How To Put On A Hockey Visor? [Solved!]

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If you’re a big fan of the Nashville Predators, you might have saved up enough money to by a fancy-looking hockey visor. Visoring definitely became a fashion trend in the fall of 2018, and NHL players are now sporting these stylish headwear pieces.

But how do you put on a hockey visor? And what’s the best way to take it off? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to put on a Nashville Predators fancy hoodie, along with the safest way to store and transport your prized possession (be careful not to scratch it!).

The Evolution Of The Hockey Visor

It all started with a bet. Dave Trottier, an Edmonton native and former owner of a hockey equipment store, decided to put a bet on his friend’s daughter’s hockey team, the Ayr Greyhounds. Trottier had always been a big fan of the NHL’s Nashville Predators, and when his friends asked him to bet on their team, he gladly obliged.

The Ayr Greyhounds were trailing 15–0 at the end of the third quarter. With three minutes left in the game, Trottier texted his friend: “Their goalie‘s playing like a girl. Even her helmet’s on backwards.”

“What’s that?” his friend asked. “Did she get beat?”

Trottier laughed, but his friend was worried. She really was playing like a girl, and her helmet was indeed on backwards. Her team was in big trouble.

The game ended and Trottier’s team went on to win by one goal. They eventually advanced to the championship game against the Drumbo Royals, where they won 7–4. As a result of this win, Trottier’s team was granted permission to use their special hockey rink for a summer, and they built a shed to house it. The shed, which was actually a glorified garage, had four walls and a roof, with a glass window in one of the walls. This is where Trottier stored all of his hockey equipment, and it doubled as a garage for his cars.

He named his new hangout, Yard Dawgs Sports, and started inviting his friends for workouts and games. One of these friends was Craig Gabbett, the head coach of the Ayr Greyhounds. Gabbett had always wanted his own personal gym, so when Trottier offered him the use of his shed, he jumped at the chance.

Gabbett started organizing workouts, and in the summer of 2017, they held their first hockey camp for kids. They call it the “Little Dawgs” camp, and it’s become an annual event. The camp introduces children to the pleasures of the sport and encourages them to try new things.

As it turned out, this was the start of something big. When the Predators played the Calgary Flames in the fall of 2017, a crowd of 7,000 showed up to watch the game. The game was sold out, and the tickets were pricey ($250 for grandstands, $125 for courtsiders). Naturally, the demand was there, and demand implies supply. So Trottier started making money off the trend, and more and more people started showing up to watch the Predators play. That same season, Nashville went on a 12–game winning streak, which is the longest in team history. They finished the regular season with 110 points, which is the most scored in a season in NHL history. People were starting to take notice.

Is The Trend Worth It?

When the NHL season started in the fall of 2018, the sports world watched in awe as the Nashville Predators demolished their competition. The team went on a 14-game winning streak and eventually finished the regular season with 113 points. They also set a record for most wins in a season with 24. These numbers are incredible, but they might not mean much if fans are forced to hide their heads during games. After all, the name of the game is defense, and the better the defense, the fewer goals you’ll allow.

This is why the popularity of the hockey visor craze has declined. According to a report from the New York Times, there were 27,000 cases of concussions last season. Many of these concussions could have been avoided if the players had used proper head protection. The number of cases of concussions and head injuries is expected to reach 62,000 cases this season. This is why players are fighting to keep the visor as a style choice, even if it means having to wear a different headwear piece during games. Luckily for us, the fashion trend has leveled off, and players have stopped sporting the visor as a daily attire choice.

How To Wear A Predators Fancy Hoodie

Let’s take a look at how to put on a Nashville Predators jersey and hoodie.

As we mentioned above, the demand for the Nashville Predators’ gear is incredible, and Trottier’s experience in the sports world was just the beginning. Since then, he’s gone on to create a store that’s both a clothing line and an equipment supplier. He partnered with Reebok to design a line of athletic wear for football, basketball, and hockey players, and he also supplies gear to the NHL and the U.S. military. To show his support for the Nashville Predators, fans can purchase a custom jersey in his store.

So how do you put on a Nashvilles Predators shirt? The best way to do it is by following the steps listed below.

Find Your Size

When it comes to clothing and especially T-shirts, people have a habit of going on a shopping spree when the temperatures start to rise. It’s almost like our brains automatically program us to spend more money when we’re hot. This is why sizing matters so much when wearing a sports jersey or T-shirt. You don’t want to wear a large since it’ll cut off the circulation to your head, and you don’t want to wear a small since it may not fit you properly.

The best way to find your size is by using the chart below. Simply find the nearest entry in the chart that fits you and your budget. Keep in mind: It’s better to buy a smaller size than a large size, so you’ll look less like a bloated whale and more like a sleek and stylish hockey player.

Iron Your Jeans

Did you know that it’s dangerous to wear a loose-fitting jean? It’s not that your jeans should fit perfectly, but you should know how to fit them. When you wear a loose-fitting jean, it makes it easier for the wind to grab at you and cause you to stumble. This is why it’s important to iron your jeans before you wear them. In fact, make sure you wear your jeans during the day before you go to sleep so that they’ll be warm when you wear them in the morning. It’s also a good idea to put some socks on your hands before you put on the jeans so that your legs will be warm too. Remember: The more you practice, the better you’ll become. So go ahead and put those pants on, and remember to stretch before you bend.

Wash Your Hands

One of the most important things to do before you put on your sports jersey or T-shirt is to wash your hands. When you wash your hands, it’ll help get the blood flowing again, and it’ll also help you remove any residue that could’ve been left on your hands from the oils that are in the wicker basket. It’s also a good idea to let your hands air dry after washing. This will allow the oils in your hands to reabsorb into your skin, instead of being stripped by the heat of the dryer. You don’t want to over-wash or under-wash your hands, so find the happy medium and you’ll be fine.

Remove The Clothes You Wore The Night Before

One of the biggest mistakes that new fans make is wearing the same clothes that they wore the night before. Why? It’s almost like they assume that the shirt they wore the previous night will look as good as new. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you wear the same clothes the night before, it creates a nesting problem. Unless you’re a hermit, you’ll eventually end up wearing the same clothes three or four nights in a row. This is why it’s best to remove your clothes when you’re done wearing them. You can either hang them on a chair or shower them with a quick rinse. This will keep your clothing from going out of style.

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