Montreal Canadiens Hockey Schedule: When’s the Next Game?

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The Montreal Canadiens Hockey Schedule is always a highly anticipated event for fans of this historic team. The schedule varies from year to year, so it’s important to keep up-to-date on when the next game is taking place.

Fortunately, you can stay informed with ease by visiting the official website of the National Hockey League (NHL). This website provides detailed information about every game and even lets you purchase tickets directly through their platform.

“The excitement leading up to each game is electric. It feels like the whole city comes together to support our beloved Habs. ” – A die-hard Canadiens fan

If you’re planning on attending a game in person or just want to tune in at home, knowing the date and time of each matchup is crucial. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the upcoming games on the Montreal Canadiens’ hockey schedule.

The Next Game

When do the Montreal Canadiens play hockey again? This is a question that many fans have been asking since the end of their last game. Fortunately, there’s always another game on the horizon.

The next game for the Montreal Canadiens will be against the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 19th at 7:00 PM EST. The game will take place at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and can be watched on TVA Sports or TSN.

This upcoming match promises to be an exciting one as both teams are known for their fierce rivalry. The Canadiens and Maple Leafs have faced off against each other over 700 times throughout history, making it one of the most historic rivalries in all of sports.

“These games are always intense, ” said Canadiens captain Shea Weber. “There’s just something about this rivalry that brings out the best in everyone. “

If you’re unable to catch this matchup live, don’t worry! There are plenty more games on the schedule for the Montreal Canadiens this season. Be sure to check their official website for updates on when they’ll be playing next so you never miss a chance to cheer them on!

Montreal Canadiens Vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs are two of Canada’s most celebrated National Hockey League (NHL) teams, with a fierce rivalry that goes back decades.

If you’re wondering when the Montreal Canadiens will play hockey again, fear not – they have several upcoming games to look forward to against various opponents including the Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets.

However, one upcoming game in particular is bound to draw a lot of attention: the next matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and their long-standing rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs. The date for this much-anticipated game has yet to be announced, but fans on both sides are already gearing up for what promises to be an unforgettable event.

“The Montreal-Toronto rivalry is legendary in Canadian sports history, ” says NHL analyst Gabrielle Parenteau. “These two teams have faced off so many times over the years that even casual fans know all about it. “

No matter who comes out on top at their next meeting, sparks are sure to fly as these storied opponents take to the ice once again. Be sure to mark your calendars – this is one hockey game you won’t want to miss!

The Upcoming Schedule

As the Montreal Canadiens season is about to start, fans are getting excited and wondering when do the Montreal Canadiens play hockey again?

The good news is that their first game is just around the corner! The Montreal Canadiens’ next game will be on October 14th against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This highly-anticipated matchup will take place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you can’t make it to this game in person, don’t worry! There will be many ways for you to watch or listen to this exciting match-up from anywhere in North America.

“The rivalry between these two teams never gets old, ” said Habs defenseman Jeff Petry during a recent press conference. “We’re looking forward to bringing our A-game and showing what we’re capable of. “

After their opening night game, the Montreal Canadiens will continue with their regular-season schedule, playing 82 games total throughout six months until April 9th. Fans everywhere are surely eager to see how they fare this year after last year’s playoff run.

To stay updated with all things related to your favorite NHL team, be sure to check out official league websites as well as social media pages dedicated to following professional hockey!

Montreal Canadiens Vs. Edmonton Oilers

The Montreal Canadiens are set to face off against the Edmonton Oilers in their next hockey game on March 20th, 2021 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta.

Fans of the Canadiens have been eagerly waiting for this matchup after a hard-fought win against the Oilers back in February. The team will be looking to repeat their success and come out with another victory over their rivals from Western Canada.

To catch the action live, fans can tune into Sportsnet or follow along on social media for updates throughout the game.

“We know that every game is crucial as we fight for a playoff spot, ” said Canadiens Captain Shea Weber. “We’re excited for another great matchup against one of the league’s top teams. “

This upcoming game between two talented squads promises to be an intense battle between divisional opponents. Both teams will be hungry for a win which makes for high-stakes and exciting hockey action sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

So mark your calendars and get ready to cheer on the Montreal Canadiens as they take on Connor McDavid and company in what promises to be an intense matchup!

Montreal Canadiens Vs. Calgary Flames

The Montreal Canadiens are set to face off against the Calgary Flames in their next game scheduled for November 25th, 2021 at 9:00 PM EST.

This matchup will be a thrilling encounter as both teams have strong rosters and are performing well this season. The Canadiens are currently placed third in the Atlantic division while the Flames hold on to second place in the Pacific Division standings.

If you’re unable to watch the game live, don’t worry! You can always follow along with live updates on your mobile device or computer via’s official website or their app which is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

“I think we’re starting to find our identity. We certainly don’t want to get too high after one win but it’s good momentum going into [Thursday]. “

This quote was given by Canadiens’ head coach, Dominique Ducharme following their recent victory over the Buffalo Sabres. It shows that despite winning their previous game convincingly, he understands the importance of not getting carried away and staying focused ahead of their upcoming match against Calgary.

