What Are The Air Hockey Handles Called? [Expert Review!]

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When you get your hands on a premium item such as an authentic vintage air hockey table, the first thing you may ask is “what are the handles called?” The answer is varied and it depends on the manufacturer. Some may refer to them as paddles, some may call them hockey pucks, and some may even go by the term leather wings.

With so many variations, you may wonder which one is right for your table. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a guide on the different types of air hockey handle names and what they mean.

Hockey Puck

The hockey puck is a round, hard plastic object with a flat white paint job that serves as a replacement for the rounded metal hockey puck of years past. Similar to a sphere-shaped billiard ball, the hockey puck is typically used for controlling the flow and trajectory of a puck or ball across a surface, such as a table or ice surface. It is one of the most common names for the standard hand-held air hockey puck that is attached to a stick by a metal or plastic socket during play. It was originally designed for use with the aluminum and hard plastic hockey table in the 1960s. Although it is more difficult to control a puck with a hockey puck than a marble or bean bag, it is considered by many to be the “classic” shape for a hand-held air hockey puck. This is because it was the first ball-shaped object to be used as a replacement for the traditional metal hockey puck and it has been copied by nearly all other manufacturers since.

Billiard Ball

The billiard ball is a hollow, spherical ball with a thick white covering. It is most often used to play pool and was popularized by the game of billiards. While the game has gone through many changes over the years, the billiard ball is still used as a playing piece in many places. It acts as a counterweight for the cue ball and allows a player to develop greater control over the trajectory of the pool ball. This is especially useful when playing outside as the wind can affect the shot significantly.

Fantasy Hockey Puck

Hockey has always been a popular sport in the world and as video games have evolved, so have hockey pucks. In the 1980s and 1990s, the plastic covering was replaced with a thick layer of paint to give it a more consistent look. It is still round and features an image from the back of a player’s jersey on the front, but it is not perfectly spherical like a billiard ball. Due to its intended use in NHL Power Play (hockey) and Stadium Series (hockey), this particular version is also known as a fantasy hockey puck.

Lambert Oval

A lambert oval is a flattened sphere with one flat surface and one curved surface. Named after their creator, the late Dr. Edgar E. “Ted” Lambert of the University of Toronto, they are also known as hyperboloids in some circles. When used as a weight in air hockey, the lambert oval is much more stable than other shapes because of its geometric design and its curved surface which allows it to self-centre. As a result, it tends to stay in place during play even when tilted against a wall.

Parabolic Curve

A parabolic curve is the graph of a mathematical function which passes through the points (−2, 2) and (1, 1). It can be used to describe the trajectory of a thrown ball (such as a Frisbee or boomerang) as it travels through the air. Because they are named after their creator, the Belgian physicist Georges Van Damme, the parabolic curve and the lambert oval are related.


The bubble is a spherical, closed-cell foam with an inner core of air that is used to cushion and protect delicate items during shipping and storage. Its thin plastic membrane allows it to be peeled away and reformed as desired without any loss of strength or integrity. This is why it is also called a “bubble wrap” or “peelable balloon”.


The marble is a variety of rounded stone with a thick, hard skin that varies in color from light to dark gray or brown. They are most often used as wall and flooring material because of their durability and aesthetic beauty. The name comes from the fact that they were originally used to play a game called marbles when they were a much larger size. Due to its intended use as a game piece, the marble is often depicted in artistic works of fiction and games (such as Othello).

The above are just a few of the most common names for the standard hand-held air hockey puck. Not only do they differ in appearance, but each one has a different purpose. After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of what type of handle will meet your needs. So, next time you’re at an air hockey table looking for a new game piece, you may find the perfect item with one of the above names on it!

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