How To Find Hockey Skate Size? [Fact Checked!]

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Looking for a new pair of hockey skates? Or maybe you’re just looking to upgrade your current pair and want to know what size to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What Size Should I Buy?

There are four basic measurements you’ll need to take into consideration before buying a pair of hockey skates: width, length, depth, and heel lift.

The first one is width. This refers to the size of the base of the skate, as measured from side to side. When choosing a pair of hockey skates, make sure to get ones that fit snugly but don’t grind your toes as you walk. When choosing a pair of sports gear in general, make sure to get the right fit. If you’re planning on doing any serious hiking or running with your skate, you might want to get a pair of wide, flat boots to go along with it to prevent any blisters.

The Second Measurement To Consider Is Length

The second measurement you need to consider is length. This refers to the length of the entire skate, from the top of the boot to the tip of the nose. The longer the skate, the more efficient it will be when you’re skating. Another important factor to consider is how you want the skate to feel when you push off. Do you want it to be more like a snowslide or more like a sprinter’s release? You’ll have to try them out to find out which one feels better to you.

Next Comes Depth

The depth measurement refers to the distance between your knee and the surface on which you’re standing while skating. The thinner the hockey skates, the more efficient you’ll be when you’re pulling off tricks. Make sure to get a pair of hockey skates that are thick enough to prevent any accidents when doing any stunts.

Heel Lift

The heel lift measurement refers to the distance between your heel and the surface on which you’re standing while skating. If you’re looking for a stable and comfortable skate, then you should get a pair of hockey skates that have a large heel lift. This will help distribute your weight as you push off and prevent any unnecessary strain on your knees.

Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you have the measurements in mind, it’s time to compare them and choose your next pair of hockey skates. Begin by looking at the length and width of the two skates you have in mind. Next, consider the difference in depth between the two. Then, finally, check out the heel lifts of the two skates. Based on all of this, you’ll be able to make a better decision and choose the right pair of hockey skates for your needs and lifestyle.

Of course, there are other factors worth consideration such as price and styling, but these four measurements should give you a good indication of which pair of hockey skates is right for you. With the right measurements in mind, finding the right pair of hockey skates shouldn’t be hard.

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