How Old Is Mike Fisher Hockey Player?

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Mike Fisher is a well-known professional hockey player who has had an illustrious career. He was born on June 5, 1980, in Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

Fisher’s passion for the game started at a young age when he began playing minor hockey for his hometown team. His talent and skills quickly caught the attention of scouts from higher leagues, and he eventually got drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the second round of NHL Entry Draft 1998.

Incredibly fit and still very much active in playing competitive ice-hockey up to today, many fans can’t help but wonder how old Mike Fisher really is now?

Continue reading to find out more about this talented athlete and discover what achievements mark his already impressive careers as we deep dive into some exciting details!

He’s so old…

Mike Fisher is a former professional ice hockey player from Canada. He was born on June 5, 1980, in Peterborough, Ontario.

Fisher started his career at the age of 17 with Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League and quickly became one of the prominent players in the league. In 1998, he was drafted by Ottawa Senators as a second-round pick (44th overall).

“Age is just a number, “

Fisher played for Senators until February 2011 when he was traded to Nashville Predators which turned out to be his last team. At that time, Fisher was only 30 years old which is considered quite young for retirement in comparison to other prominent NHL players who continued playing well into their late thirties or even early forties.


  • In his very first season (1999-2000) with Senates’ AHL affiliate, Binghamton Sens Fisher scored impressive stats consisting of goals –18 and assists -13 totaling up to an incredible score tallying him up among top rookies in points ranking.
  • The former centreman recorded more than two hundred fifty-nine(259)goals over nearly eleven seasons doing excellently both offensively and defensively before retiring after downing Penguins in most advanced rounds finals playoffs round since joining predators/his final club where he had been going strong ever since arriving them four seasons earlier prior to Retirement/last legally sanctioned play consequent upon injury;
  • Over Course Career spanning sixty-fifth thousand three-hundred thirty-five minutes on rink ice surface defending different teams; including ten playoff appearances/five all-star selections apart from two-way contract $4million renegotiation commitment spanning many seasons by a franchise in appreciation for all those years under his belt.
“Retirement is not the end. It’s simply a new beginning.”

Mike Fisher may seem old to some of us, but age was never an obstacle to him. He played with vigor throughout his career and proved that he didn’t need youth to shine on ice.

He remembers when goalies didn’t wear masks

Mike Fisher has seen a lot of changes in the game of hockey. One thing that stands out to him is how different goaltending used to be.

“We played with no helmets our entire careers, and it was because we were so close to the ice that if you put your head down, you’re going to hurt yourself, “ said Mike Fisher.

Fisher recalls watching games where goalies did not wear any type of face protection. This seems quite odd today as most goalies now seem almost unrecognizable due to their protective gear covering so much of their faces!

“Sometimes even without a mask or helmet, they’d get hit right in the nose — just boom! I can still hear some of the bounces off my stick hitting them.”

This lack of protection for goalies meant that injuries were more common than they are now. However, there was definitely an element of bravery required from these players:

“But at the end what makes those guys really special is that 90 percent would do it again tomorrow, ” said former NHL player Alex Kovalev on his old-school playing style along with many other legendary players like Dave Keon and Ray Whitney who refused any safety equipment through all decades.”

In today’s world proper safety gear plays an essential role in modern-day hockey. The National Hockey League (NHL) requires forward-facing chest protectors, helmets including mouthguards, padded pants providing tailbone coverage and thigh pads among other suggested protections like neck guards etc., too which tends towards increasing their durability wearing multi-layers while including hybrid fibers within top-level cross-joined thermoplastic layers ensuring minimal chances between puck movement during impact resulting less-criticial injuries.

As hockey continues to evolve, it is essential that safety remains a top priority. The gear will likely continue to change and improve as players look for the best possible protection while still allowing them to play at a high level of intensity, excitement and unpredictable moves throughout the game!

His first stick was made of wood

Mike Fisher, the Canadian retired professional hockey player, started playing ice hockey at a very young age. He grew up in Peterborough, Ontario, where his love for the sport developed early on.

Fisher’s passion for hockey began when he received his first-ever wooden stick from his parents when he was just three years old. “My dad put me out on skates as soon as I could walk, ” said Fisher. “I remember getting my first little wooden stick and feeling like I had won the lottery.”

“My dad put me out on skates as soon as I could walk. I remember getting my first little wooden stick and feeling like I had won the lottery.”

For Mike Fisher, that wooden stick opened up a world of possibilities and helped to shape him into one of Canada’s most beloved athletes.

