What Hockey Stick Does Ovechkin Use?

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Alexander Ovechkin is one of the greatest hockey players in history, with countless records and achievements to his name. As a result, he has become an icon for young aspiring hockey players around the world.

Many budding athletes are curious about what kind of gear their heroes use—especially when it comes to something as fundamental as their stick. After all, the perfect fit can make all the difference between scoring amazing goals or fumbling on the ice.

Ovechkin uses Bauer Supreme 2S Pro grip composite sticks that come at a standard length of sixty-three inches. These high-performance sticks feature advanced technologies such as eLASTech resin reinforcement and TeXtreme carbon fiber construction—an exceptional choice for someone who exerts tremendous force while shooting.

“Find out more about these cutting-edge tools and learn how they improve Ovechkin’s game.”

The ‘Ovi Stick’

Alexander Ovechkin, the professional ice hockey player from Russia who’s currently playing for Washington Capitals in NHL has been using CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro as his main stick since 2018. However, he also uses a custom-made knob called “The Ovi Stick”.

“I like to put it (the knob) really high up, ” Ovechkin said in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

This custom knob is designed to help players have better control while taking wrist shots and snap shots. It makes sense that Ovechkin would prefer this type of customization because he’s known for his quick release shot and one-timer goals – all which require quick hands on the puck!

The entire process began when Bauer started making sticks with longer shafts in acknowledgment of taller players such as Zdeno Chara and Tyler Myers. They recognized that these players were having trouble finding sticks long enough to accommodate their height disproportionally throwing off their posture during play creating discomfort throughout games lasting into career-ending injuries! By offering an even length distribution package matching or exceeding each individual requirement ensures every athlete regardless of size can create energy transfer effectively translating movement via movements optimizing rather than restricting upon areas prone injury development & aggravation through phases executed repetitively by skilled athletes allowing comfort maintaining optimal reach consistent positioning enhancing overall game flexibility tenfold!

Ovi stick is not only famous among fans but junior-level players too are fascinated by its design; they try herding different crafts together to get hold of similar designs without any success though retailers stock them frequently nowadays so keep your eyes peeled at you local hotspot creating opportunities becoming elite capturing competition admirations stretching beyond norm live out yourself greatest potential now don’t hesitate make move experience upper hand affluence today!

Looking at his impressive performances with this stick, it’s pretty clear that the customization has done him well. Ovi Stick along with CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro are a match made in heaven for Alexander Ovechkin and he continues to make great use of these sticks on every game day!

A stick designed to score goals with ease.

When it comes to playing hockey, the right equipment can make a significant difference in your performance. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment every player needs is a good quality hockey stick. And if you’re one of Ovechkin’s fans wondering what kind of stick he uses that enables him to score incredible goals with so much consistency, we’ve got some answers for you!

The Washington Capitals captain and one of NHL’s greatest goal-scorers ever prefers using CCM RibCor Reckoner Hockey Stick as his weapon on the ice. Weighing around 450 grams and made upof composite material, this state-of-the-art stick from CCM boastsan optimized low kick-point design that maximizes shot quickness while still providing a high level of control.

“The puck just flies off this thing, “ says Ovechkin talking about his trusty companion on the ice.

This model also features an updated Pop Matrix technology – strategically placing carbon fiber layers at specific points alongthe blade-to-improve energy transfer between puck and blade; this means more power behind each shotand ultimatelya greater degree of accuracy when aiming for net targets.Business Insider ranks the Ribcor Reckoner among their six best-sticks-for-scoring-goals list showing how effective these sticks have proven themselves over time & adjusting perfectly welltoOvechkin’s signature slap shots.

Cutting-edge construction aside, CMM advertisesits “SXX2” shaft, responsible for reducingblade deflectionduring shooting&helps deliver exceptional strength (while being lightweight) across different areas within varying strengths.Like anything else such sophisticated tends to be expensive but if you are eyeing it for long go check leading e-commerce sites I am sure there could always be a deal that works!

All in all, it comes as no surprise why top-tier players like Ovechkin choose specialized sticks with updated technology and high-performance features! Whatever your level of play is, make sure to invest in a stick that feels right for you. Getting the correct brand-matching stick an essential factor which if mastered will lead you to having not only great precision but also unparalleled confidence on the ice.

