How Strong Are Hockey Players? [Solved!]

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When it comes to sports, everyone has an opinion. Some like baseball and softball are considered ‘weak’ sports because they don’t use as much muscle as other sports. But what about hockey? Is it a ‘real’ sport or is it just a game? This article will tell you how strong hockey players really are.

The Hockey Basics

First off, let’s discuss some general hockey terms and concepts. Below are some of the basics you need to know:

  • Goaltending – Stands for the goalkeepers. They are the players who are in charge of stopping the puck by using their body and skill. There is no specific position for a goaltending, they just have to know how to play hockey.
  • Jumping – If you want to be fast in hockey, you have to learn how to jump. It’s a simple concept – if you want to get to the puck first, you have to learn how to jump. Most people don’t realize how fast they can move if they are clearing the ice of players who are trying to score. You can read more about jumping here.
  • Chipping– If you are serious about being fast in hockey, you have to learn how to chip the puck. It’s very easy, just push the puck away with your stick as you receive it. This will help you move faster than the other players. A lot of times this is done inadvertently by the goalie as he attempts to stop the puck. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to do this as well.
  • Puck Management – This refers to keeping the puck close to you so that you can make the best use of it. You can read more about this here.
  • Passing – This is an important part of any game, but especially in hockey. You can read more about this here.
  • Skating – This is more than just moving around, it’s an art form in itself. You can read more about this here.
  • Shooting – This is when you use your stick to shoot the puck. It’s a basic part of the game and it’s something that everybody has to learn at some point. You can read more about this here.
  • Stopping – This is what we call ‘defensive hockey‘. The goalie is responsible for stopping the puck by any means necessary. This includes hitting, blocking shots, and picking up rebounds. Learning how to stop the puck is an important part of becoming a good hockey player.
  • Faceoffs

The Strength Of Hockey Players

There is a lot of talk about whether or not hockey is a ‘real’ sport. The truth is that it is an Olympic sport and it is one of the most popular sports in the world. That means that it must be at least somewhat recognized as a sport by the general public. Having said that, let’s discuss some facts about the strength of hockey players.

Body-Mass Index

One of the first things you will learn about when trying to become a better hockey player is how important it is to have a proper body-mass index. This is because most professional teams have a strict ‘weight’ policy where you have to be a certain weight to be able to play. In most cases this means that if you aren’t eating healthy and you are going overboard with the eating, you will have to lose some weight. This will help you play at your maximum potential. It’s also important to note that there isn’t a specific formula for determining your BMI. You just have to know your height and weight. Below is a rough guide to what your BMI should be (in kg/m²):

  • Under 18: Thin – below 20
  • 18-24: Normal
  • 24-30: Overweight
  • 30-34: Obese
  • 34-40: Very obese
  • Above 40: Obese

Height And Weight

Another thing you will have to learn is how to measure your height and weight correctly. Most people mess this up, especially when they first start playing. Don’t worry though, it’s not that difficult. Below are some general guidelines to help you out:

  • Your height in centimeters: Measure around the top of your head while standing with your back to the wall. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
  • Your weight in kg: Measure your body weight on a digital scale. It should be taken in a heavy clothing layer, but without any excess items such as coats or jackets.

As you can see, being in shape is also essential to being a good hockey player. It would be a shame for you to waste all that hard work if you don’t even make it on the ice. Keep your body in good condition by following the above guidelines, and you are sure to become a valuable member of the team.

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