How To Attach Hockey Socks? [Solved!]

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If you have just returned from the winter season and are looking forward to spending the summer holidays with your friends and family, then this might be the last post you’ll need to read. However, if you are still wondering how to properly attach hockey socks, then keep reading.

What Are Hockey Socks?

Hockey socks are a type of stocking that is designed for extreme sports enthusiasts such as ice hockey players. They are typically made of a woven textile and are designed to provide support and warmth to the wearer’s ankles and feet during exercise. Because of their unique design and function, these types of socks are highly sought after and have a high commercial value.

Why Be Different?

The design of hockey socks is based on the traditional stockings but with added functional elements. These elements include high heel cups and hand-stitched hems to provide support to the ankle and foot during strenuous activity. In addition, the socks are designed with a ribbed knit construction that provides added comfort to the wearer and improved air circulation within the footwear.

How Do You Wear Them?

Hockey socks are typically worn with the tongue hanging out for aesthetic reasons. However, this is not necessary as you can slip your pantyhose or socks over the top of the boots to keep the feet warm and cozy while on the move. This look is typically seen on the sports fields or while jogging as it provides better ventilation and keeps the feet at the right temperature. If you tend to overheat during activity, then you might want to wear longer socks to provide better coverage to the ankles and feet.

Is It Worth It?

The unique design and high-quality materials of hockey socks make them a worthwhile investment for any footwear collection. However, if you want to wear them on a daily basis, then you might have to invest in a few pairs as they don’t stay attached to the boots for long. Remember to store the footwear in a cool and clean place to maintain their condition and value as they will gradually discolor and go out of style if not cared for properly.

Written by Rebecca Loubaud | Creative Content Writer | @beckylamb

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