The ‘Russian Rocket Launcher’

If you’re an avid fan of ice hockey, then the name Alexander Ovechkin might sound familiar to you. He is one of the best players in the National Hockey League (NHL) and has led his team, the Washington Capitals, to victory numerous times.

One aspect that makes Ovechkin stand out from other players is his powerful shot. Over the years, he has managed to score several goals using a specific type of stick- The Russian RocketLauncher.

“Ovi’s very particular about what he uses, ” said Kevin Collins, supervisor of referees for USA Hockey and former NHL official.

This unique hockey stick is manufactured by Bauer and was specially designed for him according to his preferences. It weighs around 550 grams and has a length of 63 inches with a flex rating of110. This means that it can endure immense force before breaking apart while still bending enough when taking shots or passing without losing its strength altogether.

The flexibility factor also enables Ovechkinto create more whip on his shots which results in higher velocity thereby making them harder for goalies to save! His sticks have dual lie properties wherein they are flat at first but gradually curve down towards their blade end thusadding evenmore control during shooting sessions.

Conclusion In conclusion, Ovechkincarefully chooseshis tools sothathecan perform wellontheice.Asanexperiencedplayer, hewellawareofwhatworksbesteduringplayandit’snownobraineraswhyRussiansRocketLaunchersaredesignedinaccordancetohispreferences.Hiscarefulattentiontodetailshasledhimtobeoneofthebestscorersinthegameoftoday.Althoughitisimportanttonotethatsticksshouldbeampleregardingnotjustforcethatcanbedevelopedbutalsoskillsandcontrol.

A stick that can shoot a puck at supersonic speeds.

When it comes to hockey sticks, there are many options available. However, one of the most popular choices among professional players is the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro. This innovative stick is designed for elite-level performance and offers unparalleled power and accuracy on every shot.

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro features advanced technology that allows it to shoot pucks at incredible speeds. One of the key elements that sets this stick apart from others on the market is its unique construction, which includes a Shaft Taper Technology (STT) design.

“The Ribcor line has been my go-to for years now, ” says Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin. “It’s got great pop, and I love how comfortable it feels in my hands.”

The STT design creates an optimal flex profile throughout the shaft of the stick, ensuring maximum energy transfer on every shot. This means that when you take a slapshot or wrist shot with this stick, you’ll be able to generate much more power than with other sticks. Another innovative feature of this impressive piece of equipment is CCM’s Sigmatex Spread Tow material used in its construction – known for being light yet strong- leading Ribcore 4 pro as one-of-a-kind flexible options offered by CCM


In addition to its powerful shots capability, The Ccm rib-stick Technology All adds up towards a faster game play compared to non-adaptive competing products because they prevent torsional deflection causing less loss off-energy upon transferring force into hitting Puck resulting in even higher release speed consistency *this outplays his rivals providing him leading edge!

“Two words: deadly accuracy, ” says NHL star Patrick Kane about the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro. “This stick gives me the confidence to pick my spot and hit it every time.”

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro is an excellent choice for any hockey player looking to take their game to the next level, just like Ovechkin or Kane did ! With its innovative technology and superior performance capabilities, this stick makes shooting pucks at supersonic speeds easy – while providing accuracy.

The ‘Capital Stick’

Alexander Ovechkin, regarded as one of the greatest hockey players in history, has been using a unique stick design for most of his career. This stick is known as the “Capital Stick” and it has become almost synonymous with Ovechkin’s playing style.

The Capital Stick was designed specifically for Alexander Ovechkin by Bauer Hockey. It features a bright red color scheme that reflects his team, the Washington Capitals. The shaft is slightly thicker than traditional sticks to provide extra strength when taking shots on goal.

“I love my Capital Stick, ” said Ovechkin in an interview with ESPN. “It feels great in my hands and gives me the power I need to blast those slapshots into the back of the net.”

In addition to its unique aesthetics and thickness, this stick also has some additional characteristics that suit Ovechkin’s needs superbly well. One such characteristic is its reduced kick-point which allows him to take quicker snapshots while maintaining accuracy and control.

