How To Build A Hockey Arena? [Facts!]

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Hockey is one of the most exciting sports to watch, whether live or on TV. Unfortunately, not many places around the world can afford to have its own arena, which is what makes this hobby very expensive. Having your own piece of grass and ice doesn’t quite have the same appeal as attending a live game, does it?

Luckily, there is a way to provide yourself with the enjoyment of watching hockey without having to break the bank, and it involves building your own hockey arena. Hopefully, the information contained within this article will help you realize your dream and provide you with some great ideas that will assist you in creating the perfect place for watching hockey.

Choose The Perfect Location

You’ll want to look for a quiet place where you can set up camp and feel comfortable. While the location doesn’t necessarily need to be far from a highway, you’ll want to avoid places that are completely surrounded by buildings, because when the game ends and traffic suddenly stops, you don’t want to be trapped by closed doors or locked gates.

The ideal location will provide you with a little bit of everything, including room to move around and set up your gear, a bathroom, and a shower cabinet. You don’t want to be spending too much time in a place where you don’t feel comfortable, so take your time searching for the perfect spot.

Prepare The Grounds

As with any other outdoor sport, you’ll need to prepare the grounds for the arena, including the grass, the ice, and the parking space. Fortunately, because you’re building this yourself, you have the luxury of being able to do everything yourself, from laying the grass to setting up the rink. If you have a bit of a green thumb, then you can even go the extra mile and grow your own herbs and vegetables to use in your cooking.

You’ll need three things to lay your turf: sand, pebbles, and seeds. You can get either sand or pebbles, in several different sizes, from any local playground or gravel lot. Be careful not to use too much filler, as you don’t want to affect the resilience of the soil. You’ll also need to prepare the surface of the ice by either scraping it down or grinding it smooth, depending on which surface style you opt for. Finally, you’ll need to purchase some hockey sticks, either wooden or bamboo, and allocate them to either hand or machine.

Install The Gear

If you’re using a natural ice rink, then you won’t need any gear to set it up. However, if you’re using a concrete or asphalt covered ice rink, then you’ll need to get your hands on some of the following items:

  • A sprinkler system
  • Deck chairs
  • A shower cabinet
  • Hockey sticks
  • A score board
  • A clock
  • A microphone
  • Speaker boxes
  • Flooring
  • A Zamboni
  • A hockey bag

Once you have all of this, you can sit back and enjoy the game, knowing that you have all of the proper gear for a traditional hockey match.

Foster Good Sportsmanship

Every person who comes to your arena will be engaged in the same activity, whether they’re a spectator or a player, so you’ll want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can have fun. This can be done by creating some sort of ceremonial puck, where everyone can handle the puck and get familiar with the sport. You can also ask any spectators who are not participating to kindly refrain from making too much noise, whether it’s the rustling of newspaper pages or the rumbling of cameras. Finally, you can encourage your players to have fun and be patient with one another, as frustrating as wins and losses can be, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun.

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