How Should Shoulder Pads Fit Hockey? [Expert Review!]

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Hockey is a popular winter sport. More and more people are getting into hockey. More people means more demand for pads and jerseys. This article will tell you which shoulder pad should you purchase and for what occasion.

Goalie Pads

Goaltending is an essential part of hockey. The goalie is responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring. To do this, he needs good defensive skills and athletic ability. Because of this, most goalies wear pads. Goalie pads come in many different shapes and sizes. You need to choose the right size and shape for your body type and the style of play you are employing.

There are three basic forms of goalie pads: rectangular, triangular, and circle. The shape and size of a goalie’s pads vary by position. For example, big goaltenders wear big pads, and small goalies wear small pads. Your position in hockey determines which type of pad you should buy. If you are a goaltender, then you should aim to have your pads fit the shape of your body. For example, you should get a rectangular set of pads as this will fit your body better than a circular set.

Shoulder Pads

Hockey players utilize their shoulders a lot. They use their shoulders to block shots, control the puck, and position themselves for better shots on goal. This is why shoulder pads are so important. When executing these tasks, your elbows, wrists, and fingers are also in play. This is why you need to choose the right shoulder pads for your requirements. The style and shape of your shoulder pads will depend on your play style and position.

The most important thing to consider about hockey shoulder pads is the fit. When choosing your shoulder pads, you need to make sure that the equipment fits you perfectly. When your shoulder pads are not fitting you well, you will strain your neck and upper back. This will lead to poor performance and perhaps even injuries. When selecting a pair of hockey shoulder pads, make sure that they are big enough to fit you comfortably yet snug enough to keep the momentum of the game. They should also be of a high quality so that they last long and don’t get damaged easily. Ideally, you should be able to buy a single pair of pads and use them for all sports activities including hockey. This is because they will fit you perfectly no matter what position you play.


All sports equipment needs to be built to last. Even more so for sports equipment made of plastic because these are usually more expensive and hard to replace if they get damaged. If you are purchasing a pair of hockey equipment items such as skates or pads, then you should look for those that are of a high quality and built to last. This will ensure that you can use these items for many years to come without any major repairs.

In addition to lasting long, the equipment should perform well and feel good while also fitting your body type. If you are looking for a new pair of pads, then you should try out different brands and styles to find ones that feel good and stay secure while also looking the part. This will also help reduce the likelihood of injuries.


Even if you are not into sports, you should still want your equipment to look good. When selecting a new pair of hockey pads, you should try and find ones that compliment your outfit and have good designs that you can show off. This will make a difference in how you feel while playing. In addition, some companies specialize in creating custom designs for specific sports teams and athletes. If you have designs in mind, they can help create unique and functional sports equipment such as skates and pads that will enhance your looks.

The above information should give you an idea of what types of gear you need for the various positions in hockey. Always remember to take into consideration the fact that most injuries occur from poor techniques rather than from accidents. This is why you need to focus on improving your skills rather than just relying on gear to protect you. Wearing the right gear can also enhance your performance rather than just keeping you safe. This is why you should try and purchase quality equipment that will last as long as possible.

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