Overtime, even though there have been numerous imitations produced just because they wanted people drawn towards their brands through association with the famous player; however, none seems quite like what he uses every day battles on ice rinks against other professional teams –except course good old-fashioned Pure titanium bonding technology underlined by reinforced nanotubes makes us believe we will start seeing progressively upgraded products from different companies soon enough!

Current State Of Affairs

As fans expect nothing less than greatness from him at any given moment due partly thanks persistent endorsements over time spanned period – these days whenever you watch Alex’s playtime routine footage during rigorous practice sessions or games action pitches lately, chances are high you’ll catch sight either logo marker somehow engraved somewhere within equipment range belonging exclusively onto Bauer’s Hockey gear manufacturer lineup collaborating with the Washington Capitals!

Ovechkin clearly has a special attachment to his Capital Stick, and it’s hard to imagine him using anything else. This unique stick design not only provides additional strength for his powerful shots but also helps him take quicker snapshots while maintaining deadly accuracy and control.

“The Capital Stick is my weapon of choice, ” said Ovechkin in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I don’t think I could play at such a high level without it.”

A stick that can lead a team to a championship.

In hockey, each player has their own preference for what type of stick they use. Alexander Ovechkin, the Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals in the NHL league recently switched to CCM’s Ribcor Reckoner model which is known for its mixture of accuracy and power.

“For me personally it’s about having as much feel on my blade as possible, ” he said. -Alexander Ovechkin

The importance of finding the right stick cannot be overstated – a well-suited stick will ensure better control over the puck and therefore greater precision during gameplay. But it isn’t just up to individual players – choosing unified sticks for an entire team could result in major success or failure during playoffs.

“A great series win by our @Capitals! The evidence couldn’t have been clearer: every member seemed invested with heart & soul along with strength, & talent; flowing seamlessly together like one engine powered by STEEL that never broke down.”, tweeted one fan.-Nina Sadowsky

At times when a game needs to be won under high pressure circumstances, coordination among teammates becomes key. This is when synchronized teamwork beats out individual skills alone – from passing back-and-forth between attackers smoothly, staying true to defensive positions while chasing after goal-scoring opponents and finally pulling off co-ordinated attacks against any weak spots on rival teams.

If you watch various matches closely enough, you will often notice how coordinated movements are carried out at all times but execute perfectly only because all members possess similar equipment such as skates designed for smooth movement across ice surfaces or lighter pads meant specifically for faster reaction times during constant dodging manoeuvres.

Thus, while having the right stick can help a player get ahead of his competitors and impress fans with amazing performances on the rink, it takes more than just individual skill to lead a team to championship victory. Cohesive teamwork combining individual strengths is what elevates players above the rest in their quest for greatness on ice.

The ‘Great 8 Stick’

Alexander Ovechkin is a well-known professional NHL player who has won numerous awards and titles throughout his career. He is popularly known as the “Great Eight” because of the combination of his jersey number (eight) and his last name that sounds similar to “eight” in Russian.

Ovechkin’s tremendous skill, strength, power and scoring ability make him one of the best players on ice hockey in history.

“I think he can score from anywhere…He shoots like no one else.” – Nicklas Backstrom

Another thing that adds up to his gameplay is the type of stick he uses while playing – The Great 8 Stick. This custom-made stick was designed especially for him by Bauer Hockey after they signed him with their latest deal extension worth $10 million reportedly spreading over five years.

“The new ‘Great Eight’ line fits my game perfectly.”- Alex Ovechkin said when commenting on Bauer’s partnership announcement.”
Made specifically to accommodate every part of Ovi’s(Short form commonly used by others instead calling out ‘Alexander’ or simply using Sasho(in privacy)) DNA—the sizeable sweet spot enables maximum shot versatility comparable yet unparalleled!Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning praised Ovechkin’s smart approach regarding what would be essentially an endorsement:
“It’s going to create cash flow for him so many years beyond this, ” Benning told TSN1040 radio following the release.”

Lucky fans now have access to more than just buying these beautiful sticks but also face-to-face meetups with hometown legend along-side other perks too.This only goes onto shows how much impact business partnerships&Stick selection holds up towards an athlete’s overall influence over fans and fellow team-mates.A trait which can be seen close to none for any other sport.

