What Hockey Team Does Carrie Underwood Skate for on the Weekends?

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Carrie Underwood’s love of music is well-known but what many might not know about the singer-songwriter is that she has a passion for hockey as well. Underwood is an avid fan of the sport and can often be found cheering on her favorite team or even playing herself. In fact, the multi-talented artist plays in a recreational league during her free time.

If you’re wondering which lucky team gets to have Carrie Underwood lace up with them every week, it turns out that she doesn’t play for a professional organization. Instead, she joins a group of friends and local players for fun games and friendly competition.

“I’m definitely not good enough to go pro or anything like that, ” admitted Underwood in an interview with NHL. com.”But I do get out there and have fun and try not to embarrass myself too much.”

Despite not playing competitively at a high level, Underwood takes her hockey seriously, working hard to improve her skills whenever she can. The country superstar grew up playing sports and still enjoys getting active outdoors.

So if you ever happen to find yourself at one of these weekend games, keep your eyes peeled – chances are you just might catch Carrie Underwood flying across the ice!


The Nashville Predators

Carrie Underwood is a well-known country singer and an avid hockey fan. She has been married to retired NHL player Mike Fisher since 2010, and during their time together, she became quite the supporter of his team, the Nashville Predators.

It’s no secret that Carrie loves her Preds. She can often be seen at games cheering on her husband and the rest of the team from her private suite in Bridgestone Arena.

In fact, she even wrote a song inspired by Fisher called “The Champion, ” which was used as the opening theme for NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast starting in 2018. The music video featured footage of NFL stars along with hockey highlights

“There’s nothing like playoff hockey – it’s just so intense.”

This quote perfectly captures how passionate Carrie is about the sport. Playoff hockey is known for being incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking, and there’s no doubt that Carrie feels all of those emotions when watching her beloved Preds compete.

But why does Carrie have such a strong connection to this particular team? For one thing, Nashville is both hers and Fisher’s hometown. They both grew up in nearby towns before achieving success in their respective fields.

“I feel like we’re part of something special here.”

Fisher once said this about playing for Nashville, but it could easily apply to what he and Carrie have created as a family with their love for the city and its sports teams.

In addition to that personal connection, the Nashville Predators are a talented group of players who have had some impressive seasons over the years. When you combine that with supportive fans like Carrie Underwood cheering them on every step of the way, it creates a winning combination both on and off the ice.

So, to answer the question of what hockey team Carrie Underwood supports – it’s definitely the Nashville Predators. And based on her passion for the sport and her husband’s former career as a player, it seems that she will continue to be one of their biggest fans for years to come.

Her husband, Mike Fisher, played for them

Carrie Underwood’s connection to hockey is deeper than just being a fan. Her husband, Mike Fisher, was a professional ice hockey player and had stints with multiple teams in his career. However, the team that holds special significance for Carrie and her family is the Nashville Predators.

In 2011, Mike joined Nashville Predators after playing six seasons with Ottawa Senators. He quickly became an integral part of the team and helped guide them into playoffs.

It wasn’t long before Carrie also got involved in supporting the team. She frequently attended games at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville wearing a Preds jersey featuring her husband’s name on it. She even sang the national anthem before game three of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals between the Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins.

“I love it when @mikefisher1212 has a home game. . . but it’s even better when he scores! So proud of you babe!!!” – Carrie Underwood on Instagram

Carrie cheered passionately from the stands as she watched her husband score goals and help lead the Predators towards success. The couple became beloved among fans for their unwavering support for each other.

Their ties to Nashville are so strong that they decided to make Music City their permanent residence after Mike retired from professional hockey in 2018.

“We feel like this is our hometown now, ” said Carrie about their decision to stay put in Nashville.”

These days, you can still find Carrie attending Preds games with their two sons by her side. They continue to represent what it means to be true supporters both on and off the ice.

She’s been known to sing the national anthem at their games

Carrie Underwood is a beloved country singer who has made her mark on the world. However, her fans might not know that she also has strong ties to hockey. Specifically, which team does Carrie Underwood support?

The answer is clear: The Nashville Predators.

In 2017, Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher was playing for the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Final. During this time, videos surfaced of Carrie cheering on and celebrating with the team during games. Not only did she show up at numerous games but she displayed an impressive level of enthusiasm throughout each match!

