How To Install Lizard Skin Hockey Tape? [Solved!]

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Step One: Lay Out The Materials

The first step in installing the lizard skin tape is to lay out all the materials you need. You’ll want the hockey puck, the tape, the backing materials, and possibly some tweezers. You might also want to grab some scissors or a knife as well since you’ll be cutting the backing material later on. Make sure you have everything before you begin so there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

Step Two: Measure And Cut The Puck And Tape

The next step is to measure and cut the puck and tape to fit your container. You’ll want to cut the hockey tape at a 45 degree angle, so make sure you have everything measured and cut correctly. You might also want to use a pizza cutter or similar thin-bladed knife to cut the tape to the same angle as your scissors.

Step Three: Apply The Taped Puck To The Tray

With your container, cut end under to create a flat surface. Place the puck on the tray and press down firmly. You want to create a flat surface for the tape so when you pull it up, it doesn’t peel away. If the tape is not flat or adheres too well to the container, the puck will slip and be more difficult to control.

Step Four: Secure The Puck And Tape To The Tray Using Tissue

Once you’ve put the puck on the tray, it’s time to secure the tape to the tray using tissue or packing tape. Wrap the tissue around the tray and over the edges of the container. You want to create a secure closure that will not come undone over time due to high humidity or extreme temperature changes. If you don’t have any tissue, you can use packing tape instead. Secure the tape in the same manner.

Step Five: Sand And Polish The Tray

After you’ve taped the puck and the container, it’s time to sand and polish the tray. Using medium grit sandpaper, gently rub the surface of the tray to remove any excess tape. Be careful not to scratch or mar the surface of the container. Once you’ve sanded the tray, you can use either a clean rag or the grain of the wood to wipe away any remaining sand. This will give your tray a clean and finished look while also preventing the ink from rubbing off on anything it touches.

If you’ve never done any woodworking before, this might be a bit overwhelming since there are so many steps. Even if you’ve had basic woodworking training, it’s still a tedious process. But if you take your time and do it properly, you’ll end up with a sturdy and attractive hockey tray that will serve your needs well for many years to come.

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