal is determined to be worth one point.

2. No Skating Or Puck Play Towards The Blueline

Unlike other types of hockey, such as field hockey or roller hockey, players in ice hockey cannot shoot at the net in order to score. This is because the goal is directly in the center of the ice, and it is usually guarded by a goaltender who is responsible for stopping the puck. As a result, scoring in ice hockey usually occurs when a player or another object is in the way of the puck.

3. No Players Are Allowed To Run On The Ice During Play

Just like in football, charging the referee in hockey is also considered bad form and causes the play to be restarted. However, in hockey, an exception to this rule is when a player is injured or unable to continue playing. One thing you’ll notice about the NHL (and other major North American professional sports leagues) is that when a player is injured or unable to continue, medical attention is immediately summoned. Hockey is a contact sport, and fights and injuries are commonplace. When this happens, the injured player is carried from the ice by his teammates or a medical staff member.

4. There Is One Minor Penalty For Every Five Minutes Of Bad Behavior

Speaking of fights, brawls have always been a part of hockey, and the way the sport is scored now, some penalties are designed for just this purpose. The NHL used to only have two ways of scoring: goals and penalties. However, over the years, the organization has added a few more methods of scoring, which makes this point worthwhile.

If a player fights another player, or if a player drops the puck while another is shooting, a penalty will be called. Penalties in hockey are considered minor because they usually only result in a 5 minute misconduct for the offending player. However, if that player continues to be disruptive after five minutes, he will be ejected from the game.

5. Players Can Only Possess One Puck At A Time

Just like in football, one of the laws that all hockey players should follow is that they cannot have more than one puck during play. In the NHL, each team is allowed to have two pucks during each period of play. However, once the second period has started, only one of those pucks can be on the ice at a time. This is to prevent the possibility of one team having an advantage during the neutral zone because they have an ice-cube in the middle and can push the puck around quicker than the other team.

6. Puck Possession Stands For Puck Possession

Finally, we come to the most important point in this entire article: hockey is a possession based sport. In most cases, the first person to touch the puck after it is dropped is the one who scores. Simply put, the team that controls the puck at the end of the game wins.

To recap, the goal in a hockey game is to score goals, get as many shots on goal as possible and eliminate any mistakes that your opponent makes. To do this, you’ll need to work on every aspect of your game, including your skating, passing, and shooting skills. The only way you can control the puck is by possessing it, so make sure that you do this at all times during the game. This point alone should convince you to practice puck possession all the time, even during practices.

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