How Often Should You Wash Hockey Equipment? [Fact Checked!]

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Many of us are big fans of the sport of hockey, especially during the winter months. Between the exciting games and the joy of supporting a winning team, it’s easy to see why some people consider hockey to be “the greatest game ever played”. As hockey fans, we’re always eager to play or watch the sport, but it’s essential that we ensure the quality of our equipment and stay clean while doing so.

While there’s no exact science to determining how often equipment needs to be washed, it’s generally accepted that the sweaters, pants, and jerseys of hockey players need to be cleaned more often than the helmets, sticks, and pads. There’s also the added bonus of being able to smell the cleanliness of your equipment after each wash, which for some is a real treat! So, with that being said, let’s take a look at how often you should clean your hockey gear.

The Sweaters, Pants, And Jerseys

Aside from the obvious fact that it’s cold outside and you’re not really feeling that great, washing your hockey gear is actually a really fun and rewarding experience. You’re enabling your body to naturally clean itself of sweat and oil, which for some is even more exciting than just playing the game itself. Plus, when it comes to keeping your body clean, you can’t go wrong with washing your equipment more frequently—the more you wash it, the fewer bacteria and germs you’ll be exposed to.

If you use washing machines on a regular basis, you’ll know how valuable it is to use the right detergents and save some energy when washing your gear. You should also know how necessary it is to clean your equipment after each use and how handy it is to have a hose on hand so that you don’t have to worry about wetting your feet while washing your skates. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that some manufacturers will recommend washing your equipment after every use, so ensure that you always follow their instructions.

The Helmets, Pads, And Sticks

On the other hand, the helmets, pads, and sticks of hockey players are mostly made of plastic, which means they’re much easier to clean than the more traditional materials such as leather or canvas. There are actually specific cleaning guidelines that you should follow, depending on the make and model of the helmet you wear. For example, some hockey helmets need to be washed and dried more frequently than others, and it’s also worth noting that the inside of your helmet can become very sticky and difficult to clean if not washed frequently enough. It’s also wise to ensure that the material your equipment is made of is resistant to water and oil, which means you shouldn’t be washing them as frequently. If any of these items are made of leather or canvas, you can also gently clean them with a brush or cloth.

In terms of the shape of your helmet, you should aim to keep it as clean and free of scratches and dents as possible, which means you shouldn’t be washing it as frequently. You should also know that some helmets will require more frequent washes than others, so by keeping track of how often you should clean them, you’ll be able to maintain the sleek, modern look that makes them so attractive in the first place.

The Additional Equipment

Aside from your hockey gear, there are other items that you should consider when deciding how frequently you should clean them. For example, you’ll need to clean your gloves and mouthpiece regularly to ensure they stay in good condition. Also, wash your skates at least once a month in a cool, clean place to prevent rust and other forms of deterioration. You’ll also need to ensure that your sticks and pucks are free of dirt, oil, and water, which means you should clean them after every use. This article is not intended to replace any of your existing cleaning instructions, but rather to provide some general guidelines for how often you should clean your hockey gear based on common sense and what feels right for you.

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