How Many Types Of Hockey? [Updated!]

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Hockey is a favorite winter sport for many; it combines the speed and action of hockey with the excitement and competition of figure skating. There are several different types of hockey, and it can be quite the workout. You might be wondering how many types of hockey there are, so let’s look at them!

The Classic

This is the most traditional type of Canadian hockey; it involves two teams of six players each skating around a 6 ft by 4 ft rink. The object is to score as many goals as you can while avoiding being the other team’s prey. If you take a look at a classic game, you’ll see a lot of fighting, hitting, and checking. The hits can be pretty effective, so keep your head up when playing this sport!

While this type of hockey continues to be played today, many consider it to be the epitome of awkward-social-situations-that-result-in-mischief hockey. The hits can sometimes be pretty intense, resulting in some serious injury. It is always a shame when a sport causes injury, and hockey is no exception. Thanks to its explosive growth in Canada and the US, many consider the classic to be a relic of an earlier time.

Many people still enjoy playing this type of hockey due to the simple joy of getting together with friends and watching skilled players battle it out on the ice. If you’re looking for a sport that will be both fun and rewarding, consider giving this a try.

Rink Hockey

This is similar to the classic but played on an ice rink that is a regulation size. The main difference is that instead of a net in the middle, there are two parallel lines that each team must cross in order to score a goal. This can help promote team work and co-operation as everyone is focused on the same goal. If you’re looking for a sport that is both fast-paced and require co-operation and communication between players, consider trying this format.

Rink hockey tends to be a more precise and deliberate sport than the classic, and that’s probably because there are less athletes and more academics, which results in better precision and more strategy. Teams usually end up going through lots of puck touches as they pass it from one player to the next, while trying to outsmart each other all game long. Thanks to its emphasis on strategy and details, this sport has enjoyed a recent boom in popularity and has been added to the Olympics as a demonstration sport in the 2020 Games.

If you’re a fan of the science-fiction TV show “Dominion”, you’ll probably also enjoy playing this type of hockey. The premise of the show is that a genetically engineered monster (a dinosaur, in this case) has escaped from its cage and rips though town after town, killing anyone in its path. It’s set in present-day Canada, but that doesn’t matter: you’ll feel like you’re living in Jurassic Park when you play this game!

Inline Hockey

Inline hockey is played on a hockey rink that is either a regulation size or double the size of a regular rink. The main difference is that the players stand along one goal line and skate the length of the rink toward the other. If you fall on the ice, you’re out for the remainder of the game. This is a fast-paced and high-energy game that rewards excellent skating and puck handling skills. For a more leisurely sport, consider playing inline hockey.

Inline hockey is often seen as the hardcore cousin of hockey. Like most hockey siblings, there’s definitely some friendly rivalry between the two, but at the end of the day, they’re both just hockey.

The players on each team are usually between 5’11” and 6’3″, and the height difference between the teams is used to create some pretty funny moments. For example, in order to reach the puck that’s floating in mid-air, the shorter players have to jump over the taller ones. This doesn’t always end well for the over-tall players!


In some parts of the world, hockey is more than just a game. Instead of two teams battling it out on a rink, there’s a single winner being decided by a series of head-to-head battles. This is called a shootout, and it usually sees a player from each team score a goal while the rest of their team defends the goal they’ve scored on. The first team to score three goals wins. (Two teams play until one scores a goal.)

This variation of hockey is played in the KHL, the Swiss league, and various international tournaments, including the World Cup. The idea is to score as many goals as you can while protecting your own net. The tournament rules don’t allow for any outside interference, so anyone in the area of ​​the goal when a goal is scored cannot prevent the goal from being counted. This can result in some pretty hilarious situations, like when a spectator ducks under the goal to stop a goal from being counted or when a defender inadvertently blocks a shot from behind (and keeps the puck in play).

The excitement of a shootout can make up for the monotony of an hour-long game, and if you’re looking for a competitive sport that doesn’t involve a lot of sitting, consider giving this a try.

Ice Hockey

If you’d like a sport that requires you to stay in shape all year round, consider taking up ice hockey. This is a full-contact sport that involves two teams of four players each battling it out on an ice rink. The hits and body contact are always high, and it can be quite an aggressive sport. If you’re a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, you might also enjoy playing this sport. It’s a dangerous game, and many of the athletes who play it are extremely good-looking!

Besides physical prowess, this game requires quickness and an ability to read the ice. The sport requires players to constantly be on the lookout for illegal hits and illegal chokes. It can be difficult to call penalties in this sport as almost every play involves at least a little bit of aggression. If you’re looking for a more leisurely sport, consider giving this a try.


Some people play only to hear the sounds of crashing pucks, so if that’s your sort of thing, consider joining a hockey league. This game sees small, hard disks (pucks) being thrown into the air and caught on the fly by either the player or the goalkeeper. Lots of skill is required, and a lot of strength is needed to maintain control of the puck once it’s in the air. This game is similar to soccer in terms of the amount of strength and aerobic capacity required to play it well. If you’re looking for a sport that will test your physical prowess as well as your aim, consider giving this a try.

Tennis Hockey

If you’ve ever seen a Golden Globe award, you’ll know that often, the winner isn’t a Hollywood film but the tennis equivalent. So if you want to be at the forefront of the sports world, consider giving tennis hockey a try. This is a hybrid sport that combines aspects of ice hockey and tennis. Two teams of four play on an ice rink just like in regular ice hockey, but instead of trying to score a goal, the players try to avoid throwing the tennis ball into the opposing team’s goal. A penalty for doing so is the other team having to change goalkeepers, with the default being that the goalkeeper who was guarding the goal starts play again once the ball has been tossed. A team is also awarded a point for every goal scored against them.

The speed and tension of the battles between the teams are quite exciting to watch, and it can test your mental fortitude as well. The smaller team usually finds itself distracted by the noises and movements of the people around them, which can result in disastrous errors. However, the larger team usually ends up suffering from tunnel vision, and their lack of focus often proves to be their downfall. This is a sport that has been around for only a few years, and despite its youth, it has already achieved a significant level of popularity. If you’re looking for a sport that will be both fun and refreshingly different, consider giving tennis hockey a try.

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