How Much Does Hockey Cost In Canada? [Answered!]

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Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada, yet the cost of playing can vary from family friendly to ultra-elite. Let’s examine the prices across the country to determine if you can play for less than you think.

Prices Vary By Location

Hockey is not only a popular sport in Canada, but is also widely played professionally around the world. It is one of the few sports that is both a competitive and a professional sport, which makes it a very interesting game to watch and participate in.

However, as with most things in life, the costs of playing vary by location. For example, a family of four in Toronto will pay around $800 per year in fees, while the same family in Vancouver will pay around $500 for similar services.

Families Play For Free

Many amateur hockey associations will allow family members to play for free. One of the biggest and most established amateur hockey associations in Canada is the Toronto Maple Leafs, who offer a variety of affordable family programs. These family programs offer a variety of games and events throughout the year, which are usually free of charge.

The Toronto Maple Leafs also provide an extremely affordable equipment package for children, which consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, and pants. These equipment items can be purchased in adult sizes as well, so even the youngest players can enjoy the benefits of playing hockey.

Other amateur hockey associations in the country have similar family play programs, where young players can enjoy the game and learn the fundamentals for free. Even better, some associations will provide minor league and junior ice hockey leagues that children can participate in for free.

Hockey Is An Investment

While it is generally accepted that hockey is a sport that anyone can play and enjoy, that does not mean that it is an inexpensive one. The cost of getting started in hockey is rather high, particularly if you want to play at a professional level. The equipment, the ice time, and the coaching costs all add up.

The best and the brightest young hockey players will be able to secure full athletic scholarships at Canadian universities, which means that they will be paying nothing for school. However, once they complete their studies, they will need to secure a job in the sport, or in another related industry to earn decent money.

Hockey is a popular sport in Canada, and it is slowly rising in popularity globally, particularly in Asia. The cost of playing varies by location, but is generally higher in the country’s largest cities. Families with young children should consider this, as it can be quite expensive to raise a hockey team, particularly in larger cities with limited resources.

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