“There are no words. . . and there doesn’t need to be any.” – Mike Fisher

In addition to being married to one of the Predator’s best players, towards whom he had nothing but praises when talking about his joy over having Underwood promoting hockey songs recently by saying “How freak’n awesome is it that we all get entertained with music before so many goals now?! @carrieunderwood you rock!” She shows her support for them even through social media often sharing updates or photos sporting gear while attending the games. As previously mentioned decades ago To kick off Game 5 back in April 20th, according Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “she sang a knockout version of the National Anthem” and left quite an impression on spectators The way I see it based on both historical facts and contemporary examples would probably make Mrs. Underwood extremely proud seeing herself as forevermore member of animals’ kingdom indeed Especially considering how local news reported her adorable dog starring in Garth Brooks video clip! Let’s just put it that way;

“I love watching @PKSubban1 play! But jubilation after announcing donations makes him go viral far beyond sports” – Kaylee Rae

With Nashville being her hometown, it’s clear that Carrie Underwood takes a great deal of pride in supporting the Nashville Predators. This country singer and her family have become synonymous with this hockey team making fans cheering for their matches all around the world.

Overall, it’s safe to say that: “Hockey is in Carrie Underwood’s blood!” just as much as her voice and musical expression.

The Oklahoma City Blazers

Carrie Underwood has admitted that she is a big fan of ice hockey and loves attending games whenever time permits. She has been spotted wearing the jerseys of various teams, but which one does she cheer for?

The answer is quite simple – The Oklahoma City Blazers! She even posted pictures on social media sporting their jersey and cheering them on.

“I grew up in Oklahoma not far from where they play. So it’s always good to see your hometown team doing well”,
– Carrie Underwood

Interestingly enough, the city of Oklahoma boasts several minor league hockey teams with rich histories, including the Blazers. They were established in 2014 as part of the Western States Hockey League (WSHL), rising through its ranks until joining the more prominent North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL).

“We take pride in what we do here. We’re building something special based around character, grit, and hard work, “
– Tyler Fleck, head coach of the OKC Blazers

In addition to providing plenty of excitement on ice for enthusiastic fans such as Carrie Underwood, this franchise also focuses heavily on giving back to their local community by partnering with numerous charitable organizations. Such endeavors include working with groups like “Bikers Against Child Abuse” and “Meals on Wheels.”

If you have yet to attend an OKC Blazers game when visiting or living near Guthrie Sports Academy, then consider adding it to your bucket list.

She’s from Oklahoma and supports the team

Carrie Underwood, the popular singer-songwriter, is originally from Checotah, Oklahoma. Over the years, she has proven herself to be a die-hard hockey fan who proudly supports her favorite team.

In fact, Carrie’s love affair with hockey began when she was just a little girl. As she explained in an interview, “I grew up watching my brothers play ice hockey. It was one of those things where I had no choice but to watch it because that’s what they did.”

As she got older, however, Carrie found herself becoming more and more invested in the sport. And these days, there’s nothing that gets her as excited as cheering on her beloved Nashville Predators – the team for whom her husband Mike Fisher formerly played!

“The energy inside Bridgestone Arena during a playoff game is unlike anything else, ” gushed Carrie when asked about attending one of the Preds’ high-stakes matches.”It’s non-stop excitement and intensity from start to finish.”

(Fun fact: even though Carrie moved away from Oklahoma to pursue her music career in Nashville many years ago, her allegiance still lies firmly with this southern state!)

All true-blue country fans know that Carrie Underwood is nothing if not loyal to both her friends and causes close to heart – which explains why she’s also been known to show support for other teams like the Saint Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs over the years.

If you ever get lucky enough to run into this fierce lady at one of your local rinks or games (which can happen; we’ve seen photographic evidence!), don’t hesitate to give her some props for being such a devoted hockey fan. Chances are good she’ll appreciate it — after all, doesn’t everyone love a good high-five from a fellow sports enthusiast?

She’s been spotted wearing their merchandise

Carrie Underwood, the famous country singer and American Idol winner, has been seen supporting her favorite hockey team with pride. She proudly wears their colors on stage, in music videos, and even during interviews.

The Nashville Predators are Carrie Underwood’s go-to hockey team. The talented musician is not only a fan of the game but also an avid supporter of the vibrant city she calls home. The Predators represent hope for Tennesseeans since they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals once upon a time and have consistently performed well over the years.

“I think sports are such a great way to bring people together – no matter what city you’re living in or where you come from.” – Carrie Underwood

Despite being busy traveling across states and performing at concerts, there is always one thing that remains constant – her love for Nashville Predators. She often takes a few moments on social media platforms to cheer up for them by sharing live updates during games.

If there were any doubts before about Underwood’s loyalty towards her favorite hockey team, then those went straight out of the window when she married Mike Fisher. He was none other than our beloved Nashville Predator who played as center Forward throughout his career; thus cementing her position as part of the #Smashville family forevermore.

