How To Fold Ez Goal Hockey Net? [Facts!]

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The NHL season is back, which means it’s time for you to dust off your hockey gear and lace up those skates.

If you’re looking to score some goals this year, there are plenty of ways to accomplish that. Without having to pay thousands for a private rink, you can enjoy the benefits of hockey without the associated costs. One way to stay close to the game is with the help of technology. With the right equipment, gadgets, and apps, you can keep track of the scores, get alerts when friends are online, and much more. Let’s dive into how to fold a hockey net. It’s easier than you think.

Fold It Once

Hockey nets are typically rectangular in shape, which means they lie flat when not in use. When folded, they do not go flat, but are configured in a manner that allows them to lay relatively flat. This is ideal for storing or transporting the equipment. You can also choose to roll them up when not in use. That way, they take up less room in your storage.

In order to fold the net, start by laying it flat on the floor. With the rectangle configured in a manner that shows the open end at the front, bring the short ends to the center and pin them in place. Next, bring the long end near the center and connect it with the other end. When you’re done, the net will fold into a neat, compact package.

If you want to un-fold it, simply pull on the two ends to extend them. Then, slide the open end back to the center to lay the net flat once more.

Fold It Tall

Hockey nets are useful assets, but they don’t always fit neatly into your storage. If you have a lot of space, you might want to consider folding it into a tall configuration so that it takes up less room. That way, you can keep all your hockey essentials in one place and don’t have to worry about running out of room. When you’re storing equipment at home, it’s often a case of whatever fits in gets put in, and whatever doesn’t get folded gets stored somewhere else. You can also roll up your tall net and store it in this manner. That way, you’ll have a compact package when storing, and can easily transport the item when needed.

To fold the net, start by laying it on the floor in the same manner as the previous exercise. When it’s in the right position, bring the two open ends together and pin them. Next, bring the shorter ends closer to the center and connect them with the longer end. When you’re done, your net will be folded into a tall, rectangular shape.

To unfold it, simply pull on the two ends to extend them. Then, slide one of the open ends back to the center to lay the net flat once more.

Fold It Using The Crease

Hockey nets are usually made of nylon or polyester, and have a thin, rubberized coating on the inside to protect the fabric from fraying. If you’ve ever tried to hand wash a nylon sweater or dress, you know how quickly the water runs through the fabric. Although the water may run quickly through the material, it doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged. The same is true of a hockey net. If you want to fold it with the crease in the direction of the arrows, simply follow the instructions above, but instead of connecting the two ends with the center, connect them at the bottom and bring them upward in the opposite direction.

As you can see, all it takes is a little bit of imagination and some simple geometry to figure out how to fold a hockey net. With just a few modifications, you can ensure that your net is easily stored and transported, and that it packs down tiny enough to fit comfortably in your storage. By doing this, you’ll have a more organized and aesthetically pleasing space for your equipment.

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