Overall, there’s no doubt that this matchup between two fierce rivals – Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames – will surely provide fans around the globe with an unforgettable hockey experience filled with excitement, drama and intense action on the ice. So make sure you tune in when these teams square off again soon!

The Season Schedule

Many fans of the Montreal Canadiens are eagerly waiting for the start of the new season. The question is, “When do the Montreal Canadiens play hockey again?” Well, we have some answers.

The NHL announced that the 2021-2022 regular-season schedule will begin on October 12th. That means that every team in the league will be ready to hit the ice once again and get back into action after a long off-season.

For avid supporters of Montreal Canadiens fans, they can take heart from their beloved team taking part in one of three games played on opening night. On that date, they’ll head southward to play at Scotiabank Arena against Toronto Maple Leafs starting at 7:00 PM EST.

“Our group likes challenges, our group thrives when there is adversity, ” – Marc Bergevin (General Manager)

This year’s schedule includes matches throughout Canada as well as travelling across state lines for away fixtures. Fans who want to catch up on all Habs news will definitely have an unforgettable experience this season with possible playoff runs coming in mind too!

In conclusion, if you’re looking forward to watching live hockey or attending a game yourself this fall/winter along with keeping up-to-date about everything related to your favourite team then don’t forget about staying tuned in during each match day!

The First Half of the Season

When Do The Montreal Canadiens Play Hockey Again? is the question that’s been on every fan’s mind lately. In fact, it seems like it’s been ages since we last saw them take to the ice, with their last game being back in April.

However, now that we’re well into September, there’s good news for fans! The NHL season will soon be commencing once again and so too will all our favorite teams’ games. Including the much-anticipated comeback of the Montreal Canadiens, who are set to hit the arena in October.

The first half of this year has seen mixed results for Montreal Fans. A somewhat disappointing start was followed by a series of victories that boosted morale within the team and brought optimism regarding prospects for a successful rest-of-season performance.

“We have made improvements both offensively and defensively, ” said coach Claude Julien earlier this month when asked about his expectations for his team moving forward. “The players have really stepped up their game. “

All eyes will certainly be glued to screens as die-hard supporters gear up to watch one of Canada’s most illustrious hockey outfits battling it out at upcoming fixtures.

The Second Half of the Season

It’s already February, and hockey fans are eagerly anticipating the second half of the NHL season. For Montreal Canadiens supporters, it’ll be an exciting time to see their favorite team take on other big names in the league.

The Canadiens had a promising start this season, but they’ve struggled a bit towards the end of 2021. Nevertheless, with players like Tyler Toffoli and Jeff Petry leading the charge, there is still plenty of optimism going into the rest of the year.

So when do The Montreal Canadiens play hockey again? Fortunately for their devoted supporters, they’re scheduled to hit the ice soon. Their first game after the All-Star Break will be against Toronto Maple Leafs on February 10th at home. This should prove to be an epic battle between long-time rivals and make for some thrilling entertainment.

“We have high hopes for our team as we enter into this second part of our schedule, ” says head coach Dominique Ducharme. “Our focus will be on improving our gameplay one day at a time. “

In addition to facing off against fierce opponents such as Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks later this month, Habs enthusiasts can also look forward to cheering them on during a series of matches throughout March and April before playoffs begin in May.

All things considered; it appears that The Montreal Canadiens have quite an uphill climb ahead – nevertheless; only time will tell if all their efforts pay off.

The Playoff Schedule

The Montreal Canadiens are still in the playoff hunt and their fans eagerly await kickoff times for their next game. The playoffs have been intense with each series producing exhilarating hockey games that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Fans of the Habs will be happy to know that they do not have to wait long before seeing their team take to the ice again. In fact, according to, the Montreal Canadiens’ schedule has already been determined and is available online for all eager fans who can’t wait to get a glimpse of their favorite players back in action!

If you’re wondering when do the Montreal Canadiens play hockey again – look no further! According to sources, our beloved Habs will hit the ice once more on June 28th against Tampa Bay Lightning. We can expect another exciting match up as both teams battle it out for a chance at advancing further in this year’s NHL Playoffs.

This upcoming match promises to be an unforgettable one as these two talented teams face off against each other in what many predict will be a grueling battle till end. With every passing game, tensions mount higher and expectations soar heavens high.

In conclusion, If you’re looking forward to watching some fantastic Hockey from your favourite team then we suggest tuning into CBC Sports or checking online through https://www. which brings live coverage of all the matches being played during this season’s playoffs including updates like schedules, highlights, interviews & much more!!

Possible Playoff Opponents

When Do The Montreal Canadiens Play Hockey Again? Well, that remains to be seen. But with the playoffs around the corner, it’s important to take a look at the possible opponents for the Canadiens.

If the teams end up in their current positions, then they will face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the playoffs. This would certainly be an intense series as these two long-time rivals have a history of epic battles on ice.

