How To Build An Outdoor Hockey Rink? [Facts!]

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Hockey is a popular winter sport. Who doesn’t love to play hockey during the cold winter months? Whether you’re a hockey enthusiast or just want a place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you can build an outdoor hockey rink that will be perfect for your needs.

What’s more, you can build a hockey rink using materials that you probably already have at home. This article will teach you how to build an outdoor hockey rink using only a few supplies that you probably already have in your own yard.

Choose A Location

When deciding where to build the rink, consider the size of your yard and how much room you have for the hockey equipment. If you live in a small apartment, you might not have enough space for a big hockey rink. In that case, look for a public space that you can use or someplace that will allow you to bring in gear. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes have everything you need to build a small to mid-size rink. Just remember to measure the space carefully so there are no unpleasant surprises once the construction is finished.

Assemble The Tools

Once you’ve determined the location, it’s time to begin collecting the materials. You will need a variety of tools to build the rink, so take the time to acquire them before starting the project. This will make the whole experience much easier and less frustrating. Do not underestimate the value of these tools. You’ll need a variety of them, so make sure you get the most out of the experience and are not missing anything important. You can also find a link to the list of required tools below.

Clear The Area

Before starting any construction, you must first clear the area. Make sure that there are no trees or other large plants in the area. You don’t want to build the rink underground, as you’ll have a difficult time getting it clean after the fact. Also, take the time to remove all of the clutter in the surrounding area. Make sure that there are no toys or other items around the area that might get damaged during construction. You don’t want to risk injury to yourself or others due to falling objects.

Gather Supplies

Now that you have a safe and clear area, it’s time to start collecting the supplies. You will need a chainsaw to cut through the wood, so make sure that you have one. Additionally, you will need a drill so you can tap into the water supply, a nailer to connect the wood, a hammer, a saw, and other commonly used tools. Make sure to also have the electrical outlets in the area as well as a telephone so you can connect with authorities in case there are any problems during construction.

Lay Down The Rails

Once you have the required tools, it’s time to start laying down the rails. These are the rails that will be used to form the walls of your future hockey rink. Measure twice and cut once to make sure that the measurements are accurate and that there are no unexpected changes once the boards are in place. The exact measurements for the rails will be determined by how you want the rink to look. You can also use these boards for many other purposes such as a dance floor or just to add a touch of luxury to your existing yard.

Install The Skate Guard

Installing the skate guard is an important step. This is the covering that will keep the ice smooth and safe for children and others who might be walking or riding bicycles nearby. If you reside in a colder climate, you might want to install an additional heater under the cap as well. This can help protect the ice from melting too much, allowing you to enjoy the game less frequently. However, in warmer climates, you might not need additional heat protection and can simply leave the cap off to enjoy the fresh air while playing.

Pour The Concrete

After the skate guard is installed, it’s time to start pouring the concrete. Make sure to use a flat surface to pour the concrete onto. Do not use an uneven surface to prevent any problems later on when the concrete is set and ready for the installation of the doors and deck.

Install The Doors And Deck

Once the concrete has set, it’s time to install the doors and deck. These are the surfaces that will be used to enclose the ice and will give you and your rink access to the outdoors. You can use 2×4’s, 2×6’s, or even decking for the flooring. Just make sure that it’s safe around the area where people will be playing and that it feels good under your feet. Also, be careful not to put any oils or chemicals on the flooring material, as this could cause it to deteriorate and leave a sticky substance behind.

Measure And Cut The Ropes

After the doors and deck are in place, it’s time to start measuring and cutting the ropes. These are the ropes that will be used to secure the hockey nets to the walls. Cut the cords to the desired length and make sure to leave enough so that the nets can be raised and lowered easily into position. If the area is not level, use shims to make sure the nets are level when raised and lowered to prevent any accidents due to slipping and falling onto the ice.

Hang Up The Nets

Hanging up the nets is an important step towards completing your outdoor hockey rink. Before doing so, make sure that the bottoms of the nets are level so that the puck will not slip out from under the net. After all, you don’t want to lose your game because of a loose puck, now do you?

As you’re hanging the net, check for any signs of wobble or looseness. You can also use chalk to help mark the spot where the middle of the net should meet the ground so the position will be easier to find when installing the other two. Once this is done, you can start connecting the other two halves of the net together. Do not use any glue or other substances to hold the nets together as this could leave a sticky substance on the ice when they are removed later for cleaning.

Final Steps

Take the time to paint the area around the rink and connect the outlets so they are not visible from outside. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you take your beer garden to the next level by lending a hand with the cleanup afterwards. This is an important step because it ensures that your time spent building the rink was worth it. Once the cleanup is done and the area is looking good, you can start enjoying your new outdoor space!

If you want to make the process easier the next time you build an outdoor rink, consider using pre-made doors and skate guards. These items will make the whole process go more smoothly and prevent you from having to go outside and hunt for the materials yourself. There are also a variety of tools that can be helpful during construction such as a nailer, saw, and drill press. Make sure to add additional tools as you become more advanced or have more experience in building rinks.

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