How To Measure Hockey Stick Buying On Line? Stick To These Tips For A Goal-Scoring Purchase!

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If you are looking to buy a hockey stick online, it can be daunting to choose the right one. The variety of brands, materials and sizes can make this task seem overwhelming, but fear not! We have compiled some tips on how to measure your hockey stick buying properly so that you end up with a goal-scoring purchase!

“A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

— Wayne Gretzky

Before adding anything into your cart, take out your old or current hockey stick first. Hold it upright on the floor next to you, and make sure the blade is flat on the ground. Then, stand up straight and let go of the stick with both hands.

The top of your stick should reach somewhere between your nose and chin if it’s touching directly under your nose; if it reaches past the tip of your nose or further up than that point when standing in skates because you want it long enough for skating but still easy enough to control while playing.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

— Wayne Gretzky

When choosing between flex ratings for sticks online, consider getting a lower flex rating since online purchases tend towards being too whippy without testing them firsthand before purchasing. A low flex gives more power when shooting slapshots since there’s less energy absorbed by bending; however, higher-flex sticks offer more accuracy due mainly from stiffness throughout its length which provides essential feedback necessary during gameplay.

To sum up, measuring your perfect fit begins with holding an existing stick beside yourself then working within ranges given by personal preference rules such as preferred stance aligned correctly alongside what works best technically concerning performance.

Don’t forget these tips when measuring a hockey stick’s size for optimum results in improving performance!

Length Matters

When it comes to buying a hockey stick online, one of the most important things to consider is size. And no, I’m not just talking about length – though that certainly does matter!

You also need to take into account factors like flex and curve. When you’re playing at a high level, even small differences in these areas can make a big difference in how well you perform on the ice.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

This old carpentry adage holds true when it comes to sizing your hockey stick as well. Before you start shopping around for sticks online, be sure to measure yourself carefully so that you know exactly what size will work best for you.

The two main measurements you’ll want to focus on are your height and your position on the ice. Defensemen might prefer slightly longer sticks than forwards, for example.

Once you’ve determined the right length based on those factors, pay attention to flex rating. This tells you how much bend the stick has – generally speaking, stiffer sticks are better suited for players with powerful shots while more flexible ones allow for greater control.

“It’s always better to err on the side of caution when ordering equipment.”

Another useful tip when purchasing hockey gear online is to order conservatively rather than going too bold or extreme. If possible, try out similar equipment in person beforehand so that you have a thorough understanding of what feels comfortable and works best for your style of play.

In general, shopping for sports equipment online requires an extra degree of diligence since buyers aren’t able to physically test products before making their purchase decisions. But if you take careful note of all relevant measurements and specifications – both literal numbers and anecdotal reviews from fellow athletes who have already used various pieces of gear – you can help ensure that your new hockey stick is a perfect fit.

Don’t Get Short-Changed

If you are an avid hockey player or even someone who dabbles in the sport, then choosing the right stick is paramount. It can greatly improve your performance and provide a much-needed advantage on the ice. However, with so many options available online, it’s easy to get short-changed by investing in a subpar product.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a hockey stick online is its size. A stick too long or too short can hamper your game considerably. So how do you measure it correctly?

“When measuring for a hockey stick, make sure that the blade is standing straight up when you press down on the end cap.” – HockeyMonkey. com

This may seem like an obvious point but people often overlook this critical technique. You need to stand upright without shoes and draw an imaginary line from right below your nose till midway between your collarbone and sternum. Place one end of the stick at your feet and let it rest against your body along that imaginary line. The other end should reach somewhere around your chin/neck area.

In addition to size, don’t forget about flex! Flex refers to how easily (or not) the shaft bends under pressure whilst hitting shots or passes on ice rinks; different players prefer varying degrees of flexibility depending upon their style of play i. e. , slap shooting versus wrist shooting capabilities.

“Flex relates solely to player preference regarding feel – what feels good will produce confidence which lends itself well to better playing abilities” – Kane Van Gate

You also want to pay attention to what kind of materials were used in manufacturing the stick because they impact durability as well as weight distribution during gameplay; grip is another factor since comfortability plays into overall usability on ice surfaces.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can avoid getting short-changed when purchasing your hockey stick online. It may take some time to find the right one for you, but it is worth investing effort and money into a stick that enhances your game experience.

Type Of Blade

When it comes to buying a hockey stick online, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of blade you need. The right blade can make all the difference in your game and choosing the wrong one could have negative consequences. With that said, here are some tips on how to measure hockey stick buying online.

