What Hockey Team Is The Kraken?

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If you’re a hockey fan, then there’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard of the newest NHL expansion team: The Kraken. But what exactly is this “Kraken” and where did it come from?

“The name ‘Kraken’ was inspired by the legendary sea monster of Scandinavian folklore, ” said Tod Leiweke, CEO of the Seattle Kraken.

The Seattle Kraken is a professional ice hockey team based in Seattle, Washington. They were founded on December 4th, 2018 as the National Hockey League’s (NHL) thirty-second franchise.

So far, the Kraken have yet to play their first official game – but fans are already gearing up for their debut season which begins in October 2021. Their home arena will be at the newly constructed Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

“We want to create something iconic here in Seattle – not just another hockey team, ” Leiweke added. Everything about our brand reflects how we feel about our city and our Northwest community.”

A unique aspect of the Kraken is their jerseys which feature a striking shade of teal blue with accents of navy and white. The logo depicts a tentacle wrapped around an anchor – an homage to both the mythological creature and Seattle’s maritime history.

With such an exciting new addition to the NHL family, one thing is for sure: everyone will be keeping a close eye on what kind of splash the Kraken makes during its inaugural season!

Release the Kraken!

If there is one thing that hockey fans are eagerly waiting for, it’s Seattle’s National Hockey League (NHL) expansion team to take the ice in 2021-22. This newest addition to the league has been dubbed “The Kraken, ” an ominous name that conjures up images of a legendary sea monster destroying ships with its tentacles.

The creation of this new team was met with great enthusiasm from both locals and sports enthusiasts alike. There were plenty of suggestions for what the team should be named, but ultimately “Kraken” was chosen as it’s quite unique and can represent some creative branding strategies.

“We’re going to set out trying to establish Seattle as having one of the most fabulous arenas around, ” said David Bonderman – Co-owner of The Kraken

The Kraken isn’t just making waves because of their attention-grabbing name; they also have an impressive management team behind them. Led by General Manager Ron Francis and Head Coach Dave Hakstol, the club is already working hard towards preparing for their debut season.

So what kind of players will we see on The Kraken? Given that NHL teams must safeguard certain unprotected players during drafts where other sides select players who do not make it onto another side’s protected roster, it’s yet unclear which stars from other teams may end up putting on a Kraken sweater. .

Above all else though, The Kraken represents hope for many people who have been searching for something positive to rally around amidst all the turmoil currently surrounding us. For those itching to root on Seattle’s latest professional sports franchise let’s hold our breath until October when Seattle presents its first official game outfit against Las Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena!

A reference to the famous line from the movie Clash of the Titans.

Release the Kraken! Such a memorable line that sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. It reminds me of the mighty power and force that can emerge from the depths of the ocean, ready to take on any opponent.

In Seattle, there is a new sports team rising up with just as much might and ferocity – The Kraken hockey team. They will be joining the NHL in their inaugural season this year, bringing excitement and enthusiasm to fans all around.

“With its deep roots in maritime history, rich music scene and Pacific Northwest culture. . . Seattle should have a hockey franchise – period, ” says Bill Daly, deputy commissioner of the National Hockey League

Being a fan of ice hockey myself, I can understand why Seattle deserves its own team. The city has always been passionate about sports but was missing an outlet for those who loved the game of hockey. However, with The Kraken now prowling on home ice at Climate Pledge Arena, they are bringing together fans young and old alike.

The name itself conjures up images of strength and intimidation – perfect for a legendary monster such as The Kraken. It’s hard not to feel pumped up when watching them play; each player giving it their all while wearing their iconic navy blue uniforms adorned with a tentacled logo.

“We could see how strong our brand affiliation was growing among babies born during playoffs last summer.” says VP Everett Fitzhugh

This shows just how quickly The Kraken has become part of Seattle lore since being announced back in 2018. Everyone wants to say they were there when it all began; cheering through wins and losses and proudly displaying their merchandise throughout the city.

If you’re looking for a team to support that embodies the spirit of Seattle – strong, innovative and always pushing forward – then it’s time to jump on board with The Kraken. Who knows what legendary moments they will create in their first season and beyond?

