How To Do Backwards Crossovers Hockey? [Answered!]

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Doing hockey backwards is fairly simple. It just takes a bit of practice.

You stand in front of a mirror, facing away from it. You raise your hands above your head and quickly bring them down in a crossover motion. Keep your hands up in the above position for a couple of seconds and you will feel a sharp twinge of pain in your elbow. That is what practice is for.

Let’s take a closer look at how to do the crossover properly. If you are new to the sport, take it easy at first and avoid anything harder than a simple pushup. You should also focus on form rather than speed in the beginning.

Elbow In

Before starting the crossover, put your elbows in and lock your hands in front of your forehead. This will prevent any slacking and ensure that your elbows are perfectly straight when you perform the crossover. You should also think about keeping your stomach in, as when your hands are in front of your head, your stomach has to be somewhere. Keep your head up and your eyes looking forward throughout the exercise.

Start Small

When doing a pushup, start with your hands in front of your head and perform a regular pushup. Once you have gotten the feel of it, try raising your hands above your head as high as you can. You can always go easier by simply lowering your arms or using a weighted ball as resistance in the workout. As you get stronger, add weight to the bar or raise the bar itself as you go higher. Do not attempt to jump over your head with only your arms, as this will put severe strain on your shoulder joints and potentially lead to injury.

Bring Them Down

The next step is to bring your hands down and touch the floor. There is no reason to hurry the motion, as long as you have kept your elbows in, your hands will just follow naturally. Remember to keep your head up as you bring your hands down and look at where you are placing them. This will prevent any accidents.

Don’t Forget About The Form

When doing a pushup or any exercise routine involving your bodyweight, it is incredibly important to keep your form correct. This entails, among other things, keeping your head up as your hands go down and bringing your rear end toward the floor. Maintaining proper form is not only essential for avoiding injuries, but it will also add a bit more polish to your workout because there will be no grunting or complaining about the pain. Simply perform the exercise correctly and you will be on your way to stronger muscles in no time at all.

With most injuries in sports caused by overuse rather than acute trauma, it is essential to take a step back and realize that a little bit of pain is not necessarily bad. Acute trauma can occur without warning and without any semblance of training, therefore it is important to remain acutely aware of your body’s limits and the forms that allow you to stay healthy.

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