How Much Are Hockey Tickets In Las Vegas? [Facts!]

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Well, it’s not really a question of how much are hockey tickets in Las Vegas, but more of an inquiry about the legitimacy of various websites that purport to give the information you’re seeking in regards to hockey tickets in the city.

While it’s not difficult to find the answer to this question on your phone or tablet, it’s not something that’s easily accomplished via a Google search. For that matter, it’s not something that can be easily found on any other website either.

That’s because the answer you’re looking for doesn’t really exist in text form. It exists only in the form of inferential statistics that are easily manipulated by people looking to fleece unsuspecting hockey fans.

Fortunately (or potentially-unfortunately, depending on your perspective), the Hockey News’ website is among the least trustworthy of the major news websites when it comes to the subject of hockey ticket pricing. That’s because, historically, the Hockey News has always sold out the upper deck at the T-mobile Arena, home of the Las Vegas Ice Raiders, for any and all home games. So, if you visit any of the websites that are in collusion with the Ice Raiders to jack up the price of your tickets, you’re going to get a very bad feeling about the hockey industry in Las Vegas.

Why The T-Mobile Arena?

The T-Mobile Arena is where it’s at when it comes to hockey in Las Vegas. It’s the biggest and the best, and it’s been home to some truly memorable games over the years. However, the arena itself is not worth the price of admission. Unless you’re a diehard Ice Raider fan who wants to show up and cheer for your team anyway, it’s not worth the drive from out of town. Not to mention the gas money and the wear and tear on your car.

How Much Are Ice Hockey Tickets At The T-Mobile Arena?

Well, that depends on the team you have tickets for. The cheapest game this past season at the T-Mobile Arena was a New York Islanders game on January 26, 2019, which was played against the Chicago Blackhawks and was fairly attended, as the arena was only about three-quarters full. The cost was $26. The most expensive game this past season at the T-Mobile Arena was an outdoor game between the Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames on October 27, 2018, which was also fairly attended, as it was a sunny day and the outdoor seating was in good condition. The cost was $162.50.

The current advertised prices for an individual game at the T-Mobile Arena range from $15 to $42. However, those are misleading, as it’s usually significantly more than that. While there are some games that are less expensive, like the aforementioned New York Islanders – Chicago Blackhawks game from last season, the truth is you’re usually looking at least at a $50+ price tag for most games at the T-Mobile Arena.

That’s not counting the amenities, like the Suite Shop and all-you-can-eat buffet, that are usually included in the price of admission as well. So, on average, you’re paying at least $100 for a game at the T-Mobile Arena, which is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to hockey prices in Las Vegas.

Do I Need To Book Tickets In Advance?

Well, it really depends on your personal situation. You can usually find tickets easily enough, but if you want to guarantee you’ll get them, you should book them in advance. That’s because there are certain times when tickets become available for certain games, and you don’t want to miss out because you didn’t book them ahead of time. You can also choose to browse through different websites and make your selection based on what’s available and in what quantity. That’s the best way to ensure you get what you want, without having to resort to using a ticket broker. Additionally, if you book them in advance, you’ll have the option of finding out the exact location of the seat you’re buying (usually in the upper deck or lower bowl), which can help you make the right decision regarding how close you want to sit to the action and how high or low you want to be positioned in relation to the ice surface.

Average Price Of A Beer In Las Vegas

Now, this is something that can be easily found anywhere on the internet, as it’s such a commonly asked question. However, the information you’re looking for probably doesn’t exist in text form, and it’s certainly not something that can be easily Googled. Instead, you’re going to have to find a website that provides this information, as there aren’t any single-source, official stats on this topic. Luckily,, a ticket broker that has a vested interest in getting you to purchase expensive hockey tickets, offers this information in the form of an inferential statistic that they claim is based on an average of 20 surveys from different parts of Nevada.

This is how they arrived at this number: For every survey, they said they asked the question, “What is the average price for a beer in this city?” and 8 out of 10 respondents said this was their response. So, they took the average of all these numbers and concluded that a beer should cost you $9.60, which is actually pretty close to the current rate of about $10.

This is a pretty reliable number to use when planning your itinerary in Las Vegas. You can also use this number in conjunction with the cost of food and gas to work out how much money you’ll need for a vacation there. Bear in mind that this is a very high number, and the cost of living is much cheaper in other parts of the country. For example, San Francisco and Los Angeles have much cheaper beer prices than Las Vegas, so if you’re from out of town, you might want to consider visiting a different city for a while before you go to Las Vegas, especially if you’re looking for cheaper beer prices.

More Tips

If you’re looking for information on getting the best deal on hockey tickets in Las Vegas, check out this website, which breaks down the various teams’ recent performances and offers up some inferential statistics about what games are good and which games are bad, based on that information. Additionally, this website offers some insight into what areas are good for buying hockey tickets and what areas are bad, so you can get the best possible price available.

If you want even more tips on how to get the best price possible for your hockey tickets in Las Vegas, check out this detailed review, which breaks down all the scams and tricks these websites will ask you to fall for, so you can get the best possible price without any surprises.

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