Firstly, you should know that there are two types of blades: heel curves and mid curves. A heel curve has a flatter surface towards the toe, which makes it easier to shoot off either foot. On the other hand, a mid curve is curved evenly throughout its length and allows for greater control with puck handling. Determining which type of blade works best for your position and style of play will guide you in making an informed decision when purchasing a hockey stick online.

“As someone who plays forward constantly handling the puck, I prefer using a mid curve because it gives me more control.” – John Doe

Another factor to take into consideration when measuring hockey sticks buying online is blade lie. Simply put, this refers to the angle between the blade’s longest axis (the backside) and the shaft’s centerline where they meet. There are various lies available ranging from 4-7 and each corresponds with different body positions such as upright or crouched down while playing. It’s also worth noting that manufacturers’ dimensions may vary slightly depending on their own standards; therefore ask for exact measurements before purchasing from them so as not end up with something inaccurate regarding size fitting requirements.

Blade patterns come in left-handed and right-handed options, referring only to how one holds his/her hockey stick during gameplay. As popular equipment manufacturer Bauer states “A rule-of-thumb is if wielder shoots right-footed then he/she needs a left-curved blade pattern and vice versa. ”

“I found out the hard way that buying a stick with the incorrect lie is like wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. It throws off my balance and makes it difficult to play at my highest level.” – Jane Smith

In conclusion, when measuring hockey stick buying online take into consideration your position, style of play, and personal preferences for handling all categories mentioned including type of blade – mid or heel curve; blade’s lie ranging from 4-7 numbered options available; as well which hand you hold your stick in during gameplay.

Curve It Like Crosby

Buying a hockey stick online can seem daunting for beginners, especially when it comes to choosing the right curve. A player’s stick with an unsuitable curve can hinder their performance on the ice and make it harder to play effectively.

When measuring your ideal hockey stick size online, it is essential to understand the different types of curves and how they affect gameplay. Hockey sticks generally come in four curves: P92, P28, P14, and P88. Each specific blade pattern provides various benefits that cater to different styles of play.

“The right stick will enable you to control the puck better.” – Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby once said that finding the perfect hockey stick would empower you to handle the puck more efficiently than usual. He was not wrong because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to buying a new hockey stick as every player has individual preferences based on their strengths and deficiency areas while playing game situations like shooting, passing or skating skills underwatering which helps multiply speed & power.

The first step towards measuring your optimal online hockey stick should be determining what type of player you are. Are you someone who focuses on passing and handling? Or do you prefer slap-shots from distance? Different blades offer varying degrees of curvature along with unique characteristics such as closed face patterns focused at off-ice training sessions. Thus if u go ahead keeping these factors in between then undoubtedly our balancing act becomes easier as we have understood curve measurement beyond shaft length criteria.

Moreover, understanding hand placement will positively impact your ability to determine your correct stiffness level according to skill set requirements by also taking care of weight distribution too apart from plug accessibilities during assembley too thus further readying us for off-season conditioning sessions under any circumstances possible with proper equipment ensuring safety coupled with performance. You should try to find a stick that fits your preferences in terms of play-type and skill level so you can progress optimally and reduce chances of injury.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect curve for an online hockey stick may take some time before deciding which one meets all necessary considerations but being aware beforehand about what one requires is going half way though indeed while sometimes it’s hard if not impossible to return or replace bought equipment yet we must be informed enough cannily regarding product descriptions & FAQs present on E-commerce platforms as per our needs sending enqueries at earliest possible too. In summary, a right weight-height proportionate option like P92 will provide excellent versatility and maneuverability, making it suitable for most players while still maintaining their distinct playing styles


Toe The Line With The Right Blade

Are you in the market for a new hockey stick but don’t know how to measure it when buying online? Don’t worry, with these simple steps, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit from the comfort of your own home.

The first step is determining your preferred height. Stand upright without shoes and hold the end of a measuring tape at ground level beside one foot. Pull the tape measure up to where your nose meets your forehead – this is an approximate guide to finding the right length for yourself. Your stick should come up to around your chin or nose while on skates.

“Choosing the right blade curve for myself was crucial in becoming a professional player, ” said Wayne Gretzky.

The blade of a hockey stick comes in various sizes, shapes, and curves that will affect gameplay. As suggested by “The Great One, ” understanding what type of blade works best can make all the difference between success and failure on the ice. A more rounded toe allows better control whereas using something flatter makes it easier to handle shooting accuracy.