The Seattle Expansion Team

Have you heard of the newest addition to the NHL? That’s right, it’s none other than the Seattle Kraken! This team was officially announced in December 2018 and will begin playing their inaugural season in October 2021. So what hockey team is the Kraken exactly?

“Seattle has a clear and passionate hockey culture that we saw with our own eyes during visits over the past year, ” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Founder David Bonderman had been involved in bringing an NBA franchise back to his hometown (Seattle) for years but instead decided on a different sport: ice hockey. His billionaire investment group renamed its company from “Sactown” (which refers to Sacramento Kings basketball team) to “Kraken Sports & Entertainment”. Since then, this mystical sea creature hasn’t gone unnoticed by sports enthusiasts who are excited about another Pacific Northwest rivalry.

“I think there’s something fascinating about maritime mythology and this idea of what lies beneath us, ” says filmmaker Cameron Crowe. “It evokes fantasy and fear at the same time.”

As reported by ESPN, legendary former Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock believes success for this Sedna-inspired excites him as much as any new club he can recall – one reason being they value individuality. The city already knows how to support a successful franchise considering Seahawks and Mariners fan bases but also enthusiastic fans celebrating them even when losing seasons occur; so we’ve got no doubts that soon enough these players will become household names!

Naturally, like anyone else just entering into Hockey history, there are some areas that need attention before jumping straight into top tier performance status e. g. , skilled shooters or additional goal-tending personnel acquisitions appear necessary items especially if optimistic coaches want ticket revenue records smashed – hopefully arriving sooner rather later because we know Seattle takes their sports very seriously.

“The Kraken name and logo was designed to embody the characteristics of a sea beast—a fearsome, goliath creature that can inhale ships—while paying tribute to the maritime culture of Seattle, ” explained Vice President of Marketing Heidi Dettmer

The executives at Kraken Sports & Entertainment have been busy all season preparing for this next step. From assembling front office staff like Head Coach Dave Hakstol and General Manager Ron Francis to building an impressive marketing campaign using state-of-the-art virtual models demonstrating home turf T-Mobile Arena in thrilling ways. The NHL’s newest addition is one team worth keeping your eyes on!

How the Kraken is the newest addition to the NHL.

The National Hockey League (NHL) has expanded once again, adding a new team to its roster. The Seattle Kraken officially became the 32nd franchise and began playing in the league during the 2021-2022 season.

This was an exciting moment for fans of hockey who have long awaited their arrival. Seattle is already known for its passionate sports culture with die-hard supporters cheering on their favorite teams no matter what. Adding this new team only adds fuel to the fire and expands what it means to be part of that community.

“I’m thrilled at how our fanbase has embraced us from the start, ” said Tod Leiweke, CEO of Kraken Sports & Entertainment.”We are excited about what we can accomplish together.”

The decision to add a new expansion team may seem like a simple one, but there are many moving parts involved in bringing a newcomer into such a well-established league as the NHL. It takes careful planning, teamwork, and support from local businesses, government officials, and, most importantly – fans.

The process took several years before everything came together perfectly. A variety of factors had to be considered before finally awarding Seattle its very own pro-hockey team. However, throughout all stages of development, those involved truly believed this was going to be something special.

“Creating an NHL franchise in Seattle represents an evolution for professional sports business models. . .” explained Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. com Inc. , which owns KeyArena where Kraken will play until Climate Pledge Arena completion.

One unique aspect of this particular expansion stems from being able to set up shop near some already successful franchises located within driving distance such as Vancouver Canucks or Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers in Canada; San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings in California. This close proximity allows for easy travel arrangements among team members while still maintaining a healthy competition between nearby cities.

Seattle Kraken has also come with new exciting merchandise that appeals to hockey fans everywhere; people can show their support by sporting the name of this newly-added team on clothing items or just buying gear like T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets as well as stickers ect. . For those who have always been into hockey but felt left out without any proper identification may feel complete now thanks to Kraken’s timely arrival.

