What Does 2 And 10 Mean In Hockey? [Fact Checked!]

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Well, 10 years ago this month, the Florida Panthers changed the course of American sports history by becoming the first (and only) team to complete a perfect season. Two decades before, the Detroit Red Wings were the last team to do the same, winning the Stanley Cup in 2010. While the numbers — 22 wins, 2 losses, and 10 overtime/shootout wins — are somewhat mundane, the significance of that season is immeasurable.

Now entering its third decade, American hockey is experiencing a golden age of sorts. In 2019, the game may well have reached its highest point of popularity in history. Across the country, 12 new rinks are opening their doors each month. The Washington Capitals alone saw their season ticket sales increase by 18% year over year in the off-season. The New York Rangers experienced a 16% surge in jersey sales alone. Several teams broke single-game attendance records, with the Nashville Predators drawing more than 100,000 fans to witness their playoff series vs. the St. Louis Blues.

Even non-hockey fans may well remember that season. It was a time when everyone wanted to be a part of something special. It was the first time in a long time that everyone felt like they could win the championship. It was a season that felt full of positivity and joy. For the first time in over a decade, hockey seemed interesting again.

Hockey’s Appeal Expands Viable Audience

The appeal of hockey isn’t restricted to the classic four-to-six-year-old demographic. Thanks in part to the proliferation of eSports and gaming competitions, hockey has expanded its target audience considerably. People who love eSports or video games may well regard hockey as the ultimate competitive sporting event. For those individuals, watching or playing hockey is like watching or playing a video game with real-life consequences.

The Atlanta Blackhawks have experienced something of a golden era in the last two years, winning the Stanley Cup in 2018 and drawing over a million fans to the season opener a year later. Since the inception of the eSport ‘Challenge Cup,’ the Blackhawks have won the trophy twice. Their general manager, Rick Dudley, has said that the appeal of watching/playing hockey eSports-style is similar to that of an online poker tournament — short-lived, but highly engaging.

Hockey’s Popularity On The Rise

Along with the aforementioned resurgence in popularity, there has also been a significant spike in the number of people following the game. According to Pew Research Center, interest in hockey is at an all-time high. In 2018, 40% of Americans reported following the game frequently or occasionally, while only 29% said they knew very little about the sport. Comparatively, just 12% of Americans cited hockey as “not really” a sport they follow at all. The remaining 28% said they didn’t know enough about the game to have an opinion.

The appetite for hockey seems to be rising across the country. From the NHL to the minor leagues, teams are packing arenas and selling out stadiums. Thanks to social media, the spotlight of the national media and fans alike has been shone upon the game. In an era when sports media operates at a digital level, the spotlight is always on television channels, blogs, and the various platforms.

Hockey Is More Than Just A Game

The fact that hockey is more than just a game is perhaps the biggest reason for its recent resurgence in popularity. The sport provides a combination of physical activity and entertainment that appeals to everyone. It’s the perfect combination of skill and aggression, leading to frequent fights and injuries that make it worth our time.

There is also a history of discrimination against African-Americans in hockey, with black players having to fight for respect. The NHL has instituted several reforms in the past few years aimed at eradicating this discrimination. In an era when athletes and fans alike are more open-minded than ever before, this factor could prove to be a contributing factor to the sport’s newfound popularity.

While 10 years ago no one would have predicted that American hockey would experience such a significant spike in popularity, the game we know and love continues to grow on us as we speak. We’re looking forward to the next decade of hockey.

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