Is Sherwood A Good Hockey Brand? [Answered!]

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It is fair to say that Sherwood is a relatively unknown brand among mainstream hockey fans until recently. The company started out quite small, yet they have continued to grow their business each and every year since they were established in 1961. In fact, they have grown so much that they are now one of the 10 largest manufacturers of hockey equipment in the world. It is also fair to say that they are pretty confident in their product, and they often like to stick with what they know best. This can largely be attributed to the fact that they have been around since before many of today’s mainstream hockey brands were even thought of. It is a brand that truly deserves more attention than it has been getting up to this point.

Where Do They Get The Cores From?

As we mentioned above, Sherwood is a very old brand. In fact, it was founded before many of today’s modern hockey brands even existed. One of the things that make Sherwood special is the fact that they get their cores from the very same place that many of our favorite hockey brands get their cores from – the great Lakes. Specifically, they get their leather from deer, and their sticks and pucks from the lakes in Canada. This is also where many of their ad campaigns and marketing materials are shot – specifically, at the Ontario Place Stadium – home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Why Are They Known For Sticking With What They Know Best?

This point above speaks for itself really. With all of the different styles and designs of hockey gear, it can be hard to find the perfect item that will fit all of your needs. Sherwood gear is known for being incredibly reliable and consistent because, well, that is most of what they produce. It is not that the gear does not look cool or fashionable, it is just that it works to a tee and is, generally, pretty simple and straightforward. This is why Sherwood is most commonly found at the lower end of the price spectrum when purchasing new hockey gear. While this is most definitely a concern, it is one that can be easily resolved by simply knowing where to look.

Another thing that makes Sherwood unique is the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products. This is unheard of in today’s market, and it is yet another reason why you should consider purchasing a Sherwood product even if it means paying a bit more than you would for a similar product from a brand that does not offer such a warranty. It is important to do your research before buying a product, especially when it comes to something as essential as your equipment, and make sure that you are buying from a brand that you can truly rely on.

What Sets Sherwood Apart From Other Brands?

Aside from the fact that they make some of the best products out there, what truly sets Sherwood apart is the fact that they stand behind their products and offer amazing customer service. Many big-name brands out there will simply take your money and run, but Sherwood will actually go the extra mile to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. It is these little things that make all the difference.

In conclusion, we could talk about how good Sherwood’s products are or speak of their consistency, but the fact remains that too few people are truly aware of who they are and what they bring to the table. It is a brand that deserves more mainstream appeal and, for that, we must all do our parts to bring their products to the attention of as many people as possible.

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