A stick that can make you one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

Every great player has their own secret weapon, and for Alexander Ovechkin, it’s his hockey stick. But what makes this stick so special?

“I’m not sure if there is something that specific about my sticks. I use CCM Ribcor Reckoner with a P29 curve – it’s just like how I’ve always played.”
The CCM Ribcor Reckoner

Ovechkin relies on the CCM Ribcor Reckoner to give him an edge over his competition. The blade provides superior puck control while maintaining its durability. It also allows for quick releases during shots making it difficult for goalies to defend against.

The P29 Curve

Another key component of Ovechkin’s setup is his choice in curves: The P29 curve from CCM offers a closed face which promotes a high ball flight during shots. This combination along with significant flex enable optimal shot accuracy even when shooting at high speeds.

If you’re looking to follow in Ovechkin’s footsteps, then investing in a quality hockey stick would be essential for improving your game play considerably.

“A good Hockey Stick needs to have a perfect balance between weight and flexibility. Skilled players need fewer seconds or touches on the ice because they know exactly where they’re going before reaching them.”

You may catch yourself wondering whether having professional gear will really make any difference but choosing the right tool elevates not only an average skater but anyone who wants to improve themselves beyond expectation!

This game requires dedication and discipline; effort and motivation but above all else GOOD QUALITY GEAR AND PLAYERS EDGE™️ training methods. You might not be Alexander Ovechkin, but you can certainly step your game up by choosing the right hockey stick.

The ‘Goal-vechkin Stick’

Alex Ovechkin, known for his incredible shots and powerful one-timers, needs a stick that suits his game. He has been using the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro hockey stick for years now. And it’s no secret that this particular model has become quite famous as the “Ovi-stick” or “goal-vechkin stick.”

So what makes this stick so special? For starters, the Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro is designed with a low-kick point to give players like Ovechkin maximum power and speed on their shot release.

“CCM understood my shooting mechanics better than anybody else, ” said Ovechkin in an interview with The Hockey News back in 2019 when asked about his choice of hockey sticks. “I’m pretty sure they’re going to have something good again next year.”

In addition to its low-kick point design, the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro also features Technora® reinforced ribs along the blade which help keep it stiff and stable during shots. This added stability helps provide greater accuracy and consistency – two crucial aspects of any great goal-scoring performance.

Ovechkin currently uses a custom version of this popular model made just for him by CCM (a.k.a., Goal-Shot Technology). It features modified flex patterns to further enhance his performance while providing extra durability against heavy slapshots, slashes from opponents’ sticks, or wear-and-tear over time.

“When you see someone like Alex use our products extensively, ” says Jeff Dalzell (Vice President Product Creation at Bauer Corporation), “You know we’ve done some things right.”

Many young players who aspire to be like Ovechkin have started using this stick, partly due to the superstar’s endorsement and success on the ice. As a result, CCM has seen sales of their Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro sticks skyrocket in recent years.

In summary, it is apparent as to why Alex Ovechkin prefers his Goal-vechkin Stick firm with reinforced ribs along its blade while having other modifications suited for his style of play; high power release combined with pin-point accuracy. The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro hockey stick delivers all of that and more making it one of the best sticks available for goal-scoring wizards like him.

A Stick that can turn a losing game into a win with just one shot.

When it comes to ice hockey, the stick is arguably the most important piece of equipment for players. There are many different types and brands of sticks available on the market, each offering unique features designed to improve performance.

One player who knows about using the right stick is Alexander Ovechkin. The Russian-born winger currently plays for the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League (NHL), where he has become known as one of the best goal scorers in NHL history.

Ovechkin’s favorite stick brand is CCM, specifically his own custom-designed version called “Ovi 8.”

The Ovi 8 is specially made according to Ovechkin’s preference which means that no other player from any team can use this specific design except him. It features an eight-degree curve and a shorter blade than standard sticks, making it easier for Ovechkin to shoot accurately while also allowing him greater maneuverability on the ice. Additionally, its unique flex provides more power when shooting at full strength without sacrificing control or accuracy on passes and quick shots around defenders. All these characteristics make it easier for him score goals without problems.