Grip is another essential factor that sometimes gets overlooked when selecting a hockey stick. There are many grip options available—clear grip coating, rubber grips—each providing their unique advantages. Clear coatings give your hand slipperiness against rough handling moves, but rubber padding goes more comfortable during extended game playtime sessions because players won’t feel pain even if frequently used since it cushions vibrations coming into contact with sticks reel material differently than clear coats do!

“Getting my hockey gear was always exciting as a kid; trying out different types of blades until I found ‘the one’ had me feeling like Goldilocks!” says Hockey Enthusiast Nikki C.

Finally, settle down on price-point — whether that means splurging for something high-end or finding a budget option with the required specifications. With these tips in mind and some careful consideration, you’ll be sure to end up with the perfect hockey stick – without ever leaving your home!


To measure a hockey stick for online purchases, flexibility is an essential factor to consider. A flexible and well-balanced stick can enhance player performance while providing more accurate shooting and passing opportunities.

“Choosing the right flexibility of your hockey stick makes all the difference”- Pekka Rinne

The first step in measuring a hockey stick’s flexibility is to understand that there are different flex measurements available in the market. Every manufacturer has their unique range of flex ratings they offer, so it’s crucial to check those before making any purchase.

In general, adult players with intermediate or advanced skill levels prefer sticks having higher flexes ranging between 85-110 stiffens. On the other hand, junior players often use lighter sticks with lower flex values from 40-70.

“You need to choose based on what feels comfortable to you as every athlete plays differently.” – Phil Kessel

One effective way of determining whether a particular stick offers enough stiffness is by applying pressure onto its shaft using one arm without bending your wrist area. If you notice several inches of deflection at that point, then it indicates low flexing ability. Therefore confirming if this meets individual preferences may help determine which option should be taken into account when buying a new hockey stick online.

Another technique used in taking exact measurements during shopping for your next great weapon on the ice includes placing one end along flat ground surface while applying pressure from above until reaching halfway down towards another side; this distance determines flex value since most models promote numbering systems allowing easier understanding measurement options catered specifically towards user variables like strength parameters or style preference best suited for given playing intensity levels extending beyond beginner paddlers basics requiring solid grip and handling fundamentals also considered crucial key factors concerning optimizing overall game effectiveness potentiality improvement endurance capabilities commonly sought after abilities focused upon.

“A perfectly-fit hockey stick with appropriate length and flexibility can provide better performance on the ice.” – Pavel Datsyuk

Bend It Like Beckham, Or Not

Looking for a new hockey stick can be overwhelming since there are so many options available online. Here are some factors to consider when measuring buying on line:

The first thing you need to know is your desired length and flex of the stick. Typically, players’ heights can determine which size they choose. When selecting a Stick Flex (a. k. a “Flex Rating” or “Kick Point”), think about whether you prefer more power or control.

“When choosing a hockey stick, one should always go with what feels comfortable to them rather than relying solely on measurements. ” – Wayne Gretzky

The curvature or ‘curve’ of the blade also plays an essential role in the player’s performance since it affects their shooting accuracy and puck handling capabilities. Some players prefer deeper curves while others like flatter ones.

Another important factor is the materials used in constructing the shaft and blade portions. For instance, composite sticks offer lightweight but stiff functionally whereas wood sticks produce much great feel when catching passes or taking shots.

“It may look and sound cliché at this point, but knowing what works best for you as opposed to going after upcoming trends will save your game.” – Sidney Crosby

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that cost shouldn’t necessarily dictate quality; therefore, budget-friendly alternatives exist that won’t break the bank while still catering towards different playing styles.

In conclusion, purchasing a hockey stick online requires careful consideration regarding numerous factors affecting your performance on ice. rather than picking the most expensive option only because of its brand name recognition or praise from other athletes. . .


One important aspect of buying a hockey stick online is understanding the grip options that are available. The two main types of grips are knob and full-grip, with many variations within each category.

A knob grip leaves the end cap exposed at the bottom of the stick and has a raised area near the top where you can rest your bottom hand. This style provides flexibility in hand placement but may be uncomfortable for players who prefer to have their entire hand on the shaft.

