How Long Do Hockey Skate Blades Last? [Expert Guide!]

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It’s a common question amongst hockey players: how long do my skates last? Most people think that the lifespan of a pair of hockey skates is pretty standard – a little over a week, maybe two weeks if you’re really lucky. But, as it turns out, this isn’t entirely true. There are actually a pretty wide variety of factors that determine how long your skates will last. So if you’re looking into purchasing a new pair of hockey skates or just want to know how long your old ones will last, keep reading.


The first thing you should consider regarding the lifespan of your sports equipment is the material it’s made of. This is especially important for your skates because, as we mentioned above, they’re your most important piece of equipment. If you have hardwood floors and aren’t a very careful person, your skate blades will definitely suffer. Hardwood is great for flooring but doesn’t have the same durability as tile or concrete when it comes to being struck by a tennis ball, volleyball, or soccer ball. The impact from these sports can cause serious damage to the material of your skates if you don’t have leather soles or other protection.


When it comes to storing your sports equipment, you have two options: either put them in a dry, shady area, or store them in a watertight container. If you choose the first option, you’ll be in good shape as long as the space is big enough for you to move around without having to worry about tripping over anything. However, if you decide to store them in a container, make sure that it’s watertight and that the lid is securely screwed down so that no moisture can get in.


Wear is another important factor that affects the lifespan of your sports equipment. This is particularly important for your skates because, as we mentioned above, they’re your most important piece of equipment. If you wear them a lot, the wear at the blade‘s edge will become obvious after a while and, over time, cause the blade to become rough. Depending on how fast you plan on running and how much you plan on doing, you might need to sharpen your blades every month or so.


Moisture is yet another thing that can shorten the life of your sports equipment. This can be problematic for any type of gear, but it’s especially harmful for your skates. If there’s any spot on your body that’s constantly wet from perspiration or washing, this is the area where you’ll develop fungus. So if you play on wet surfaces or in the rain, make sure to store your skates in a well-ventilated area and clean the blades frequently with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Type Of Surface

Surfaces have a big role to play in determining the lifespan of your sports equipment. This is because different types of surfaces have different levels of durability. For instance, concrete has very low elasticity, which makes it harder for the surface to rebound after being struck. So, depending on how hard you play and how much you play, your concrete floor might need to be replaced every couple of years.


Last but not least, we have spin. This is how fast your skater spins around when they do their regular exercise moves. The faster the spin, the faster the body is working and the more energy you’ll burn. This, in turn, will make your muscles and joints stronger. So when it comes to preventing injuries and prolonging the life of your body, you’ll want to keep your spins as fast as possible. Your doctor might even recommend choosing a hockey stick with a faster spin instead of a thicker one so that you don’t overheat while playing. This is all information to keep in mind if you’re interested in purchasing a new pair of skates or just want to know how long your old ones will last.

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