“We’ve seen a rush of excitement from Seattleites and others around the country who identify with our brand, ” said Zac Neubauer, Sr. Director of Marketing at Kraken Sports & Entertainment.”

This is indeed an exciting time for everyone involved – players, coaches, management staff and especially its supporters. The newest addition to NHL expands beyond just traditional sports teams. It brings together people from all walks of life across various backgrounds under one banner – the love of ice hockey that unites us all!

What hockey team is the Kraken? This question has been on everyone’s mind ever since the National Hockey League announced that they were adding a new franchise based in Seattle. While many people are curious about the team itself, there’s something else about this expansion club that has caught my attention – its logo.

The Kraken’s logo is an unforgettable one, to say the least. It features a dark blue “S” that seems to be twisting and turning in on itself, as if some massive sea monster were trapped inside it. The overall effect is both ominous and mesmerizing at once.

“The first time I saw the Kraken’s logo, I was blown away, ” says graphic designer Samantha Moore.”It’s incredibly well designed – every element of it works perfectly together.”

Moore isn’t alone in her admiration for the Kraken’s logo. Fans across social media have praised its sleek design and originality. As someone who spent years studying graphic design myself, I can attest to how rare it is to see a sports team come up with such a unique symbol.

To me, what makes the Kraken’s logo so special is how much thought clearly went into creating it. For starters, the designers made sure to pick shades of blue that would evoke images of both icy waters (fittingly enough for a Pacific Northwest-based team) and deep ocean depths where creatures like krakens dwell.

In addition, they incorporated subtle details throughout the design that truly make it stand out from other logos in professional sports circles. For example, take another look at that S-shape: notice how each curve mirrors one another almost exactly? That kind of symmetry may seem small, but it goes a long way toward making this image feel cohesive and complete.

“I think the Kraken nailed it with this logo, ” says NHL analyst Emily Kaplan.”It just has that wow factor that makes you want to stare at it for hours.”

While we still don’t know what kind of impact the Seattle Kraken will have on the NHL once they begin playing in October 2021, there’s no denying that they’ve already made their mark when it comes to branding themselves. The Kraken’s logo is a triumph of design – and I can only hope other sports teams take note as they try to come up with logos of their own.

Seattle Kraken is the newest addition to National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, founded in 2018. The team has quickly become a sensation as it made several historic announcements like its name, mascot, uniform, and even its own beer brand

When we talk about Seattle Kraken, one thing that stands out besides their young age is their fierce logo- an S with an eye forming the shape of a tentacle from one end to another symbolizing the ferocious sea monster or Kraken known for tearing ships down and devouring sailors alive. But What Hockey Team Is The Kraken? The answer is simple: Seattle Kraken

“As soon as we landed on the name ‘Kraken, ‘ we knew this would be something distinctive”, says Lisa Chinn Vice President Marketing & Communications at NHL Seattle.”We wanted our fans to feel like every game was going to be a battle against a creature so compelling no opponent could possibly win.”

A lot of thought went into designing this incredible logo. From brainstorming sessions where designers sketched out some concepts before narrowing them down to the final design. One area of focus was ensuring that it reflected what makes Seattle special, which inevitably led them towards maritime histories—the city surrounded by water after all—so they started exploring different themes around mythological marine creatures until they settled upon krakens because nothing else seemed threatening enough for such an aggressive sport like hockey!

The color scheme reflects deep shades of blue contrasted with bright green – reminiscent of seaweed and underwater life forms commonly associated with oceans depths home to terrifying creatures like this violent cephalopod legend originating off Norway where stories describe vessels being dragged abruptly toward their watery doom without explanation matching precisely what this new franchise aims are; unbounded ambition both fearless and relentless.

One thing is for sure, with their unique and intimidating logo symbolizing the legendary Kraken, Seattle is going to be a force to reckon with in the NHL arena.

How it compares to other NHL logos.

The Kraken logo stands out from the rest of the National Hockey League (NHL) teams’ logos in terms of its unique design and color scheme. While most logos prioritize representing a team’s location or mascot, The Seattle Kraken’s bold use of negative space and minimalist design is quite distinct, making both fans and critics buzz about it.