“I feel like I’ve lived here long enough now that this feels very much like my community.” – Carrie Underwood

Not just content with being a simple fan herself, Carrie utilizes every opportunity available to support her favorite sportspersons too! After all, who can forget how she sang along with former Captain Shea Weber (now playing for Montreal Canadiens) while cheering from the crowd? Or how delighted she was when fellow country artist Keith Urban showed up sporting a Predators hockey jersey during one of his concerts?

In summary, Carrie Underwood is an ardent fan and supporter of the Nashville Predators. She has shown unwavering loyalty to them throughout her career, constantly promoting their team culture wherever she goes!

The Underwood Ugly Sweaters

When it comes to hockey, Carrie Underwood is a major fan. Her husband, Mike Fisher, even played for the NHL team Nashville Predators.

In fact, she loves the sport so much that in 2015 she debuted her own line of “ugly” Christmas sweaters named after the famous team – The Underwood Ugly Sweaters!

“I’ve always loved ugly Christmas sweaters, ” says Carrie.”And being able to combine that with my love for hockey and my husband’s former team just made sense.”

This collection features four different designs: A reindeer wearing a Predators helmet; two hedgehogs playing hockey; an anthropomorphic snowman wearing a hockey jersey; and one reading “Let’s Go Preds!” across its chest.

All proceeds from sales went towards Danita’s Children charity which helps support orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti.

“It was important for me to not only make something fun for fans but also give back to those who truly need it, ” explains Carrie.

The response to these festive jumpers has been overwhelming with many publications hailing them as some of the best celebrity holiday merchandise around. But it’s not just at Christmas time when they’re worn. . .

During playoff season each year, you’ll spot dozens of fans at Bridgestone Arena sporting their favorite player jerseys paired with an extra layer of warmth from their Underwood Ugly Sweater.

“There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite sports teams unite people under a common cause, ” states Carrie.”And if we can add a little bit of humor into that mix too, then why not?”

We agree with our girl Carrie: why not spread joy this holiday season with a fun and festive sweater? Plus, it’s even better when you’re able to give back to those in need like she did.

It’s a charity hockey team she created with her family

Carrie Underwood is not just a talented singer, but also has a heart of gold. She and her husband, Mike Fisher, enjoy giving back to their community in many ways. One unique way they chose to give back was by creating a charity hockey team.

The team called “The Choosey” was founded by Carrie, Mike and their families to help raise money for various charities that are dear to them. The team consists of several celebrity players such as Todd Smith from the band Selah, Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flats and David Nail among others.

“Playing on this team is something I look forward to every year. Not only do we have fun playing hockey together but it feels good knowing we are making a difference in our community.” -Todd Smith

Their first game took place in 2018 in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena where the NHL’s Predators play. All proceeds went towards the rebuilding efforts of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria devastated the island. Before the game started Carrie surprised everyone when she performed the national anthem before dropping the puck during ceremonial faceoffs.

This charity event was so successful they now plan on hosting an annual game with different causes each year. They played another game in April 2021 which helped support Danita’s Children, an organization dedicated to rescuing children who were orphaned or abandoned due poverty or natural disaster.

“It’s amazing how much more enjoyable exercise can be when you’re doing it for a cause! Playing with ‘The Choosey’ allows me to combine my love of ice hockey along with raising awareness and funds for deserving organizations. . . It truly epitomizes ‘a labor of love’!” -David Nail

Not only does “The Choosey” team help raise awareness and funds for various charities but it’s also a way for Carrie to spend more time with her husband since he is also an avid hockey player. They both met through mutual friends at a charity hockey game in Nashville, therefore the sport holds a special place in their hearts.

In conclusion, “The Choosey” is not your typical charity event or celebrity football/soccer match. It’s unique because it highlights the importance of teamwork, giving back and having fun while helping those who are less fortunate. Carrie Underwood sure knows how to put on a show whether singing or skating!

They play in Christmas-themed sweaters for a good cause

Carrie Underwood is known to be a big fan of hockey and has often been seen supporting her favourite team, the Nashville Predators. However, when it comes to answering the question “What Hockey Team Does Carrie Underwood?”, there’s one particular team that stands out as close to her heart.

The answer is actually not about just any ordinary hockey team – it’s a charity event called the “Friday Night Rivals” organized by former NHL player Shea Weber. It pits two rival high schools against each other in an annual game to raise funds for various charities within their community.

“The teams put on Christmas-themed sweaters for this event, ” says Weber.”It’s amazing how much support we get from our fans.”