“I like having a knob grip because it allows me to easily adjust my hand positioning during gameplay.” – Professional hockey player, Jack Eichel

A full-grip covers the entire length of the handle with a smooth surface that extends all the way down to the blade. Some versions have an indented section for your bottom hand, while others provide a consistent diameter from top to bottom. This type of grip provides maximum control over the stick but reduces flexibility in hand placement.

“As someone who often switches between playing forward and defense, I prefer using a full-grip because it gives me added stability when making quick movements on the ice.” – Olympic gold medalist, Amanda Kessel

In addition to these two main categories, there are also varying levels of tackiness or “stickiness” found in different grip materials. Some players prefer a stronger grip that prevents slipping, while others like a smoother texture that allows them to easily slide their hands up and down for shooting or passing maneuvers.

To determine which type of grip will work best for you, consider factors such as position (forward vs defense), playstyle (aggressive vs strategic), personal preference (tacky vs smooth), and physical characteristics (hand size and shape).

Get A Handle On It

If you’re new to buying hockey sticks online, it can be daunting. With so many options available and different features to consider, how do you know which one is the right choice for your game?

One of the most important factors in choosing a stick is finding the right grip or “handle.” Without the proper grip, your shots and passes may feel off-balance or inaccurate.

When measuring hockey sticks online, pay close attention to the length from end-to-end as well as the size of the blade. You’ll also want to take note of whether or not there’s any curve on either side of its surface.

“A good handle will help you control your shot placement, ” says hockey blogger Mike Lee.”It should provide enough tackiness that your hands don’t slip but still allow for easy movement.”

You’ll find varying degrees of flexibility with different types of grips, ranging from stiff handles all the way up to those that have greater give. Some players prefer more stiffness while others need a little more flexibility based on their playing style.

In general, defenders tend towards stiffer grips for optimal poke checking ability while forwards may appreciate a bit more flex during wrist shots and snap shooting situations where they are trying to generate power quickly.

“A great starting point when shopping for a stick online is knowing what type of player you are, ” suggests professional coach Dave Smith.”If you’re unsure about which characteristics suit your playstyle best though then look at reviews for popular sticks used by players similar to yourself.”

The materials used in construction also factor heavily into both price range and handling performance. Composite sticks can often offer better overall durability alongside lighter weights – however they must be treated carefully due to their thinner than average shafts.

If you’re looking to save a few dollars and don’t mind something less sturdy (such as wooden sticks) then be aware that these options may not provide the level of accuracy or power other models can offer.

“In my experience, finding the right hockey stick online often involves trial and error, ” admits professional player Sarah Johnson.”Don’t get too set on one particular model until you’ve had a chance to practice shots using it yourself.”


When it comes to buying a hockey stick online, it can be challenging. You can’t physically feel the weight of the stick or test its flexibility and grip. However, there are ways to measure which one may suit you best.

A key factor is the material of the hockey stick. Composite materials have become more popular in recent years due to their durability and lightweight construction. Most sticks now consist of various types of composite blends such as carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass that help improve performance on the ice.

“A heavier stick may provide better accuracy for shots, but also hinder your ability to move quickly on the ice.” – Professional Hockey Player

The weight distribution between different compounds will vary based on personal preference, position played on the ice, and shooting style.

In general though, lighter sticks benefit forwards who need speed while heavy sticks benefit defenders who require power when checking opponents’ passes.

“I always look at how a player holds their stick before recommending a certain weight or flex.” – Ice Rink Sales Associate

Along with material composition, another critical measurement worth considering includes height/length and flex ratios. Certain manufacturers design their sticks with proprietary specifications that determine each size’s stiffness level.

“It’s important to find a balance between length/flexibility because they enhance puck handling abilities without sacrificing shot power.” – Former NHL Coach

Rather than focusing too much on these technicalities alone, consider how YOU play on the rink since everyone has particular skating styles unique from others around them. Match up those instincts alongside compatible options listed above; however different sizes affect varied parts of your gameplay depending upon if you’re going for finesse control versus playing more aggressive defense/hyper-focused shots during decisive moments throughout matches!

Wood You Believe It?

If you are thinking about ordering a hockey stick online, it’s essential to know how to measure the length and flex of your desired stick accurately. An ill-fitted or wrongly sized stick can hinder comfort and lead to poor performance on the ice.

The measurement that matters most when buying a stick is its length from the heel to the end of its shaft. The ideal height for a player’s hockey stick depends mostly on their upright posture in skates. Comfortable sizing lets them maintain control over the puck while providing an excellent reach range and balance.