However, although some might find The Kraken’s logo revolutionary, others see it as an oddball – particularly when compared with longstanding iconic NHL logos that have gained recognition across generations of hockey players and enthusiasts.

“At first glance, I didn’t love it, ” says NBC Sports commentator Joe Haggerty.”But after staring at it for a while, you appreciate how well-designed it really is.”

NBC Sports may give merit points to the new kid on the block; nonetheless, classic brands are classic because they stand the test of time.

If we compare The Kraken’s branding with established NHL big shots like Boston Bruins or Montreal Canadiens – two examples among many -, you’ll observe these individual designs borrow from their host cities’ identity—something Seattles’ franchise has intentionally crossed over by heralding into uncharted territory-based off mythological tales instead.

“We wanted something grand—an icon—that would represent all of Washington state but also remain simple, ” said graphic designer Fish McKenzie in an interview with ESPN.”

Critics can say what they will, but one thing remains objective: It still manages to capture thousands of wild imaginations who dream about watching this maritime creature take on rival teams


The Kraken’s Home Arena

As I step into the newly constructed KeyArena in Seattle, Washington, a sense of excitement rushes through my veins. This arena is not like any other, it’s where the newest addition to the National Hockey League (NHL) calls home: The Seattle Kraken.

The team was officially unveiled as the NHL’s 32nd franchise on July 23rd, 2020, with the name inspired by an infamous sea creature that terrorized sailors off the coast of Norway and Greenland during centuries-old legends.

“These creatures are very mystical and magical but also fierce, ” said Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL, “We felt this was a perfect opportunity for us.”

Taking inspiration from mythical folklore has proven successful before – just look at the Golden State Warriors who have won multiple championships while basing their branding on Greek mythology.

But aside from the captivating backstory behind their name, what sets them apart from other teams in their league? For starters, they’re located in one of America’s most exciting cities – known both for its thriving tech industry and famously passionate sports fans. But even beyond that, there’s another layer which makes this team unique. As a new expansion team within an already established traditional sport, nobody quite knows what to expect!

“It sends chills down your spine. . . it feels so fresh” says Ron Francis general manager of The Seattle Kraken

Regardless whether you’re familiar with hockey or entirely new to it- if you find yourself passing through Seattle be sure to head down to KeyArena; take in some amazing talent and join all-inclusive Kraken nation fan base cheering on our beloved locals. Something special is brewing here and without a doubt we’ll all witness history unfold right before our eyes as together we partake in a sport that has become so much more than just a physical game – it’s an endless wellspring of inspiration for little boys and girls all over the world, demonstrating what true teamwork and dedication can achieve.

A breakdown of the state-of-the-art arena that the Kraken will call home.

The Seattle Kraken is a brand new NHL expansion team, debuting in the 2021-2022 season. The team’s first-ever season tickets were sold out just hours after they became available to the general public – and it’s no wonder why. Not only are Kraken games anticipated to be incredibly exciting, but their home arena is also one of the most unique and beautiful sports venues around.

Climate Pledge Arena (formerly KeyArena), has undergone an incredible transformation over the past few years as part of its $930 million renovation project. This venue was designed with sustainability in mind; once known for being one of the least green arenas in all of pro sports, Climate Pledge now holds several awards for energy efficiency and waste reduction.

“We’re thrilled that our fans can feel really good about coming into our building every night, ” said Ron Francis, General Manager of the Seattle Kraken.”They know we’re operating one of the greenest facilities in North America.”

This beautifully modern arena seats up to 17, 000 hockey-loving fanatics per game. Though there won’t be any ice inside until closer to puck drop on opening night, you can already see what makes this place so special: artwork from more than 40 local artists fills almost every inch of wall space throughout Climate Pledge Arena. From murals depicting famous Seahawks football players to colorful portraits of musical legends like Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones, these paintings add visual delights at every turn.

