How To Make A Hockey Gear Drying Rack? [Fact Checked!]

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If there is one thing Toronto has plenty of, it’s hockey gear. After the Winter Olympics in 1976, the city became obsessed with the game and the equipment needed to play it. Now, more than 40 years later, the obsession has not waned and the city still has one of the largest collections of NHL jerseys in the world. (If you’re wondering, yes, they do get washed and dried regularly!) Whether you’re a huge hockey fan or you just want to make it a point to know what jersey your team sports, you’re in the right place.

Why Make A Gear Drying Rack?

You have two options if you want to store your hockey gear. The first is to buy a large storage locker and the second is to build a gear drying rack. The benefit of the former is that it will keep your gear safe and sound, while the latter will give you the opportunity to clean and dry your gear more frequently. Since it’s such a long process to get your gear washed and dried, it really is beneficial to have a dedicated space for it. If you’re worried about space, consider a Pelican case, which is a kind of packing cube. These cases are built to hold all your hockey gear and they have a few different sizes so you can find one that will accommodate you and your team.

Build An Elegant And Luxurious Equipment Drying Rack

It’s easy to make a hockey gear drying rack because all you need are two things: a space and some tools. You can build one into an existing garage or you can build one from scratch. The choice is entirely up to you. If you have the space, at least a corner, you can put up a few hunchbacks and hook them together with steel rods. Simply place a few of these hunchbacks in a row and you’ll have an elegant collection of hockey equipment.

The Final Product

When you’re done building your elegant gear drying rack, you’ll have a space where all your hockey gear can be stored safely and organized. It will look great and it will serve its purpose. You can remove the steel rods that held the hunchbacks together once they’re no longer needed and you can use them as a place to hang up your skates, sticks and helmets. If you add a few more hunchbacks or two shorter ones, you can create a small alcove for your gloves and neckties. When it comes to storing your hockey gear, there’s no other solution as good as a well-made gear drying rack.

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