What Channel Is The Hockey? [Ultimate Guide!]

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The NHL season is back! And, judging by the number of articles and videos on social media, the excitement is higher than ever, especially among hockey fans.

With the Stanley Cup final set for Wednesday night, it’s time for everyone to get their fix of hockey.

But which channel is the best to follow NHL games? And what devices should you use to watch them?

Here, we answer some common questions about the hockey scene and the best ways to follow the action.

What Is The Difference Between The NHL, ESPN, And Fox Sports?

You’ll often see or hear people confusing the National Hockey League (NHL) with other professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, or MLB. The fact is, they’re all completely different.

The NHL is a professional sports league with a schedule similar to the NFL’s. However, while the NFL has weekly games from October to May, the NHL only has a few games every month from January to April and then starts up again in the summer. But even during the NHL season, the games aren’t always played on weeknights.

Aside from the difference in the number of games, the main differences between the NHL and other leagues are the rules and the equipment. The NHL is a strictly amateur organization. While there are a few exceptions—such as the Toronto Blue Jays’ Randy Wells, who played for the Edmonton Oilers in the early 70s—mostly, Canadian-born players have to wait until they’re thirty to play professionally. There are no age restrictions in the NFL, the NBA, or the MLB.

That’s quite the contrast to the NHL, whose players range from eighteen to thirty-two, with most being in their prime. The game is highly competitive and the pace is extremely fast, which is why fans enjoy it so much!

Is It Better To Stream Games Online Or Buy DVDs Of The Matches?

The quality of online video streaming is constantly improving and becoming more accessible to the average person, making it the perfect alternative to buying individual DVDs. What’s more, many TV providers offer extensive online streaming services that allow you to follow your favorite teams as well as other sports channels (if you have a sports team that plays other sports than hockey, that is).

It’s quite the dilemma: Should you buy the game or watch it online for free? Well, it really depends on your situation. If you want to follow the game and you don’t have enough TV channels to cover it live, then the choice is clear: Get the game and follow it online. But if the game is close to your area and you have access to multiple TV channels, then it’s better to watch it live, as long as the quality is good enough.

Is It Worth It To Follow The NHL Outside Of North America?

While almost all of North America gets to enjoy the Stanley Cup season, due to the NHL’s semiprofessional status, it’s not really available to everyone. That being said, if you’re in a country where hockey is popular, it’s quite an experience to follow a major hockey game live. Especially since most of the venues are in Europe, where the crowds are some of the most passionate around.

To follow American games, you’ll usually need a VPN to ensure that your personal information is secure while you’re on public WiFis. And for those interested in European games, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not blocked in any way by the country you’re in. For example, if you’re in Germany but watching an NHL game in France, you might encounter problems with the French TV station omitting ads or interrupting the stream with legal warnings. The solution is to use a VPN to ensure that your personal information is secure while you’re on public WiFis.

Which TV Channel Should I Watch To Follow The NHL?

In Canada, hockey fans will want to follow the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup in 1993 and the Toronto Maple Leafs have been to the finals twice, in 1962 and 1967. The Montreal Canadiens still haven’t won the big game, although they’ve been to the finals seven times since 1924.

On the other hand, the Boston Bruins are the defending Stanley Cup champions and have been to the finals twice, in 1996 and 2000. The Vancouver Canucks also made it to the finals in 2011 but lost to the Bruins.

In the United States, those looking for NHL action will want to tune in to one of the main network TV stations, whether it’s the FOX, NBC, or CBS. The New York Rangers and the New York Devils are the most popular teams in the Big Apple and have both been to the finals a few times. But the Chicago Blackhawks, who play at the United Center in Chicago, have the most fans of all the Chicago teams, with the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup back-to-back in 2010 and 2011.

Many other major American cities also have NHL teams, such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. But the majority of the games will be on television, so fans will want to tune in to their local stations to see their favorite players.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the majority of the games without any problems. While the Premier League has expanded to include ten teams from England and Wales, most games will still be on TV. And since the majority of the venues are in England, most UK fans will want to watch their home teams play live.

Is It Worth Getting A Hulu Plus Subscription?

If you live in the United States, it’s quite likely that you already have access to sports television. Whether it’s a cable or satellite TV subscription, almost all providers offer major sports channels, including NBC, FOX, and ESPN. But if you’re looking for the Stanley Cup, you might want to consider getting a Hulu Plus subscription.

Hulu Plus is an online platform that offers a combination of TV shows and movies, many of which are exclusive to the site. While the standard Hulu account provides access to TV shows only, the Plus version also gives you access to movies. And since most of the NHL season is spent watching movies and TV shows, the Plus version could be the perfect fit for hockey fans.

The Plus version also provides special features, such as live TV channels, for those who are interested in watching sports events, like the NHL finals. Plus, with a Hulu Plus subscription, you won’t miss a game, whether it’s online or on television, thanks to the multi-platform capabilities.

What Is The Best Way To Stream The NHL Games?

The best way to follow the NHL is via its Website. You can keep up with all the news and stats from around the league by visiting nhl.com. The website offers live game streams as well as clips from previous games, so you don’t have to wait until the next weekly newsletter to see what happened last weekend. And if you’re looking for highlights, they’ll be posted on nhl.com shortly after the game, allowing you to relive great goals and incredible plays from around the league.

As for devices, the sky is the limit as far as what you can use to stream the NHL. There are so many choices that you might not know where to start. But once you settle on what technology you prefer—cable, satellite, or broadcast TV channels—the options are there.

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