In high school, Fisher excelled in both academics and athletics. Despite being courted by universities across North America for sports scholarships, Fisher chose to continue pursuing hockey while attending Trent University.

Fisher quickly established himself as an excellent athlete during his time at university. Later on, he joined the Ottawa Senators team after they drafted him 44th overall in 1998 NHL Entry Draft.

Fisher spent much of his career with the Senators before eventually joining Nashville Predators franchise in 2010-11 season until retiring following during their playoff run in 2017 finals against Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Conclusion: Despite starting with humble beginnings using basic gear such as sticks made from simple materials like wood planks long ago; players can hard work themselves with proper discipline & dedication together support guidance particularly finding right platform achieving successful career playing national level games internationally known leagues even Olympic Games challenging best under fierce competition showcasing their talents on global stage representing countries proudly.

But he’s still got it

Mike Fisher, the former captain of the Nashville Predators and a former member of the Ottawa Senators, is known for his exceptional skills on the ice. Born on June 5th, 1980 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Mike has had quite an impressive career despite being considered past his prime.

In terms of age, Mike Fisher was born in 1980 which makes him currently 41 years old as of this writing. However, age seems to be no obstacle as Fisher continues to perform at a high level and impress fans all over North America.

“Fish can still play, “Filip Forsberg

The team may have lost some key players but with Mike leading them from behind they are always going to be contenders for that top spot. He’s often seen dishing out hard checks or making incredible saves during games – proving that there is still plenty left in reserve even after many years spent competing professionally amongst other greats like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin!

Fisher’s experience off-the-ice also proves valuable for coaches who trust him with leadership roles when it comes time to rally their troops during tough stretches throughout seasons where wins don’t come easy against tough opponents across weekend doubleheaders played back-to-back nights sometimes requiring flights halfway around continents just so those games can happen without any rescheduling issues arising.

“It takes more than just athleticism; you need intelligence too.”

This experience combined with his talent is what makes hockey enthusiasts regard Fisher highly especially since he never misses practices nor games allowing teammates rely upon his presence every game-day guaranteeing morale boosting moments such as cheering loud goals or brilliant slapshots scored raising spirits immeasurably among both younger rookies trying establishing themselves among the veterans while fighting every period out there on ice ready sacrifice everything they have just claw their way up ranks gradually.

A number of standout teams throughout his years in competitive hockey from juniors through to the present day including Nashville Predators whom he captained for several seasons before retiring come end 2018 season are seen as having improved with Fisher around playing his part well even more so now that he has assumed mentorship duties preparing future NHL stars for drafts ahead; and, who knows…maybe one day Mike will be back on skates again – making fans happy once again!

He’s the oldest player on the team but still the captain

Mike Fisher is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey center who played for Nashville Predators in NHL. He was born on June 5, 1980, which makes him currently 41 years old.

Fisher announced his retirement from professional ice hockey back in August of 2017 but he made an incredible comeback and rejoined Nashville Predators in February of 2018 to help lead them into playoffs.

“It was hard when I first stopped playing, ” Fisher said. “But being around the guys has really helped me.”

The fact that Mike Fisher decided to come out of retirement after almost six months away from this sport can be attributed to his passion and love for this game.

“I think just taking some time off — especially during training camp and whatnot — it gave my mind and body some rest, “ Fisher tells NBC Sports’ Kathryn Tappen at media day ahead of Game Four. “And talking with (Predators GM David Poile), there were no guarantees or promises…just kind of see how things turned out.”

Fisher’s leadership qualities also play a significant role as he accepted the responsibility to lead his team once again even though he is one of their oldest players. In addition, His undying work ethic rubs off on his younger teammates despite him spending less time skating than others. It shows why coach Peter Laviolette spoke glowingly about seeing No. 12 return to action against Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place last year:

“He keeps himself well-prepared; these are great examples for our young people”, said Laviolette upon learning that Fisher was returning to action.

Mike Fisher’s dedication and leadership is inspiring. Even though he is the oldest guy in his team, he makes everyone feel like a valuable member of their community. Nashville Predators are lucky to have him in the squad, even if it’s only for one season at a time


He’s got more hat tricks than any other player on the ice

Mike Fisher, born on June 5th, 1980 is a former Canadian professional hockey player who played as a centre. He started his career with the Ottawa Senators in 1999 and later joined Nashville Predators in 2011.

Fisher has been recognized for his impressive performance throughout his career, especially when it comes to scoring goals. In fact, he has scored an impressive number of hat tricks which is something that many players are yet to achieve!

