How To Make Hockey Sock Mittens? [Facts!]

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The Main Materials

In addition to the yarn, you will need about 10 or 12 pairs of hockey socks, one size larger than your normal socks and a pair of needle-felts in a contrasting color. If possible, you should get the softest and coziest socks you can find. It is best if the yarn drapes over the knuckles instead of all the way to the finger tips.


If you’re using a pair of needle-felts as explained on the How to knit a sock tutorial, you will need to adjust your gauge depending on how big you want your mittens to be. If you go by the ball pattern, then your stitch gauge should be 4.5 st/inch. If you want a smaller mitten, tighten your gauge a bit. You should be able to fit at least 4×4 ribbing around the knuckles with these needles.


The last but not least is the yarn. For the best effect, choose a yarn that blends in with the color of your sweater. However, if you want an extra-soft and fuzzy feeling, choose a yarn that will give you that. When choosing a main color for your yarn, make sure that it’s strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of the sport you are knitting for. For example, do not use acrylic for a sport like hockey, because it will break down over time. Acrylic is a perfectly good choice for a cozy scarf though.

Other than the main materials, you will also need a few safety pins, a ball of spare yarn in case you break your regular yarn, and a pair of scissors. If possible, you should get the softest and most comfortable yarn you can find.

The Finished Product

After you’ve gathered all the materials, you can start knitting. As a general rule, you should cast on 10 to 12 stitches, depending on your size. It is best if you use a provisional cast on, because it makes it easier to rewind your yarn if you make a mistake. You can use either a long-tail method or a short-tail method to cast on your stitches. Once you are comfortably settled with your knitting, you should measure your hand to see if your mitten fits. If you’re satisfied with the fit, continue knitting and you’ll be able to enjoy your new sweater in no time!

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