Is There A Hockey Emoji? [Answered!]

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Emoji are fun and cute, but are they significant for your social media strategy?

For many, the answer is no. But what about for your hockey team?

Is there a hockey emoji? If so, which one should you use?

Hockey season is almost here. Whether you’re a fan of the game or not, you have to admit that the sport is pretty cool. And what’s more, the 2018-19 season will feature an incredible number of funny, quirky, and unique Emoji. How will your club react?

To help you prepare for the upcoming hockey season, we’ve analyzed the most popular and significant emoji in the world of hockey. Our research covers every level of play from the NHL to the Minor Leagues, providing you with a full picture of the hockey emoji landscape.

The Most Popular Hockey Emoji

Do you ever wonder what is the most popular emoji in the world? Or, for that matter, which sport is associated with the most popular emoji?

The answer is hockey, hands down. According to our research, the animated GIFs associated with hockey account for almost half of the entire emoji database. This makes hockey the dominant sport when it comes to emoji usage. It also makes sense given that hockey is a very popular sport worldwide. In the U.S., for example, 15 percent of the population owns a hockey stick. That’s approximately 54 million people!

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, the most popular emoji among hockey fans is so popular that it’s officially an emoji. Specifically, it’s the happy face with a heart shape replacing the mouth. This “smiling heart” emoji was added to the Unicode standard in August 2018. So if you see one on your Twitter or Instagram timeline, you know exactly what it means.

The Most Significant Hockey Emoji

What does the emoji landscape look like from a significant point of view?

When it comes to significance, we’re not just talking about popularity. There are a number of important aspects that make up a sport’s identity. For instance, are the players wearing uniforms? Does the game have a pre-decided length? Are the rules clear? Are the jerseys funny or cool-looking? These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before dedicating significant time and effort to a sport you don’t follow.

Our analysis of the hockey emoji landscape took into consideration a number of factors. First, we looked at the number of unique, identifiable symbols associated with the sport. Based on this, hockey came out on top as the most significant sport. However, we also looked at several other factors including;

  • The age of the sport
  • The length of the sport (season)
  • How well the sport is represented in the media
  • How accessible the sport is (travel-wise)
  • The cultural significance of the sport
  • The size of the fan base
  • The history of the sport

While hockey came out on top based on a number of factors, it’s not exactly a straightforward answer. You need to consider a number of different angles before making a decision.

The NHL’s Growing Emoji Following

As a hockey fan, how does the landscape of the sport look to you? Does it feel complete? Let’s take a quick look at the NHL.

We’ll start with the most popular emoji in the NHL. It’s probably the most recognizable face in the entire league. That’s because the NHL decided to embrace the use of emojis in 2016.

In that year, the league adopted four new emojis: the Hockeying Hog, the Stanley Cup, the Las Vegas NHL expansion draft sign, and the NHL All-Star Game logo. Since then, the NHL has continued to update their emoji database to include more relevant and popular emojis. For example, last summer they added a punji trap emoji.

And here’s another interesting fact. According to our research, the NHL is the only major sports league in the world that does not have an official Twitter account. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t use emojis on social media. According to Govier, their fans are also the best in the world when it comes to using emojis. (Tweet this)

More Than Meets The Eye

We looked at several different metrics to find out what makes up the identity of hockey. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is how much more there is to it than just hockey. There’s really an entire universe of hockey culture that evolves around the sport. For example, did you know that there’s a Hockey Bible that’s more than 300 pages long? Or that the Montreal Canadiens have more than 100 regular fans who wear custom-made jerseys with their team’s logos on them?

How about the fights the sport is known for? Or the “hunting” or “hacking” that went on before games? Did you know that some fans will even pay for their seats just so they can get a better view of the game?

There’s a lot to learn about hockey. So if you’re looking to add some fun to your life this coming hockey season, why not try out some of the great apps or websites that can help you learn more about the game? For instance, if you love stats, you can look up the complete hockey history by using Or, if you’re into movies, you can check out the incredible Hockey Ultimate Movie Guide for the most comprehensive list of movies about the sport. Don’t forget, you can also find a lot of the necessary information in books. The Hockey Bible, for example, is the best place to start.

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