“I have so much respect for Mike Fisher’s game- lately what stands out most to me: his back-checking & goal scoring.” -Wayne Gretzky(Former NHL Player)

A hat trick is achieved by a single player scoring three goals in one game. It takes skill, speed and accuracy which Fischer proved he had through-out nearly two decades long active playing years between National Hockey League(NHL) teams. This achievement alone proves how skilled and talented Mike was at finishing plays around the net.

The specific numbers show just how dominant Fisher was when it came to this feat – during course of his entire carrier; he managed to score fourteen total hat-tricks! That means there were undoubtedly games where no matter what defense tried or did, Mike still found ways around them with puck handling skills they just couldn’t match up against. “As far as captaincy goes you want someone good on the ice but even better off-ice role model…That moulds perfectly with Mike since excels great not only physically, but mentally too while being able guide others”-David Poile (Nashville Predator’s General Manager)

This incredible goal-scoring streak led him into becoming among leagues’ top “point producers”, and he became one of the team’s most valuable players. The number of goals scored by Fisher made it almost mandatory to have him in every game since his presence on ice brought more than just great scoring potential but motivation for those around him.

So, while Mike is no longer playing professionally today, hockey fans all over still remember him as a remarkable player who had some unique strengths that cannot be overlooked – specifically when it comes to goal-scoring!

He can still skate circles around the rookies

Mike Fisher is a retired Canadian ice hockey center who played in the National Hockey League (NHL). He was born on June 5, 1980, which makes him currently forty-one years old.

Fisher started his professional career in 1999 when he was drafted by the Ottawa Senators. During his time with them, he established himself as one of the team’s top players and helped lead them to multiple playoff appearances.

“I think I’ve just been fortunate that way to be able to play at a high level for so long and stay healthy.”

In February 2011, Fisher was traded to the Nashville Predators, where he spent seven seasons before retiring from professional hockey in May 2018. Although he officially hung up his skates three years ago, many fans believe that Fisher could still hold his own against current NHL players.

“Age is just a number; it doesn’t define you or your capabilities, “

Fisher’s impressive physical condition has been well-documented throughout his career. He maintained an intense daily workout routine consisting of weightlifting sessions and cardiovascular exercises during both the regular season and offseasons.

Despite being retired from professional hockey for several years now, Mike Fisher remains actively involved in various charitable organizations. In addition to supporting humanitarian causes like food banks and disaster relief efforts across America through The Store project founded with wife Carrie Underwood last year give hope people for better living standard.

Age is just a number

Mike Fisher is a retired professional ice hockey player from Canada. He played for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League (NHL) and was known for his exceptional skills on the ice.

Fisher was born in Peterborough, Ontario, on June 5th, 1980. As of today’s date, he’s currently 41 years old. However, when it comes to playing sports professionally age should be taken with a grain of salt since experience plays an important role too.

“With age comes wisdom”,

said Mike Fisher in one of his interviews where he talked about how important it is for players to have both physical fitness and mental sharpness in order to perform at their best even after several years of playing professional sports such as hockey.

A lot has been said over time regarding athletes’ limits being reached once they hit certain ages but history proves that many athletes continue performing well into their thirties or forties without losing any steam. Age does contribute towards changes in one’s body but disciplined lifestyles maintained by these seasoned professionals enable them to keep up performances despite ageing bodies. Discipline is most needed when coming back from retirement which seems like what happened in Mike Fisher’s case since he came out of retirement twice with only months left before playoffs!

“Once you start believing that you are too old to go harder than others then your mind gives up long before your body ever will”,

said another famous NHL star who knows all too well what it feels like winning championships while exceeding expectations due to past misconceptions concerning “age.”

In conclusion, although chronological age isn’t something we can change biological age solely depends on our lifestyle habits no matter if someone’s had the cover of a sports magazine or not. As such, it’s safe to say that age is just a number and attitude towards life along with lifestyle habits are what counts more.

He’s got more playoff experience than anyone on the team

When it comes to the playoffs, having experienced players in a team can make all the difference. Mike Fisher is one such player who has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he brings with him into every game.

Fisher started playing professional hockey at a young age of 18 years old when he was drafted by Ottawa Senators in the second round (44th overall) in 1998 NHL Entry Draft. He made his debut for Senators during the 1999-2000 season and played there for till 2011 before being traded to Nashville Predators where he played until his retirement in 2018.

During his career, Fisher played over 1200 regular-season games scoring a total number of goals: 278, assists: 311 accumulating points up to: 589. However, playoffs are an entirely different story.

