How Much Do European Hockey Players Make? [Answered!]

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The European Hockey Players’ Association is a labor organization that represents professional hockey players in Europe. Its members are mostly contracted to one team but can move between clubs as they please. They are known for their long winters and passionate fandom.

It’s no secret that hockey players in the EU make a lot of money. The EHPAs’ latest published salary details reveal that the average annual earnings of an EHPAs member are €64,664. That’s a significant chunk of change, but how much exactly does an EHPAs member earn? Let’s have a look.

How Many Teams Does the EHPAs Represent?

There are 24 members of the EHPAs, which is almost one-quarter of the entire league. The number of teams that these players are contracted to is also impressive, as there are 10 teams in total across Great Britain, France, and Germany. There are no details regarding the other 14 European leagues, but given that there are 24 EHPAs members, we can assume that there are 24 teams, too.

Although the EHPAs’ published salary details only cover the 2018–19 season, we know that hockey is a winter sport and that most of the leagues are on a winter schedule. Based on that, we can reasonably assume that the salaries are comparable to those in previous seasons.

How Many Days Are There in a Hockey Season?

The length of the hockey season seems to vary based on the country. In the UK, it’s 66 games. In Germany, it’s 62 games, and in France, it’s 54 games. It’s interesting to note that the French league is the least popular of the three, yet it has one of the shortest seasons. The NHL season is 82 games, but with two preseason games thrown in, that’s already 97 games. It would be a bit of a squeeze, but not impossible, to fit all that gaming in during the summer months.

What Is the Most Popular Sport To Watch In Europe?

Based on the 2018–19 EHPAs’ published data, fans in the UK, France, and Germany follow the game closely. The data also revealed that the most popular teams in the EU are Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur. It seems that English Premier League fans are keen on supporting their local teams as often as they can, even when the games are played in another country.

The German Bundesliga saw a lot of interest too, particularly regarding Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. It’s interesting to note that the 24 EHPAs members represent a cross section of sports teams – from Manchester United to Werder Bremen. It would seem that following sports teams is an easy way to earn fans in Europe.

Is Fandom A Growing Sport?

The EHPAs represent a dedicated group of hockey fans who follow the sport avidly. Across the three popular European countries, there are multiple groups who follow the game passionately. The teams and players in the EHPAs are a big reason behind this interest. It would seem that following sports teams is attractive to fans in the EU, and with the increasing number of cross-border signings, that follows is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Is following sports teams a viable way to gain popularity in Europe? The answer seems to be yes, particularly as fans are drawn to the glamour of the sports stars and lavish sporting events.

How Is TV Coverage Of Hockey In Europe?

The EHPAs published their TV coverage details for the 2018–19 season, which is interesting considering that many sports fans in Europe follow their games on television. The data revealed that the majority of the games are shown live in the UK and Germany, while France and Germany mostly watch matches on delayed basis. It would seem that fans in the UK and Germany are more engaged with the sport than those in France and have more access to the games. Interesting to note that in Germany, the majority of matches are shown by regional broadcasters while the national broadcasters only show highlights of the games. In France, all of the matches are shown by national broadcasters and highlights are shown regularly throughout the season.

It’s evident that hockey players in the EU make a lot of money, and the fact that most fans follow the sport is an indication of how popular it is. With the increasing popularity of social media and live streaming, fans can now follow their favorite teams and players anytime, anywhere. It’s an engaged audience that has the power to influence purchase decisions via online channels. It would seem that following sports teams is a sure-fire way to increase your fan base in Europe.

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