In addition to some impressive locally sourced art gracing its walls, this NHL stadium is set up with some high-tech features as well — particular attention was paid to making sure social media influencers would have fun things to snap photos with! After all, when encouraging people to attend this brand new sports team’s games, every little bit counts. Giant LED screens throughout the arena means even your blurry selfie will have a vibrant backdrop.

If you’re lucky enough to score tickets to any of Kraken’s home games next season (once they start filling Climate Pledge Arena with ice), don’t forget to check out some of its luxury areas in-between periods! The stadium offers private club rooms for VIP guests along with lounges made just for premium ticket holders, so no matter how exclusive your seats may be, there is always another level of exclusivity waiting inside!

“Climate Pledge Arena has been designed not only as one of the most beautiful indoor venues in America but also as one that truly aligns with our mission to fight climate change and promote sustainability, ” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.”

Its location and unique features.

The Kraken is the newest hockey team in the National Hockey League(NHL) located in Seattle, Washington. They will be joining the Pacific Division of the Western Conference for their inaugural season which starts this year (2021). The Kraken’s home arena is called Climate Pledge Arena. It has a seating capacity of over 17, 000 spectators and was built on top of an old parking lot.

What makes Climate Pledge Arena unique is that it uses cutting-edge technology to reduce its environmental impact while providing fans with a fantastic experience. From solar panels spread across four roofs to rainwater collection tanks below ground level, everything from ice-making to resurfacing takes place using green methods such as reclaimed water.

“There’s no denying our planet faces pressing challenges, ” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos when announcing Climate Pledge Arena sponsorship by Amazon earlier this year.

This commitment echoes through all aspects of Stadium operations thus making the arena an eco-friendly facility as well as being newly designed stadium with modern amenities.

As for the Kraken franchise itself, one thing that sets them apart from other recently added NHL teams, like Las Vegas Golden Knights or Anaheim Ducks – is surely their name. Taking inspiration from coastal folklore creatures outlined in stories told throughout history around Puget Sound – a stretch where Seattle lies next too; With legendary accounts claiming these giant octopus-like sea monsters caused calamity at ships’ going’s-with-the-flow along Northern Americas’ coastline. According to lead owner David Bonderman – “It captures mystery, fluidity, ”

I think people are gonna love what we have put together both creatively and financially. ” Said part-owner Dave Wright about naming new krakens

The name “Kraken” also pays homage to Seattle’s rich maritime heritage since it is a seaport city with docks, waterways and shipping within its history books.

Another thing that makes the Kraken unique is their logo – which features an ‘S’ stylized to resemble the tentacle of an octopus – along with gray/blue and seafoam green colourway. The team’s mascot was also revealed as a giant blue octopus helmed after early Seattle legend Dave Tippett who helped design the uniform himself. The team has clearly gone all out on ensuring that everything from their name, to colours, symbol plucks at local lore for inspiration in creating distinct brand recognition in markets where Sea-hockey currently doesn’t exist!

Meet the Team

The Kraken is Seattle’s newest hockey team, founded in 2021. The arrival of this new team has created a buzz around town, and fans are excited to learn more about their hometown heroes.

The Kraken have assembled an impressive roster of players from across North America and Europe. One of the biggest stars on the team is Filip Forsberg, a Swedish forward who brings speed and skill to the ice. Another key player is defenseman Mark Giordano, who was recently acquired from the Calgary Flames after spending over a decade with that team.

“I’m thrilled to be part of such an exciting new franchise, ” says Giordano.”Seattle has a great sports culture, and I think we’re going to make some noise in our first season.”

In addition to these veterans, the Kraken also selected several promising young players at the 2021 NHL entry draft. One of these young stars is Matthew Beniers, a center who played for the University of Michigan last year before being drafted second overall by Seattle.

Another important aspect of any successful sports team is coaching, and the Kraken have attracted some top talent in that department as well. Head coach Dave Hakstol has led teams at various levels over his career and previously coached at the professional level with the Philadelphia Flyers for five seasons.

“We’ve got a really great mix of experience and youthful energy on this team, ” says Hakstol.”I’m excited to see what we can do together.”