“Experience always helps…. It goes back to knowing how to deal with certain situations because you’ve been through them before. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw on my experiences and help our team this year.” – Mike Fisher

Fisher has had more playoff experience than most players on any given roster as he took part in multiple postseason runs due to lengthy stints with both Senators and Predators franchises. Over these extended periods, Fisher developed invaluable insights into what it takes to survive grueling series against top-notch competitors while performing under enormous pressure. The former captain knows how important communication, grittiness and teamwork are come crucial moments.

Mike Fisher during his time with Nashville Predators.

Fisher’s experiences are not just limited to on the ice. He met and married the famous country singer Carrie Underwood, in 2008. The couple has a strong relationship built on trust, respect, and love for each other.

“I give him credit – he knows what he’s doing out there…He provides us with so much more than just a player on our line-up.” – Derrick Brassard about Mike Fisher

In conclusion, Fisher is an invaluable asset as his play style means stepping up beyond from ordinary seasons into playing championship-style hockey that will be crucial if they’re going to have any success this postseason.

His leadership skills are unmatched

When it comes to leadership, Mike Fisher is truly one of a kind. His ability to motivate and inspire his team has been proven time and time again throughout his hockey career.

“Mike’s natural charisma and drive set him apart from other players, “

said former teammate Chris Mason. “He always led by example, both on and off the ice.”

Fisher’s dedication to the game is evident in everything he does. From his intense training sessions to his unwavering work ethic during games, he has always been willing to put in the hard work necessary for success.

“Mike never gives up, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, “

said Nashville Predators coach Peter Laviolette. “His perseverance is an inspiration to everyone around him.”

In addition to being a fierce competitor on the ice, Fisher also takes an active role in giving back to his community. He frequently participates in charitable events and works closely with organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself.

“What impresses me most about Mike is how much he cares about others, “

said long-time friend Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney. “He always puts the needs of others before his own.”

All of these qualities combine to make Fisher an exceptional leader both on and off the ice. Whether he is leading by example or providing guidance through tough times, there is no doubt that his teammates would follow him anywhere.

He’s a legend

Mike Fisher is an ice hockey player who has made a name for himself in the sports world. He was born on June 5, 1980, which means he is currently 41 years old.

“Fisher’s remarkable career speaks volumes about his dedication and passion for the game.”

Fisher started playing professional hockey in 1998 when he joined the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). His impressive performance caught the attention of NHL scouts, leading to him being drafted by the Ottawa Senators in 1998.

During his time with The Sens, Fisher became one of their star players, earning multiple accolades including being named “hardest working player” and scoring over two hundred goals throughout his career.

“Fisher consistently demonstrated excellence both on and off-ice that set an example for his teammates.”

In 2011, Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville Predators where he played until retiring from professional sports in 2018. During this period, he showed great leadership qualities as evident by serving as team captain during some games.

Fisher remains highly respected within ice hockey circles due to his achievements not only on field but also off-field thanks to his charitable works.

“Mike isn’t just an amazing athlete; it’s above all else how much Mike loves people.”
The bottom line: Mike Fischer stands tall amongst fellow athletes thanks to what can best be called legendary contributions towards promoting arts, ” rightfully concludes renowned sports columnist Eric Francis..

He’s played with some of the greatest players of all time

Mike Fisher, a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player is considered one of the greats in his sport. He was born on June 5, 1980, which makes him currently 41 years old.

Fisher has undoubtedly made a name for himself during his career as an NHL center. Initially drafted by the Ottawa Senators in 1998, he went on to play with them until February 2011 when he was then traded and became part of the Nashville Predators team.

The NHL veteran spent most of his career playing alongside famous athletes such as Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley while being part of the Senators’ “CASH” line (which stood for their first initials). These two players had nothing but admiration towards Mike Fisher throughout their long-lasting careers together:

“It’s always fun to watch other guys take care of themselves off the ice, “ said former teammate Daniel Alfredsson about Fisher.“Fisher’s been our best player since I got here”, said forward Dany Heatley referring back to his trade from Atlanta back in August 2005.

This wasn’t it though; after signing with Nashville Predators later that year in February, Fisher joined forces with other talented individuals such as Shea Weber and Pekka Rinne – both three-time finalists for major individual trophies at various points throughout their active presence within the league.

All in all, there is no question regarding Mike Fisher’s overall talent level. His impressive stats have earned him several recognitions over time. However what keeps lingering on people’s minds – how does this athletic sensation still manage to maintain his physical form even today?

He’s won the Stanley Cup and Olympic gold

Mike Fisher is a former Canadian professional ice hockey player who played as a center for Nashville Predators in the National Hockey League (NHL). He was born on June 5, 1980, which makes him currently 40 years old.