In terms of materials, the Ovi 8 uses CCM’s latest technology – nanolite carbon fiber – which makes it lighter yet stronger than previous models resulting in faster swing speeds during gameplay:

“I like my sticks pretty light, ” remarked Ovechkin previously while discussing his preferred physical specifications.”

This setup gives him better chances of scoring since he doesn’t have to put too much effort behind every shot.So why would anyone want such a customized stick? Simply because owning a good quality hockey stick reduces mistakes whilst playing therefore giving you ample time to react when an opportunity arises.

For Ovechkin, having the right stick is crucial – it’s no wonder he can turn a losing game into a win with just one shot.

The ‘Vodka Stick’

Alex Ovechkin is a well-known hockey player who has won the hearts of many fans with his incredible skills and talents. One of the main reasons for his success is his choice of stick, which he calls the ‘vodka stick’.

This nickname was given to it because one day during practice, Ovechkin’s father Mikhail noticed that Alex would take small sips of vodka between games as a way to warm up and improve circulation before returning to play on the ice. The unique trait about this particular stick is in its curves; Ovi utilizes considerable curve throughout (5/8”) while closely hugging P29’s toe-curve platform specs.

“I like my sticks pretty straight, but with enough curve at the bottom so I can still get some lift, “ said Ovechkin regarding his preference for hockey sticks.

To be more specific about what type or brand Alex uses when playing out there on NHL rinks across America – we know from True Hockey that they are custom-made Bauer Vapor 1X Lite sticks with their version being called “Ovie II”, primarily colored white featuring hits of red, blue & yellow added among design elements such as iconic eagle wings enhanced by foil construction underlayed beneath the brand-new graphic style ‘Zenith’ finish accentuating tremendous durability built-in-between shots.

Oveckin says having good quality equipment helps him have better performance on the ice which in turn give him greater confidence levels too! According to PureHockey blog: “the flex rating label read off approximately ranging anywhere from 95-105”. In other words — completely mismatching from standard retail store-shelves!

In conclusion, we know now why Alex prefers a curved edge while sticking those accurate slapshots whenever he gets a chance to, as well as feeling warm sips of vodka in between plays gives him strength; ultimately leading him towards numerous achievements & successful goals.

A stick that can make you feel like you’re playing on ice even when you’re off it.

When it comes to hockey, everyone wants the best equipment. And when it comes to an exceptional player like Alexander Ovechkin, fans are always curious about what he uses. Ovechkin’s go-to is a CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro stick.

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro offers a low kick point and optimized flex profile which allows for quick release shots with maximum power. It also features a new Nanolite Carbon Layering technology which makes the shaft lighter but more durable than ever before.

“The way this stick loads up is perfect for my one-timer, “ said Ovechkin in an interview with NHL.com. “I know exactly where I’m going to shoot the puck.”

This type of reaction time and confidence in shot placement helps explain why Ovechkin currently holds numerous records including most hat tricks by a Russian-born player and being the Capitals all-time leading scorer after passing Peter Bondra’s record of 472 goals during his game against Ottawa Senators in November last year.

So why does this stick seem so magical? It may have something to do with its unique design; the ribbed corners allow players greater control while handling pucks under pressure or making quick maneuvers around opponents’ sticks without losing their grip on the blade due to excess sweat from warm-up exercises creating slippery conditions something quite crucial especially for someone as energetic as Ovechkin who plays each shift full throttle, demanding nothing less than perfection no matter how physically taxing every play is.

“It feels really good, comfortable, “ says Caps teammate T.J. Oshie.“It’s nice to know that he has confidence in his stick.”

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro is praised for its ability to offer great balance, accuracy and power with unmatched aerodynamics. Its design also makes it one of the most visually appealing sticks on the market.

In conclusion, if you are a hockey player who needs a reliable stick that will help take your game up a notch, then consider investing in the same model used by Alexander Ovechkin himself. The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro can give you top-of-the-line performance and make you feel like king or queen on ice even when you’re off it.

The ‘Ovech-kin Stick’

There is no doubt that Alexander Ovechkin is one of the greatest hockey players in history. The Russian winger has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his impressive career, holding several NHL records and leading the Washington Capitals to their first Stanley Cup championship in 2018. It’s safe to say that many aspiring hockey players look up to him.

