How Long To Break In Hockey Skates? [Fact Checked!]

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Winter is coming, and it’s time to break out the skates! Whether you’re looking for a change of pace from golfing in the summer or just fancy yourself a bit of a hockey player, organizing your own hockey equipment closet is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.

Hockey Equipment Closet 101

If you’re just figuring out how to keep your hockey equipment organized, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about equipping your own hockey equipment closet. We’ll cover everything from how to put together your hockey equipment to the types of clothing you need to wear while playing hockey. So, read on to get started.

Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment is essential for any hockey player. You’ll need a pair of hockey skates, hockey pants, and a hockey jersey. Additionally, you can pick up hockey gloves, a hockey bag, and a helmet for only $20 – $40 at most sports stores. Finally, you’ll need a hockey stick, which you can get for free from many sports stores or for a cheap price ($30 – $45) online.

As a beginner, start out simple by setting up a separate equipment closet inside your garage or in a spare room of your house. If you have a spare room, you can use it as an additional playroom or storage space for your kids’ athletic equipment and bikes. This way, it’s easier for everyone to find what they need and stay organized. You can also place containers or hooks inside your closet for hanging up all of the equipment so it’s easy to see what’s there when you need it. Additionally, you can organize your equipment by color so it’s easy for everyone to know where they are when they need them. For instance, you can have your red and black equipment in one area and your white equipment in another.


In the summertime, it’s not mandatory to wear underwear while playing hockey. However, it’s a good idea to keep your boxers and briefs organized and ready to go. You don’t want to be scrambling for your underwear in the middle of a game because your pants got a little too hot. You can also use the extra space in your underwear drawer for storing items such as band-aids, eye masks, and mouth guards. It’s vital that you replace any undergarments that get damaged during practice or games for free. Otherwise, it will cost you dearly.

Shorts And T-shirts

Hockey shorts are one of the most important items in your equipment closet. They’re what you wear above your pants to keep your genitals warm during play. The best hockey shorts are designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortably cool during practice or games. Some manufacturers also make a one-piece long john set that combines shorts and long johns, so you don’t have to worry about wearing two pairs of shorts.

As for the t-shirts, you want to have several layers so you can regulate your body heat. Your base layer can be made of cotton or a similar synthetic material, and it should be thin enough to keep you cool at all times. If it’s not breathable, it will cause you to overheat. It’s also a good idea to pick up some long sleeved t-shirts to help keep you cozy during practice or games. When it’s a balmy day, pull the collar of your t-shirt up and over your head to keep your neck warm. If you have a long trip to the rink or practice ahead of you, you can also bring a sleeping mat along to sleep on. It will keep the chill off and allow you to get some shuteye on the road to greatness.


Your jacket is another important part of your equipment wardrobe. You need a quality jacket that is lightweight but durable. It should be the right size to fit comfortably and keep you stylishly warm while playing hockey. Many people also wear a cardigan or a sweater over their jacket as a means to keep their body heat in. Additionally, you can put patches on your jacket to show off your team’s colors or insignia. You can find a stylish and functional jacket that will keep you warm and look great while playing hockey for under $100 at most sports stores.


There are many different types of gloves for hockey players, so it can be hard to know which ones to choose. If you’re just getting started and don’t know much about different types of hockey gloves, it’s best to choose a pair that’s already been made for you. If you have long fingernails, you can get the Quick Gripper to keep your nails at the right length while you’re playing hockey. If you do a lot of hitting, then you might want to get a pair of tape gloves as well. Lastly, if you play on a team with a lot of women, you can get a pair of lace-up gloves to keep your hands at the right height while you’re handling the puck. If you play in a cold climate, you can also get a pair of warm gloves to keep your hands from getting frostbite while you’re handling the puck.


Your boots are another important part of your hockey equipment closet. They protect your ankles from getting injured while you’re playing hockey. The best winter boots for hockey are some kind of hiking boots or driving boots, which have a high heel that provides stability while you’re on the move. If you’re planning on playing on a team with a lot of rough play, then you might want to get a pair of protective boots that are built to withstand a little bit of banging and kicking. If you live in a cold climate and your feet are going to be freezing at night, then you need a pair of heavy boots to help keep your feet warm while you sleep on the couch.


Last but not least, we have your helmet. Like your jacket, your helmet is another important part of keeping you comfortable while playing hockey. It’s a good idea to choose a full face helmet that has a flat surface so that the heat can be evenly distributed to keep you comfortable during play. Some helmets also come with a built-in fan to keep you cool during workouts or games. If you play in a cold climate, then you can get a clear helmet to keep the snow out and maintain visibility while you’re driving on the road. If you play on a team with a lot of hits, then you may want to get a hard hat with a thick brim to keep the sun off of your head during games. Of course, if you’re on a tropical vacation then you might want to get a funny helmet with an amusing logo on it to show off your team’s colors or insignia. Some helmets are also made with a built-in strobe light so you can keep track of where you’re shooting the puck during a game. It’s best to choose a helmet that’s been approved by the American Medical Association so you can be sure that it meets or exceeds all safety standards.

Hopefully, this article gave you enough information to get you started on your journey to building a quality hockey equipment closet. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us! We hope this article was helpful.

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