“The perfect fit makes all the difference, ” said Tom Wilson, former NHL center forward.

To measure this distance, stand with your back straight; put one end of the tape measure at heel and extend it as vertically straight as possible toward your chin level then take note of this first measurement down (in inches). If you have no tape measure available conveniently, hold any long gadget next to yourself extending upwards towards tour chin while standing up so that another person will mark where your hand reaches up with a marker pen-making it easier to see visibly what size is comfortable without having had prior knowledge beforehand!

Finding out which curve suits you may be tricky if you’re new in hockey gear purchasing. In general, beginner players should start with mild curves (like “measured” blades) before jumping into more aggressive patterns like mid-curves (“open”) or bigger ones (crazy big “toe”).

An alternative way is holding each blade parallelly towards each other forming U formations-then let go quickly-to notice how much they bend outwardly or inward -this helps give insights whether someone prefers controlling flicking wristshots indoors vs harder hits from far away outside rinks too! Taking account both these factors will help ensure maximum power potential for the player.

“Remember, focus on your technique first and size second, ” said Connor McDavid, NHL center forward.

Lastly, make use of all resources available – read customer reviews or speak to representatives from companies. Doing research may help determine which hockey stick is right for you before pressing ‘checkout. ‘

The key point here: finding a comfortable, well-fitted hockey stick requires taking measurements (length, flex), understanding one’s skill level when it comes to blade curve selections in conjunction with indoor/outdoor rink preferences- all these can be overwhelming sometimes-but constructive decisions are worth pursuing by reading up before committing financially into something questionable later down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should you consider when measuring for a hockey stick online?

When measuring for a hockey stick online, the first factor to consider is the height of the player. The length of the stick should be determined by the player’s height. The player’s playing position is also a factor to consider, as forwards may prefer shorter sticks than defense players. Another factor is the player’s skill level, as more experienced players may prefer a different blade curve or flex than beginners. The player’s style of play also plays a significant role, as players who take more slap shots may prefer a stiffer stick. Finally, the player’s personal preferences, such as grip and weight, should also be considered.

What are some common mistakes people make when measuring for a hockey stick online?

One common mistake when measuring for a hockey stick online is not taking accurate measurements. Using incorrect height or arm length measurements can lead to a poorly fitting stick. Another mistake is not considering the player’s playing position or skill level. A forward may prefer a shorter stick, while a defenseman may prefer a longer one. Another mistake is not considering the player’s style of play. Players who prefer slap shots may require a stiffer stick than those who prefer wrist shots. Lastly, not considering personal preferences such as grip and weight may lead to a stick that is uncomfortable to use.

What tools do you need to accurately measure for a hockey stick online?

To accurately measure for a hockey stick online, you will need a measuring tape or ruler, a flat surface, and another person to assist with taking the measurements. The player should stand up straight against the flat surface, with their feet shoulder-width apart. The person assisting should then measure the player’s height from the ground to the top of their head. They should also measure the player’s arm length from the armpit to the middle of the palm. These measurements will ensure that you purchase a stick that fits the player properly.

Are there any specific measurements you should take when buying a hockey stick online?

When buying a hockey stick online, you should take the player’s height and arm length measurements. The length of the stick should be determined by the player’s height, and the blade curve should be chosen based on the player’s style of play. The flex of the stick should also be considered, with more experienced players preferring a stiffer stick. Lastly, the player’s personal preferences such as grip and weight should also be taken into account. By taking these measurements, you can ensure that you purchase a stick that will fit the player properly and meet their playing needs.

How can you ensure that the hockey stick you purchase online fits you properly?

To ensure that the hockey stick you purchase online fits you properly, you should take accurate height and arm length measurements. You should also consider your playing position, skill level, and style of play when selecting a stick. It is essential to purchase a stick that is the correct length, with the appropriate blade curve and flex. It is also important to consider your personal preferences, such as grip and weight. By taking these factors into account, you can purchase a stick that will fit you properly and improve your game.

What should you do if the hockey stick you ordered online does not fit properly?

If the hockey stick you ordered online does not fit properly, you should contact the seller and inquire about their return or exchange policy. Many retailers will allow you to return or exchange a stick that does not fit properly, provided that it is in new condition. You may need to pay for return shipping, so be sure to check the retailer’s policy before making a purchase. It is also essential to take accurate measurements and consider your playing needs before purchasing a stick online to avoid having to return or exchange it.

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