So what kind of stick does Ovechkin use? Well, he currently uses a modified version of the CCM Ribcor Reckoner stick, which was released around 2016. However, it’s not just any ordinary stick as it features some unique customizations tailored specifically for him.

Ovechkin himself shared:“I have my own curve created by me with CCM, “ “it’s called ‘P28 Iginla/Backstrom’. Actually now we switched back to original Backstrom curve with ccm”

Accordingly, the “Iginala/Backstrom” pattern or sometimes referred as the P89 shape — named after former teammate Nicklas Backstrom (or Jarome Iginla) – gives Ovi more accuracy on slapshots from further out whilst reducing its movement making aiming easier when sniping at net.

In addition to this alteration, he also prefers an extended length plus extra stiffness for added power and strength behind each shot. He cuts off about two inches off tall sticks like most other NHL players do but asks them tapered down even thinner compared to others due to his preference in handling ability balance between control and forceful shots. Furthermore resulting flex point style ensures cross corner one-time game winners!

A memorable example of his outstanding shooting abilities came during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018 when he scored an incredible goal against Tampa Bay Lightning. Ovechkin received the puck from John Carlson and fired a shot into the top right corner of the net that pushed his team ahead by one point where they then went on to win.

In summary, Alexander Ovechkin’s stick is perhaps just as unique as his playing style. Other players have tried to emulate it or find something similar but so far, nobody has been able to match his success using this modified CCM Ribcor Reckoner – P28 curve/extended blade combination!

A stick so good, it’s named after the player who uses it.

In hockey, choosing the right equipment is crucial for any player. From gloves to skates and helmets, everything matters. But one of the most important pieces of gear a player needs is their stick. And when we talk about sticks that make history in hockey, we cannot forget Alexander Ovechkin’s CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro Stick.

Ovechkin has been playing with this iconic stick since its launch in 2019. The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro Stick was designed exclusively for him based on his unique gameplay style and preferences. This design philosophy makes sense since he is considered one of the most talented players in NHL history and has won countless awards, including eight Rocket Richards Trophies as the league’s leading goal scorer.

“I like lighter sticks with kind of a whippy blade, “ says Ovechkin.

This statement by Ovi explains why his signature stick feels different than others in your hand – it really does have a whip-like effect on shots which helps generate more power but also allows for quicker release times giving goaltenders less chance to react allowing Alexes uncanny shooting talent to shine through even brighter during games!

The new innovative technology used in its construction not only gave birth to an ultra-lightweight product but increased puck control thanks to advanced grip materials while maintaining stability without sacrificing durability! For those looking to get their hands on an elite-level piece at retail pricing look no further than obtaining yourself some pro-stock items featuring similar specs albeit graphics styled differently per team or suppliers manufacturing methods etc each will help elevate performance just like what you would expect from top-end company stock made products such as these tested-and-proven sticks developed alongside superstar fellow athletes too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of hockey stick does Ovechkin use?

Alexander Ovechkin uses CCM ribcor trigger 4 pro ice hockey sticks. He has even signed a deal with them and endorses their equipment, which includes his customized Ribcor Trigger 5 Stick.He changed from Bauer to CCM in the year 2010-2011 season.

Does Ovechkin use a customized hockey stick?

Alex dons a custom-made version of this stick named “Ribcor Trigger.” His customized options include extended length, softer midsection flex(85), smaller grip size (Staal style), special color ways along with autographs both graphically printed and hand-signed.The customization make sure that whatever he need any changes would be made according to get the best performance out of it every time.

What is the weight of Ovechkin’s hockey stick?

The standard weight for most retail versions models are around 420 grams. However, Ovehckin’s personal choice for regulation game-play weighs approximately between 415-431 gms depending upon how much tape is added.Similarly all professional players have similar preferences regarding these minor variations.Very few manufacturers like Bauer advertise different weights on their sticks which provide the retailers and buyers more flexibility while choosing the product.

What is the flex rating of Ovechkin’s hockey stick?

Ovechkin uses a medium to stiff 85-flex rate for his customized Ribcor Trigger right-handed curve blade, it suits his build and shooting style perfectly.This measurement determines how much force you need to apply onto your stick before its shaft bends by one inch (or centimeter), harder needs more strength behind each strike compared with softer ones.

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