How To Clean A Signed Hockey Jersey? [Fact Checked!]

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Most people know what a hockey jersey is, it’s that colorful piece of clothing that usually has the player’s name and number on the front. These garments are mostly associated with sports teams, but they are also worn by people who play ice hockey for fun. When the games are over many of these sportswear items end up in the landfill or in the trash can, but there is now an eco-friendly way to get your hands on that worn-out hockey jersey.

Consider The Recycle

Hockey jerseys are usually made out of a polyester-cotton blend and they are designed to be machine washed and dried. The best method to properly clean and maintain your sports attire is to take them into the laundry every couple of weeks and give them a good wash. It is also a great idea to hang them up to air dry after every wash.

The most overlooked factor when cleaning hockey jerseys is the care and treatment of the cotton part of the fabric. Do not throw away your worn-out garments until you have thoroughly washed and dried them, otherwise, you will simply create more waste. Always hang up your jerseys to air dry and make sure you remove any wrinkles with a professional iron.

Think Twice Before You Throw It Away

Once the laundry is completed it’s time to hang the garments on a rack or lay them flat to dry. Before you throw away your dirty, old jerseys it is important to remember that they have some value and you can always find a home for them. For example, you can make a donation to a charity or sell them in a garage sale or online auction if you have accumulated a lot of them over time.

Throwing away old clothes is a bad idea because you will inevitably create more waste. Instead, you should be thinking about recycling or upcycling the items you no longer wear. There are many useful applications for recycled clothing including new clothing items, accessories, and home decorations so you can easily find a second life for your old garments.

How To Clean A Signed Hockey Jersey?

The good news is, there is now an eco-friendly way to clean and maintain your sports attire without harming the environment. You can make the most of your old and unwanted hockey jerseys by taking them to a local dry cleaners or cleaning service to be washed and pressed. When you go this route you can opt to either have your clothes delivered to your home or office or you can pick them up yourself at a designated time.

If you decide to go the drop off route and allow the professionals to bring out your clothes, there are a few things you can do to make the process more convenient for yourself. First, you can request that the service providers call you ahead of time to set up a time that is convenient for you to go pick up your clothes.

Second, remember when they call you to schedule the pickup they will be driving a van so you can accommodate more than one piece of clothing at a time. If you are alone or need to go quickly you can ask the van driver to drop you off at a nearby hotel or apartment complex where you can easily find parking.

The Biggest Surprise Is…

When you drop your clothes at the designated time, there will be a couple of surprises waiting for you. The biggest one is that not only will your clothing look clean and modern, but it will also smell great. There will be no need to air dry your clean clothes because the dry cleaning chemicals will remove all the wrinkles and smells permanently.

Some of the benefits of having your garments cleaned by an experienced company are:

  • No need to air dry your clothes after every wash
  • Reduce the amount of clothes you throw out
  • Enhance your outfits with a pop of color
  • Make your clothes last longer
  • Keep your clothes looking modern and clean

When you decide it’s time to give your clothes a good wash you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and affordable it is to have them cleaned. You will not only save money, but the environment will thank you for your green intentions.

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