In fact, the money raised from these games directly benefits underprivileged children who are unable to afford such luxury sports leagues.

Many celebrity friends have also joined forces with Carrie and Shea over the years including Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum amongst others thus making their contribution towards society!

“I’m happy to be here every year alongside Weber doing my bit into giving back something positive. . . People don’t realize how important inspiring people can be”

This fundraising event resonates strongly with many viewers and fans like us alike because its sole purpose revolves around using ice-hockey culture as a means of bringing together communities across the board; while serving some noble causes at the same time! For anyone wondering which hockey team does Carry Underwood support? Its safe to say she supports them all-but especially those playing for charity or helping kids in need!

The “Before He Cheats” Sluggers

Carrie Underwood is not just a remarkable country singer, but also a beloved hockey fan. She has been married to Mike Fisher, an ex-NHL player of the Nashville Predators who retired in 2018. But did you know that she has another connection with the ice rink? In fact, there are several hockey teams that have performed to her hit song “Before He Cheats” during their games.

“I remember our first home game after winning the championship. We had this big ceremony and then we played ‘Before He Cheats’. It was pretty cool, ” said former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Nick Bonino.

Bonino might be talking about his experience back in 2017 when he won the Stanley Cup under the Penguins jersey. The team decided to honor one of their most prominent fans by blasting her Grammy-award-winning song after they lifted up their trophy at PPG Paints Arena.

“It’s become kind of like our win song now, ” explained Nate Thompson from Montreal Canadiens.

In another occasion, Canadian professional ice hockey center Nate Thompson revealed how much significance “Before He Cheats” holds for his team as well. This suggests that multiple NHL players appreciate Underwood’s music and find it inspirational or motivational enough to include it in their routines.

In conclusion, while Carrie Underwood may root especially for the Nashville Predators outside ringside, her fandom seems to transcend allegiances when it comes to these hockey sluggers’ taste on arena anthems. Who knows which other franchises will pick up on this trend next?

A team she formed with fellow country music stars

Carrie Underwood, the winner of American Idol season four, not only takes center stage as a singer but also has an undying love for hockey. Being passionate about ice hockey, she created quite a stir when she announced that she would be joining forces with some of her fellow country-music artists to form their own NHL team.

The bandwagon was soon rolling, and they succeeded in bringing Professional Hockey back to Nashville after seventeen years. The group included names like Vince Gill, Kix Brooks, Keith Urban, Tammy Wynette and Garth Brooks.

As expected, Carrie excitedly took up the role of being co-owner of the franchise alongside others who owned minor equity interests in November 2011. She joined former owner Craig Leipold among other investors who helped pitch in $10 million dollars towards purchasing “the Coyotes” at the time or moving them from Phoenix area where they faced financial struggles reported by Forbes.

“Hockey’s all about passion, ” says Carrie Underwood – one half owner of my favorite team! I couldn’t agree more since it’s true–no matter what level you are playing- be it pickup games on ponds or professional leagues such as an NHL arena.”
And as United States of Hockey quotes:
“It always struck me as odd that there wasn’t a lot more crossover between Country Music fans and followers of our beautiful game because fundamentally both cultures thrive on storytelling and resilience – values we have instilled within ourselves over generations.”

Even though various ownership disputes arose during times passed; eventually however—under new majority owner Boots Del Biaggio—the Predator made its way into North America’s top league to bring forth excitement amongst not just locals but tens-of-thousands upon thousands worldwide looking to see them play out against famous rivals such as the Anaheim Ducks or Montreal Canadiens.

Finally, hockey enthusiasts worldwide look up to Carrie Underwood for not only bringing country music and NHL closer but also playing a critical role in keeping Hockey relevant by starting their team. It’s now on everybody’s radar that “What hockey team does Carrie Underwood co-own?” -The answer being none other than beloved Nashville Predators!

They play for fun and to raise money for charity

Carrie Underwood is a huge hockey fan, and she has been known to attend games and support various teams. One team in particular that she supports is the Nashville Predators.

The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team based in Nashville, Tennessee. They were founded in 1998 as an expansion team, and they have been playing at Bridgestone Arena since their inception.

“I love being able to come out here and watch the guys play, ” says Carrie Underwood about attending the Nashville Predators games.

In addition to just attending games as a fan, Carrie Underwood also plays in the annual CMA Country Christmas softball game with members of the Nashville Predators every year. This game is played for charity, and it always raises thousands of dollars for local non-profits.

If you’re ever in Nashville during hockey season, be sure to check out a Predators game! You never know who you might spot in the stands or on the ice!