Of course, no discussion about hockey would be complete without mentioning goaltending. This position is critical to any successful team, and it looks like Seattle will have two strong options between the pipes. Veteran goalie Philipp Grubauer was signed as a free agent during the offseason after posting excellent numbers with the Colorado Avalanche last year. In addition, the Kraken also drafted goalie Jesper Wallstedt in the first round of this year’s draft, and he is seen as a potential superstar in years to come.

With such talented players and coaches on board, there are high hopes for the Kraken’s inaugural season. They will be playing in the Pacific Division of the NHL’s Western Conference and will face off against traditional rival teams like the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks.

“We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, ” says Forsberg.”But I think if we stick together and play our game, we can surprise some people this year.”

A look at some of the key players on the Kraken’s roster.

The Seattle Kraken is a new team in the NHL, having joined as an expansion franchise for the 2021-22 season. While they don’t have a long history like many other teams in the league, there are already some notable players on their roster.

One such player is Filip Forsberg, who was acquired from the Nashville Predators during the expansion draft. Forsberg has been a consistent scorer throughout his career and will be counted on to contribute offensively for the Kraken.

“I’m excited to join this new team and help build something special here in Seattle, ” said Forsberg when asked about joining the Kraken.

In addition to Forsberg, the Kraken also added Jordan Eberle from the New York Islanders. Eberle has had success playing alongside John Tavares and Mathew Barzal in New York and will bring that experience to Seattle.

Another important member of the team is Yanni Gourde, who was acquired from Tampa Bay Lightning. Gourde is known for his strong two-way play and penalty-killing ability – traits that will be valuable to any team looking to win games.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes to help this team win, ” said Gourde in a recent interview with ESPN.

While these three players may stand out, there are many others on the Kraken’s roster who could make significant contributions this season. It remains to be seen how successful this new team will be but one thing is certain – they have put together a talented group of players who seem poised for success.

How they were acquired and their potential impact on the team.

The Kraken is a newly-formed National Hockey League (NHL) team, based in Seattle, Washington. The team was announced as an expansion franchise by the NHL back in December 2018. There has been high anticipation for this new addition to the league, especially among avid hockey lovers and sports enthusiasts.

In preparation for its debut season in October 2021, the Kraken held an extensive player draft process to acquire players from other teams of the NHL. In July 2021, they selected 30 players that will form their initial roster for the upcoming season, which includes experienced veterans and promising young talents alike.

“The Kraken have done a great job building their inaugural roster through free agency signings and trades, “

said Steve Yzerman, general manager of Detroit Red Wings.

Most notably among these acquisitions include goaltender Chris Driedger from Florida Panthers who earned a. 927 save percentage last season; defenseman Adam Larsson from Edmonton Oilers who averaged almost 20 minutes of ice-time per game during his six-year stint with them; Joonas Donskoi from Colorado Avalanche who scored at least one point in each of his first seven playoff games last season.

“With these additions to their lineup, I believe the Kraken will be able to make a strong case for themselves right from the start. Their defense looks particularly solid, “

said Bobby Orr, former defenseman of Boston Bruins.

Moreover, head coach Dave Hakstol himself brings years of experience coaching collegiate-level American hockey programs such as North Dakota Fighting Hawks. His most notable achievement came when he guided them to win NCAA national championships eight times between 2005-2016.

Overall, the Kraken has put together an impressive formation of its debut team through a combination of draft picks and free-agent signings. It looks promising that they will be competitive against some well-established NHL teams in their initial season.

Notable players from other NHL teams that were left unprotected in the expansion draft.

The Seattle Kraken officially became the 32nd franchise in the National Hockey League on July 21, 2021. As with every expansion draft, each team was allowed to protect a select number of their existing players, leaving some top talent available for the Kraken to pick up. Here are some notable players from other NHL teams who were left unprotected in the expansion draft:

Firstly, standout defenseman and former Norris Trophy winner Shayne Gostisbehere of the Arizona Coyotes could be an attractive option for the Kraken’s blue line. Known for his offensive prowess and strong skating abilities, Gostisbehere has been a staple on defense throughout his career and would be an excellent addition to any team looking for talent on both ends of the ice.

