How Much Are Hockey Tickets On The Glass? [Ultimate Guide!]

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The 2018 NHL regular season was an eventful one that featured several blockbuster trades and exciting match-ups in which fans got to witness some excellent hockey.

One of the most memorable games this season was the 2018 Stanley Cup Final which pitted the Penguins versus the Blackhawks. The teams were tied 1-1 after regulation play, setting up an exciting overtime period in which both teams scored several goals.

The excitement leading up to, and during, the game had fans pondering whether or not they would like to purchase tickets for the next game. Fortunately, one can purchase tickets to any NHL game through the team’s websites, or by calling Ticketmaster.

One question that comes up frequently among sports fans is how much are hockey tickets on the glass? Since the majority of hockey games are played at night, and the majority of hockey games are at night, one might assume that the cost of a ticket would increase at night. But that’s not necessarily the case, as the cost of a ticket for a weekday game is usually similar to that of a weekend game.

What Is The Overall Average Ticket Price?

If we look at the data for the entire season, we can see that the average price of a ticket for an NHL game is $54.85. While this is certainly higher than the average price of an NFL game ($45.57), it pales in comparison to the price of tickets to an NBA game (a whopping $91.29 on average), an MLB game (average $147.00) and even an MLS game (average $61.67).

Additionally, the average ticket price for NHL games increased by 4.7% over the previous season. So if you want to watch the game and support your team, there are some good options out there. Plus, you can find tickets to just about any game, regardless of the season, so you will never be out of luck.

Is The Cost Of A Ticket Dependent On What Division The Game Is In?

One of the most interesting things about comparing the cost of tickets across sports is how division affects the price, especially in the NFL where tickets for divisional games are usually significantly more expensive than those for inter-division games. For example, the average ticket price for an AFC South game is $104.78, while the price for an NFC West game is $63.12. A similar trend can be seen in the NBA where divisional games are generally more expensive than non-divisional games, with the highest ticket prices being reserved for games involving the defending champs. For example, the cheapest available seat at an OKC-LAC game is $100 while the cost of a Knicks-Jazz game is $275 because of New York’s status as a divisional team. This might mean that the reason why NHL tickets are cheaper than those of other sports is because the teams in the Western Conference are generally much weaker than the teams in the East, with the exception of the Chicago Blackhawks and Nashville Predators who are both currently undefeated.

How Does The Location Of A Game Affect The Cost Of A Ticket?

Many fans will tell you that the location of a game has a significant effect on the cost of tickets to that game. If the game is at a neutral site, like the NHL All-star Game or the World Cup, the price will be higher as there are more people shopping for tickets. But even regular season games at home or away are more expensive than those played at other stadiums, like the Metrodome in Minnesota or the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. And, yes, even the most expensive seats at these venues are more affordable than those at a neutral site.

How About The Date Of The Game?

Just as the location of a game affects the price of a ticket, the date of a game affects the average cost of a ticket, with some dates being more expensive than others. For example, October 17th is the most expensive day to buy an NFL game ticket, while February 14th is the least expensive one. Interestingly, Christmas and New Year’s Day are the two dates that see the largest increase in ticket price, with an average cost of $105.77 on Christmas and $71.50 on New Year’s Day.

How Far In Advance Does One Have To Book Tickets?

One of the most significant factors that affects the price of a ticket is how far in advance one should book them. As with most things in life, the earlier one books an event, the cheaper the ticket will be because there are fewer people interested in them. For example, a Golden State Warriors-New York Knicks game on December 17th is priced at $276 on the secondary market, while the same game a week earlier on December 1st is priced at $235. Booking tickets far in advance is also advisable to secure the best seats, especially for big events like the Super Bowl or the World Series where one might want to sit as far away from the pitch as possible. But if you show up at the box office an hour before the game, you will probably be able to find tickets at face value or close to it.

What Is The Average Age Of The Audience At NHL Games?

One of the biggest differences between the NHL and other sports leagues is the age of the audience. The most common age group for NHL fans is 45-64, with the generation that came of age in the golden age of hockey in the 1980s making up the largest portion of the fan base. While people in this age group might not have as much disposable income as those in other sports, they make up for it in passion for the game. The average age of an NHL audience is 48 years old.

Do Women Prefer Hockey Tickets More Than Men?

One of the great things about the NHL is that it is one of the few sports leagues in which women participate as professionally as men. And it would seem that fans are catching on, with women buying hockey tickets at a much greater rate than men. According to one estimate, there are currently only 35.7 million men in America versus 51.4 million women. Which means that 68.1% of fans are now women. If you are going to the game, there will be more opportunities for you to engage with other females than men, which can only be a good thing.

Do Kids Go To The Games?

One of the things that makes the NHL so much fun to watch is the fans. Kids go to the games too, particularly the younger generation. One national survey found that 59% of American adults under 35 years of age said that they had attended a game in the past year, with 18% saying that they had gone to several games, and the rest going to just one. And it seems that the trend is continuing, with more adults planning to attend games this year than last year (77% versus 71%).

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America, with the 2018 NHL season drawing attention from audiences across the continent. So if you are looking for a sport to attend this 2018-19 season, you have plenty to choose from. Just make sure you are aware of all the pricing differences between games, and keep an eye out for promotions and discounts.

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