How Many Hockey Players Lose Teeth? [Expert Review!]

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You might be a huge hockey fan and have always wanted to join the beautiful game, but were worried about losing your teeth. While hockey is a great sport for the whole family, it can also be quite rough on the teeth. The following info will tell you just how many hockey players lose their teeth each year.

Many Hockey Players Lose Teeth From Skating On Ice

Hockey players are not the only ones who lose their teeth from the sport. In fact, a lot of them lose their teeth from one particular injury. That injury is called “ice skating.” While it’s not actually illegal to skate on ice, it is quite the opposite for a hockey player to do so. Simply put, you are much more likely to lose your teeth if you are ice skating than if you are playing road hockey.

The good news is that hockey players who wear braces are much more likely to retain their teeth. In fact, they are 20 times more likely to retain their teeth than other players. This is probably because braces can act as a sort of protective gear for the teeth. Additionally, they can make a difference in the way your jaws move which can in turn make a difference in the way your teeth move and come in contact with each other.

Facial Hair, Scratches, And More Are Common Injuries

Aside from the obvious risk of injury from hockey, facial hair, and teeth, there are a number of other injuries that you are more likely to get while playing the game. You are much more likely to get hit in the head by a puck than you are to get a tooth knocked out. More than anything else, facial hair is very dangerous in hockey. It’s a common injury for hockey players, and it’s something that they have to live with. It may also contribute to some of the brutal fights that you see during NHL games. Just last year, over 40 fights were recorded during NHL games. That’s a whole lot of fisticuffs!

Another very common injury in hockey is the one that comes from getting hit by a puck. As already mentioned, the majority of these injuries are to the head, but they can also be quite dangerous to the chest. Picking up a puck and heading directly for the opposing team’s net can result in a pretty serious injury. It is not uncommon for hockey players to get hurt in this way. This is a contact sport after all, and even the slightest touch can result in an injury.

Speaking of injuries, it’s also not uncommon for hockey players to get dirt, oil, and debris in their teeth from the rough sport. This type of injury is called “mouth trauma.” It is something that happens quite frequently, and it usually means that the player will have to experience some sort of dental extraction. Dirt and oil in the mouth can easily cause infections, and it’s always a pain for the players as well as the fans to have to deal with these injuries every time they lose a game.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the scuffles that you will inevitably get into while playing hockey. Even if you are not fighting, chances are you will end up on the ground in a scrum with your opponent. This type of activity can result in quite a bit of injury. You will usually get hit in the head or the chest by other players while on the ground, but it can also happen from time to time when opponents fall on top of each other. There is a reason why this is called “rough” hockey.

It is quite obvious that playing hockey can be quite dangerous, and it’s not just the teeth that get affected. The injuries that you get from playing the game can be quite gruesome and require a lot of work to heal. With the proper care and maintenance of your teeth, you are sure to enjoy the game for many years to come.

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