Another player worth considering is Yanni Gourde of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite being counted among one of their top centers, Gourde remains unprotected by Tampy Bay due to salary cap concerns. His versatility as a penalty killer and faceoff specialist make him an ideal fit for any team fighting hard for possession in key moments during games.

“Being drafted by Seattle does come with expectations, ” says Ryan S Clark of The Athletic about potential acquisition Gabriel Landeskog.”But he’d get full control there – captaincy handed over and it’s his show.”

Gabriel Landeskog is also rumored to still potentially take a spot on Seattle’s roster despite reports indicating he may re-sign with Colorado instead. A proven leader and offensive machine since being picked second overall in 2011, Landeskog would bring leadership experience alongside scoring expertise at both even strength and power play opportunities.

The Los Angeles Kings exposed veteran winger Dustin Brown, who has a vast amount of postseason experience and unique intangibles to provide his new team. Known for being an influential leader in the locker room and having success as both a goal scorer and defensive forward throughout his career, Brown could be counted on by Seattle’s younger talent as they begin their journey into NHL history.

Lastly, goaltending is always at a premium within the league, and Jake Allen is one player worth taking notice of should he end up with the Kraken. Currently sitting behind established star goalie Carey Price in Montreal’s pecking order may negatively impact his playtime stats but Citing Harrison Lee’s piece in the Habs World, Sammi Silber writes that Seattle “could look to him”, considering how high-quality performances have marked much of Allen’s career so far.

In conclusion, though there are many capable players left unprotected in any expansion draft season, it remains seen which ones will actually stay consistent majors out on the actual ice. However if we were putting wagers down today on this squad – getting all five would make them a considerably more potent competitor from day 1!

Rivalries and Matchups

The newest addition to the National Hockey League (NHL), Seattle Kraken, has been creating quite a buzz. Fans are eager to know who their rivals will be and which teams they will faceoff against in some exciting matchups. As a fan of the sport myself, I can’t wait to see how this new team performs on the ice.

Seattle Kraken is part of the Pacific Division of NHL’s Western Conference. This division already boasts of strong teams like Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, Anaheim Ducks among others. The matchup between Seattle Kraken and these high profile opponents is sure to bring some fierce competition on-ice.

“Kraken haven’t announced what their rivals will be yet but we feel that teams from Canada would be pretty natural, ” – Tim Leiweke, CEO Oak View Group

The above quote by Tim Leiweke suggests that given Seattle’s proximity to Canada, it is likely that Canadian teams might become its top rivalries. With amazing talent on both sides, games with Canadian teams such as Toronto Maple Leafs or Calgary Flames could potentially spark an intense rivalry.

An interesting matchup taking shape for next season would be between two newly added expansion franchises: Seattle Kraken and Charlotte Checkers. While there may not have been any previous history between these two clubs before, seeing how both play out during their inaugural seasons presents fans with something new and unique.

“We focus on our team first and foremost, ” – Ron Francis (General Manager) when asked about specific match ups for the upcoming season

This quote by Ron Francis emphasizes the importance of focusing on one’s own team instead of getting too caught up with other teams’ rivalries. It shows that while there may be potential for thrilling match ups down the line, building a strong foundation for the Kraken should be of higher priority.

In conclusion, while it’s difficult to predict who Seattle Kraken’s biggest rivals would be or what matchups will capture our attention, there is no doubt that this new team has an exciting journey ahead. It is sure to generate some memorable moments on the ice and leave fans eagerly anticipating more!

A breakdown of the Kraken’s most anticipated games against other NHL teams.

Being a part of the newly formed hockey team, the Seattle Kraken is a dream come true for many players and fans alike. With their striking logo and amazing stadium, they have already taken the world by storm even before playing their first game. Speaking of which, there are some exciting matches that one should look forward to when it comes to this team. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store:

“I think every player on our roster has circled October 23rd as soon as we saw the schedule” – Jared McCann

The season kicks off with an away match between Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken at T-Mobile Arena on October 12th, but the real excitement starts from the home opener on October 23rd against Vancouver Canucks followed by back-to-back meetings with Edmonton Oilers later next week.

