How Many Rounds Are In The Hockey Playoffs? [Solved!]

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The NHL playoffs are here, and that means one thing: It’s time to find out how many rounds there are in the postseason.

In the past, deciding the number of rounds in the NHL playoffs has been more difficult because the format changed in 1986. Up until that point, the League used a best-of-seven system for its quarterfinals, and then a best-of-five for its semifinals and finals.

The format changed because the League realized more people were watching its games, especially since it was expanding its TV audience. Ratings were always important back in the day, but the Commissioner’s Office realized more eyeballs meant more dollars. The TV contracts were bigger, and even sponsorship deals came with large bonuses attached.

The change in the postseason format made some teams more appealing to watch. Before the switch, teams had to win four or more games to advance to the next round. Now, a team wins a series once it scores more goals than the other team. The most wins you need are tied to your conference’s regular-season standings, so teams with better records have more opportunities to qualify.

The new format made the postseason more exciting, and it gave fans more reasons to tune in. However, trying to track the exact number of rounds in the postseason can still be problematic. The first issue is that you can’t be sure how many teams will qualify for the playoffs. It’s very possible that only six or seven teams will advance to the next round.

The Best Way To Track Down The Number Of Rounds

The first step to knowing how many rounds there are in the postseason is to figure out how many teams will be in the League. There are 12 playoff spots available in the Eastern Conference, and the same goes for the Western Conference. The New York Rangers, for example, are currently in first place in the Metropolitan Division with 103 points. With 107 points, the Rangers have a good chance of reaching the playoffs.

The thing is, not all teams are created equal, and certain teams are better than others based on how they play. The Boston Bruins, for example, boast one of the best all-time defense corps, led by a core group of legends in Zdeno Chara, Frank Vatrano, and Charlie McAvoy. They’ve also got a very potent offense, led by Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Dominic Moore, which scored a combined 125 goals during the regular season.

The Bruins have been to the postseason every year since 1967, and they’ve never dropped below the second round. With only seven teams in each conference, it’s entirely possible the eighth-seed Boston Bruins could meet the top-seed Capitals in the quarterfinals.

Bergeron, Marchand, and Moore are all in their 20s, and the core of the team is still intact. If you’re looking to make some fantasy hockey rosters for the playoffs, Boston is a great place to do it.

On the other hand, the Tampa Bay Lightning are an offensive juggernaut. They’re led by one of the best players of all time in Steve Yzerman, and one of the premier scorers of all time, Nikita Kucherov. The Bolts are also one of the few teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs last year, but they made up for it by going 16-1-1 in their last 18 games. Based on their performances during the regular season, fantasy owners should have no problem drafting players specifically for the playoffs.

The bottom line is it’s impossible to know how many rounds a team will advance to until the postseason actually begins. Once the playoffs start, it’s easy enough to find out how many rounds each team has left. You just need to look at their overall record to find out how many victories they have.

The Number Of Wins A Team Needs To Advance

The key to advancing to the next round of the NHL playoffs is winning your respective series. In order to do that, you need to accumulate more wins than the opposing team. When a team wins a best-of-seven series, they win the series, and the other team gets credit for a series win.

If you look at the number of wins each team needs to advance to the next round, you can see the importance of getting some point and figure scoring. The scoring has changed a little bit over the years, as the cap has gone up and the emphasis has shifted to making the stick handle better. In general, the team that scores the most goals wins, but if you happen to be on the winning end of a 7-game series, you get the series win as well. The most interesting stat that indicates how much scoring is important is the average score of games this year’s playoffs: 3.86 goals per game.

Even if you’re not a fan of hockey, you have to admit that the NHL has become one of the most exciting sports leagues to follow this year. The change in the number of rounds has made the postseason more interesting, and it’s given fans more reasons to tune in. Hopefully, this article helped you find out how many rounds there are in the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs.

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