How Long Is Nhl Hockey Season? [Facts!]

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Well, the season is upon us, and that means one thing: The Denver Nuggets are back in action. After a long offseason and more than 40 games postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nuggets finally returned to the ice on March 10. It’s amazing how quickly time has passed. The season is already halfway over, and the Nuggets have played 22 games. This is the shortest Nhl season in years, which is pretty incredible considering that the league typically goes through a long spring and summer break around this time of year. Let’s take a quick look at how long the Nhl season is and what impacts it may have on the NBA offseason.

How Long Is The Nhl Season?

The NHL season is typically between 70 and 76 games, depending on the schedule, which breaks down as follows: 56-game regular season, 17-game playoff run, and three-game aggregate final. The season starts a little later in the year than usual, usually in October, and it generally ends earlier, in April. The reason for the early and late season has to do with the Olympic break, which is usually in mid-to-late February. This year, we are already past the midway point of the season, and it’s only mid-April. So, the season is quickly coming to a close.

How Does The Nhl Season Impact The NBA Offseason?

The NHL season has a significant impact on the NBA offseason. The first and most obvious impact has to do with the date on which the free agency period begins. In the last seven years, the start of the NHL season has always coincided with the opening of the free agency period, which is why we have seen so many blockbuster trades in the latter half of April. That being said, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any significant moves before then. Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers made some major deals right up until the start of the regular season. Another obvious impact has to do with the number of games played by the Nuggets this season. If the season were to end today, the Nuggets would have only played 40 games. Typically, teams play around 50 games in a season. To put that in perspective, the Nuggets have played 22 games so far, and they will likely play two more games before the end of the season. That means they have played 44 games in total. In the grand scheme of things, that is a very small sample size. It is almost impossible to get a true feel for a team’s performance with only a few games behind them. As a result, it is safe to say the Nuggets have underperformed thus far. Nevertheless, it is still early in the season, and one would expect better things from a team that usually finishes with the third best regular season record in the NBA. These are the types of things that could have an impact on the offseason. It is not uncommon for teams to make significant moves near the trade deadline, which is in early April. In the past, the NHL season finale has always coincided with the NBA draft, so it is possible there could be an impact on future NBA drafts as well.

Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Nuggets?

Although the season is quickly coming to its end, it is still very early in the year, and there is a lot more to play for. The Nuggets have the 8th best record in the Western Conference and the 2nd best record in the entire NBA. With the way they have played so far, it is not out of the question to believe they could finish with the 2nd seed in the conference and a 57-25 record, which would be their best since joining the NBA back in 1960.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more that can go wrong. After missing the playoffs for eight consecutive years, the Nuggets finally made it this year. Once again, they were able to buck the trend. It would not be a surprise to see them struggle a bit now that the season is almost over. The good thing is, they have a lot of NBA fans that usually get very excited about the playoffs, and they will likely keep the Nuggets hungry for more. These are the types of things that could impact their offseason plans, specifically when it comes to free agency. In any event, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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