What Do Hockey Players Wear Under Their Pants? [Updated!]

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Picture this, you’re playing in an NHL game and the puck is dropped. Instantly, your skates are on, your stick is in your hands, and you’re ready to race for the puck. Maybe you’ve got a few strides ahead of you, you’re feeling good, your heart rate is up, and you’re pumped to make a play. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your right knee. Only then do you notice that something is wrong. You’ve just torn your medial meniscus. This is the cartilage between your bone and the muscle. It’s a serious injury and it will sideline you for the rest of the season. You’re probably crushed and feeling pretty bad about yourself. But then, something strange happens. You get the urge to go home and put on some ice skates. Instinctively, you reach down and your hands explore what’s underneath your pants. You notice a strange sight, a sight that causes you to raise an eyebrow, then smile, then laugh out loud. You pull up your pants and ask yourself, “What the heck are hockey players wearing under their pants?”

Hockey players aren’t the only sports stars who have to worry about their clothing choices either. Look at how many options you have when it comes to choosing the right swimwear for the beach. Or how about when you’re driving in the dark and can’t see the road ahead of you? You might hit a patch of ice or sand and hurt yourself. It’s happened to many famous people, including Barbara Hidalgo Hilliard, Edith Mary Hyde, and Kate Horney. These are just a few of the tragic accidents that have happened due to poor choice of clothing.

But fear not, we’re not going to talk about fashion today. We’re going to discuss what sports players wear under their pants, or rather, what hockey players wear under their pants. We’ll explore everything from underarmour to innerwear so you can find the perfect gift for the hockey player in your life.


Hockey players often wear long-sleeve shirts to protect them from the freezing cold on the ice. This is where underarmour comes in. The long sleeves cover the arms and protect the players from injury. This is especially useful for the forwards, who are more likely to take a hit from a puck or slapshot. They need all the protection they can get!

But the underarmour doesn’t end there. To really keep your hockey player warm, you need to look into his or her underpants. Again, to quote the great William Shatner, “To thine own self be true.” Your hockey player might not always be willing to tell you what they’re feeling, so it’s up to you to figure it out for them. You need to look for signs of emotional distress, such as anger, irritation, or sadness. Those are the emotions you should be looking out for. Don’t worry, this isn’t gay propaganda.

There are some pretty significant differences between men and women when it comes to their bodies. One of the main differences is that men’s underarms are much more developed than women’s. This means that the underarmour your hockey player wears will be much more effective in keeping them cool and comfortable. It also means that men’s undergarments will be a bit more obvious than women’s. This can cause some problems if your player is wearing baggy or see-through clothes, so make sure you’re looking out for signs of discomfort.


We all remember Jack Johnson, the underwear model who turned pro wrestler and politician. He’s often credited with popularising the phrase “bigger is better when it comes to underwear.” Well, hockey players live by that mantra. Bigger is better when it comes to jockstraps too. A larger jockstrap will cover more area and keep your hockey player more comfortable. If you’re struggling to find the right fit, go for the biggest number that’ll still leave you feeling a little exposed. Remember, no man’s junk is really ugly!

The jock’s main purpose is to keep the groin area warm. This is why most hockey players wear them under their pants. The backside of the jockstrap is usually designed with a flap that can be pulled down to reveal the area. This creates a pocket between the butt cheeks that can be filled with warming gel or a heat pack. For very serious players, they might also put their phone or other small items in the pouch. Remember when we talked about gay propaganda earlier? This is probably where you got confused. Homosexuals were arrested for soliciting at a hockey game back in 1925. The game was suspended and the players had to finish the game on the playground. No one was quite sure whether or not the incident was actually illegal, so it was a huge scandal.


Hockey players prefer to wear short-shorts instead of long pants when the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The main purpose of the shorts is to allow the player to feel the rays of sun on their skin and stay cool. Thicker materials like spandex are popular as they let the athlete move around more easily. Remember, nothing stops a hockey player from wearing long pants if they want to!

Besides, short-shorts aren’t just for hockey players. You can find many swimsuit styles that are completely inappropriate for the beach. Like the ones designed for Victoria’s Secret Angels. We won’t judge you if you dress like that.

The bottom line is that no matter what your hockey player’s size or shape, you can find the perfect gift that’ll make them feel special. Just make sure you check for signs of discomfort when you’re choosing the perfect present. With a little bit of effort, you can find the perfect gift for any hockey fan.

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