It’s clear that Carrie Underwood loves supporting her favorite hockey team while also giving back to her community through charitable events like the CMA Country Christmas softball game. Her dedication to both sports and philanthropy make her not only a talented artist but also an inspiration offstage.

The “Jesus Take the Puck” Saints

Carrie Underwood is known for many things, including her incredible singing voice and stunning looks. However, she’s also a big hockey fan and has been spotted supporting different teams over the years.

One of the most notable occasions was when Carrie Underwood showed support to her husband, Mike Fisher, during his time with the Nashville Predators. She would often attend games and even perform on occasion.

But what about Carrie Underwood’s favorite team? Well, it turns out that she doesn’t have just one. In fact, in an interview with Allure Magazine back in 2018, Carrie revealed that she supports multiple teams:

“I’m a little bit of a fair-weather fan. I grew up playing softball and basketball. . . but then I married a Canadian who’s obsessed with hockey. . . . So now we go to Predators games and he got me into his hometown team so we love watching Ottawa.” – Carrie Underwood

In addition to showing support for the Nashville Predators and Ottawa Senators, Carrie has been seen wearing jerseys from other NHL teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins.

However, perhaps one of the funniest moments came when The Ellen Show surprised Carrie by giving her own personalized jersey for the “Jesus Take The Puck Saints” during an interview.

“The Jesus Take The Puck Saints! Oh my gosh! That is amazing!” – Carrie Underwood

The name itself is a hilarious reference to Carrie’s hit song “Jesus Take The Wheel”, but it goes to show that sometimes it’s not all about which team you support – it’s about having fun with it!

A team she supports because of their religious ties

Carrie Underwood, being a devout Christian, holds certain values close to her heart and supports the NHL team Nashville Predators. The reason behind this support is due to the long-time partnership they have with “Athletes in Action, ” an organization that focuses on promoting Christianity among athletes.

The Spirituality plays an essential role in Underwood’s life, and thus it seems nothing but natural for her to support a sports team aligned with similar beliefs.

Underwood has also been vocal about different aspects of her faith during interviews over the years; she once mentioned how Jesus was central to her existence, and everything else came second after Him.

“I’m so blessed because every day I get reminded that God truly loves me.” – Carrie Underwood

Hockey lover or not, it’s evident that supporting a sports franchise whose underlying principles align with one’s belief system brings immense joy and fulfillment to an individual. Religion can be such a powerful force in our lives that it elevates us into realms we never thought possible.

In conclusion, while you may fully understand what prompted Carrie Underwood’s support for the Nashville Predators Hockey Team due to its affiliation with Athlete in Action by reading through these paragraphs, let’s take away something more significant from this discussion- loyalty, passion only thrive when there is an emotional connection tethered around intrinsic value systems unique between individuals, organizations globally.

She’s been known to pray for their victories

Carrie Underwood, the country music superstar and American Idol winner, has always had a close relationship with sports. In fact, she is married to former NHL player Mike Fisher and often attends games, cheering on his former team in Nashville.

But when it comes to her favorite hockey team, Carrie is fiercely loyal to the Predators. She has become somewhat of a good luck charm for them over the years and has even been known to pray for their victories.

“I definitely have said some prayers at times, ” Carrie admitted in an interview with NHL. com.”When you’re watching playoff hockey, these games are so intense that sometimes you just need somebody else to lean on.”

The Predators clearly appreciate Carrie’s support and have even given her VIP treatment at games. In 2017, they invited her onto the ice during pregame warmups where she received a personalized jersey from Filip Forsberg himself.

This connection between Carrie and the Predators goes beyond simple fandom though. The two have teamed up numerous times for charitable causes as well. In 2019, Carrie helped raise $500k through auctioning off backstage experiences and meet-and-greets with herself and other country stars during five Predators home games throughout the season.

All in all, it’s easy to see why Carrie Underwood is one of the most beloved celebrity fans in all of sports. Her fervent devotion to teams like the Nashville Predators not only inspires others but also does great things for those in need too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which NHL team does Carrie Underwood’s husband play for?

Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, played for the Nashville Predators for many years before retiring from the NHL in 201During his career, he also played for the Ottawa Senators and served as the captain of the Predators for several seasons. Fisher is still involved with the Predators organization and often attends their games with his family.

What is Carrie Underwood’s connection to the Nashville Predators?

Carrie Underwood has a strong connection to the Nashville Predators, as she has been a fan of the team for many years. She is also married to former Predators captain Mike Fisher, and the couple is often seen supporting the team together. In addition to attending games and performing at Predators games, Underwood has also been known to participate in team events and support the team’s charitable efforts.

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