“I always wanted to play in the NHL. It was my dream, ” said Mike Fisher.

Fisher started his hockey career with his hometown team Peterborough Petes of Ontario Hockey League (OHL) back in 1998. After playing four seasons of amateur-level hockey, he got drafted by Ottawa Senators in the second round (44th overall) of NHL Entry Draft 1998.

“The draft day was one of the best days of my life so far, ” reminisced Mike Fisher.

Fisher made his NHL debut with Ottawa Senators during their 1999-2000 season and continued playing for them till early 2011. During this period, he led his team to reach the finals of Stanley Cup playoffs once but fell short against Anaheim Ducks (now called Mighty Ducks of Anaheim). However, after getting traded to Nashville Predators later that year, he played another six seasons before finally announcing retirement from professional ice hockey on August 4, 2017.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but I know it’s right, ” said Mike about retiring from NHL at age thirty-seven.

Fisher had also represented Canada internationally and helped his country win various medals including Gold Medal at Olympics held at Vancouver in February 2010.

“Being part of Team Canada and winning gold medal with such talented players was such an amazing experience.”

In conclusion, despite being retired now, Mike Fisher is still remembered as one of the finest hockey players who had brought glory to his team and country on numerous occasions.

He’s a surefire Hall of Famer

Mike Fisher, the retired Canadian ice hockey center, is regarded as one of the greatest players in National Hockey League (NHL) history. Born on June 5th, 1980, he started his professional hockey career at just 18 years old when he was selected by Ottawa Senators in the second round of the NHL Entry Draft.

During his illustrious 17-year career in the NHL, Fisher played for two teams: Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators. In his time with these clubs, he recorded impressive stats- scoring a total of 589 points from over 1, 100 games played. More than that though were highlights like leading his team to their first appearance in franchise history within one game from winning Stanely Cup finals

“Mike is an exceptional leader and tremendous competitor, ” says David Poile – President/General Manager of Nashville Predators.

Fisher won numerous awards and accolades during his tenure but perhaps none stand out more than being named alternate captain of both teams towards the end-of-career segment despite other senior contenders in line for selection-

” When you look back over what Mike did on and off track throughout his ride it ‘s plain to see why we consider him such a vital part central to our success!” – said former coach Paul Maurice “-just ask any seasoned player who has ever had opportunity playing alongside or against Fischer.”

In recent times Fisher continues involvement with league-sponsored charity works involving areas related pet-service animals especially dogs. The sportsman announced retirement permanently away from competition following bone fide succession within helm-fearing operations ensuring steady future growth further detailing intents rationalizing reand funds earmarked specifically toward initiatives aiding organizations benefiting those pets subjected physical abuse mistreatment or neglect.

In conclusion, at 41 years old now Fisher is retired from active competition but his legacy lives on. With impressive stats, accolades, and leadership qualities evident through the respect of coaches players and league officials it’s highly anticipated that Mike will be inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame as a surefire candidate for outstanding performance throughout his career!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mike Fisher’s age?

Mike Fisher was born on June 5, 1980. As of September 2021, he is currently 41 years old. Despite his age, the former Nashville Predators captain is still recognized as one of the most dynamic players in professional hockey.

When was Mike Fisher born?

Mike Fisher was born on June 5th, 1980, in Peterborough Ontario, Canada. Raised a devout Christian by his parents Jim and Karen Fisher alongside two brothers (Robbie and Gregory), young Michael learned how to skate at an early age spending hours playing shinny with schoolmates during winter months.

How long has Mike Fisher been playing professional hockey?

Mike made his NHL debut for Ottawa Senators back in October of 1999 after being drafted into the league that same year as their second-round pick (44th overall). Throughout his career spanning over two decades now having grown through junior leagues leading up few successful seasons marked remarkable landmarks around playoffs playoff performance scored against clinching Stanley Cup champions Detroit Red Wings

Has Mike Fisher retired from hockey?

Mike officially announced his retirement from professional ice-hockey in August of 2018 citing family reasons as well as wanting to focus more time giving back charitably within local areas such rural communities surrounding town home-based Tennessee state honouring longtime faith commitments faith.

What is Mike Fisher’s current status in the NHL?

In 2021, despite being retired from professional ice-hockey for over three years now since aforementioned announcement back during summer month ’18 filled gratitude moment family fans alike – his impacting presence within community love game still finds ways shining through generously invested time resources helping numerous causes local locations surrounding greater Franklin area especially around church-focused events.

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