The second potential opponent could be either Winnipeg Jets or Edmonton Oilers – which team is yet to be determined as both sit pretty close with similar points and games played at this point in time. Both are talented teams with strong players so whichever one ends up being our playoff match-up will provide exciting hockey action for sure!

Last but not least, we cannot forget about their final possibility- facing none other than Connor McDavid and his crew from Edmonton Oilers. This may well prove difficult given McDavid is widely considered to be one of best individual skaters currently active; nevertheless should still make for entertaining viewing nonetheless!

In conclusion, when do the Montreal Canadiens play again is a question that only time can answer – until then though we eagerly await news whilst keeping our fingers crossed that it all goes according plan. There’s plenty to get excited over if things go smoothly: fans should brace themselves for some top-notch matches coming soon!

Playoff Game Dates

The Montreal Canadiens have made it to the playoffs and fans are eagerly waiting for their next game. Fans want to know when the next game will be played, what time it starts, and where they can watch it.

The good news is that we now have all of this information! The Montreal Canadiens’ upcoming playoff schedule has been released. They will play again on Thursday, June 24th at 8pm EST against the Vegas Golden Knights in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking to catch the game on TV, it will be broadcasted on Sportsnet, CBC, and TVA Sports in Canada. In the United States, the game will be aired on NBCSN.

“The Montreal Canadiens have worked hard to get to this point and I’m thrilled that they’ve advanced so far, ” said head coach Dominique Ducharme. “We’re focused on taking things one game at a time and giving our best effort each night. “

This is an exciting time for fans of the Montreal Canadiens as they continue their journey towards hopefully winning their first Stanley Cup since 1993. Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday night’s matchup against the Vegas Golden Knights!

The Pre-Season Schedule

As the NHL pre-season approaches, fans of the Montreal Canadiens can look forward to a series of games leading up to the start of the regular season. The team is set to play seven exhibition games that will give them an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming campaign.

It all begins on September 26th when they face off against their Canadian rivals, the Ottawa Senators. This match-up will take place at Videotron Centre in Quebec City and promises to be a thrilling encounter as both teams aim to make an early statement.

The Canadiens’ preseason schedule continues with games against other divisional opponents such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins. They will also travel south of the border for contests against American teams including the Detroit Red Wings and Florida Panthers before finishing with two home fixtures against the Ottawa Senators once again.

“Preseason games may not count towards your favorite team’s record, but they are crucial for coaches looking to evaluate players ahead of important decisions. “

For eager Habs supporters wondering “When Do The Montreal Canadiens Play Hockey Again?”, their next game after these exhibitions will be October 13th, which marks opening night of the regular season. On this date, they’ll host longtime rival Toronto Maple Leafs at Bell Centre in Montreal for what is sure to be an intense battle between Canada’s most historic franchises.

All in all, it should prove to be an exciting time for Canadiens’ fans as they watch their team gear up for another long season full of ups and downs.

Opponents and Dates

The Montreal Canadiens will be facing off against the Edmonton Oilers on January 27th, 2022 for their next game. The game will take place at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta.

Following this game, the Canadiens will head back home to face off against the Anaheim Ducks on February 1st, 2022 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

Their next opponent after that will be the San Jose Sharks on February 5th, 2022 also at the Bell Centre.

Last but not least, they will play against their long-time rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs on February 12th, 2022 at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

“It’s always an exciting matchup when it comes down to playing against your rivals, ” said Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry. “We’ve had some intense games with them in recent years and I’m sure this upcoming game won’t disappoint. “

Overall, there are plenty of exciting matchups ahead for fans of the Montreal Canadiens as they continue through their regular season schedule. Be sure to check out all of these games and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Next Montreal Canadiens Game Scheduled?

The next Montreal Canadiens game is scheduled for February 23, 2021. They will be playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario. The game will start at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

What is the Montreal Canadiens’ Upcoming Schedule?

The Montreal Canadiens’ upcoming schedule includes games against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, and Vancouver Canucks. They have a total of 56 games scheduled for the 2020-2021 regular season. You can find their full schedule on their official website.

Where Can I Find the Montreal Canadiens’ Next Game Information?

You can find the Montreal Canadiens’ next game information on their official website or through their social media accounts. You can also check sports news websites or mobile apps that provide updates on NHL games.

How Often Do the Montreal Canadiens Play Hockey?

The Montreal Canadiens play hockey during the NHL regular season, which usually runs from October to April. They typically play around three to four games per week, depending on their schedule. During the playoffs, they play more frequently if they advance to the next rounds.

Who Will the Montreal Canadiens Play in Their Next Game?

The Montreal Canadiens will be playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs in their next game. The game will take place on February 23, 2021, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario. The game will start at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Why Has the Montreal Canadiens’ Schedule Been Delayed or Changed?

The Montreal Canadiens’ schedule may be delayed or changed due to various reasons, such as inclement weather, player injuries, or league-wide events. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused many changes to the NHL schedule, including postponements and rescheduling of games to ensure the safety of players and staff.

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