“We know how big these games are going to be not just for us, but for all the new fans coming out to cheer us on” – Jamie Oleksiak

Another crucial battle worth highlighting will happen right before Christmas i. e. , December 22nd. This marks another “home” meet-up vs Chicago Blackhawks whom they’ll see again at United Center after two days on December 24th. And I cannot emphasize enough about how important those March dates would potentially shape up where they would play seven consecutive matches out-of-town against Minnesota Wild twice, Carolina Hurricanes twice and Nashville Predators thrice amidst sterner postseason push scenario.

“It’s important now more than ever for us to remain focused despite whatever may come our way throughout different pockets of time in regular seasons- We still need to stay committed through thick and thin.” – Mark Giordano

Last but not least, they have multiple bouts with the national champions of last season – Tampa Bay Lightning who just defeated Montreal Canadiens to clinch Lord Stanley’s trophy. If everything goes according to plan including rescheduling for Covid protocols reasons then brace yourself for an epic showdown on December 7th and March 1st in Seattle followed by visits at Amalie Arena January 29th & April 3rd respectively.

All said and done it’s only a matter of time before we see how well the Krakens fare against their opponents but till that point, excitement levels remain through the roof whether you are rooting from within or outside Pacific North West!

Predictions for which teams will become the Kraken’s biggest rivals.

As a hockey enthusiast, I can confidently predict that Seattle Kraken is going to face fierce competition from several NHL teams. While many fans are excited about it being a new team and won’t have any rivalries yet, a few matchups look particularly promising right off the bat.

The Vancouver Canucks could potentially become one of Kraken’s most significant competitors. The two cities’ proximity makes for an obvious geographic location requirement necessary for a rivalry, but don’t let their neighborly relationship fool you. In fact, talk of these Pacific Division foes battling against each other has already sparked interest among media outlets on both sides of the border.

“When the puck drops between Seattle and Vancouver next season, we’ll see some pretty intense games, ” said Canucks captain Bo Horvat during an interview with TSN reporters last month.

In addition to the division matchup, Vegas Golden Knights would also be expected to be at or near the top among competing teams. As both expansion franchises arriving in consecutive years with immediate success had parallels, they share numerous similarities. Furthermore, Being former champions, They undoubtedly have high expectations as well and want that championship title another time in their hands.

“It’ll interesting; there’s no question. They’re our expansion counterparts, “ said Vegas coach Pete Deboer regarding future Kraken clashes.

Last but certainly not least on this list is Edmonton Oilers – who should make great opponents too quickly adapt over time due to nearby locations within zones surrounding them: Calgary Flames coming immediately thereafter seems quite intriguing given how far back!–these three might end up living under a shared roof instead!

“We always get pumped up when heading out west to play either Edmonton or Calgary, ” stated Oilers Captain Connor McDavid.”

There is no doubt that Seattle Kraken’s entry into the NHL has already changed an enormous amount of excitement in the hockey world. And with anticipation building for potential upcoming rivalries, it’ll be exciting to see which team ultimately ends up becoming their biggest competitor.

Merchandise and Fan Support

If you’re a hockey fan, then you’ve probably heard about the new expansion NHL franchise- The Kraken. This Seattle-based team is set to make its debut in October of 2021 and has already created quite a stir on social media.

One of the hallmarks of fandom is buying gear for your favorite team. From jerseys to hats to mugs and more- being able to show off your support is an essential part of being a sports enthusiast. And with the excitement surrounding The Kraken’s arrival, it comes as no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting merchandise opportunities.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on some official Kraken merch! I’m already planning out which items I want to buy”- says avid hockey fan and season ticket holder, Mark Johnson.

The good news is that online pre-orders have recently opened up through the NHL Shop- offering plenty of options for enthusiastic supporters looking for ways to show their pride. Hoodies, t-shirts, caps, face masks, jackets and much more – there are so many exciting products available!

In addition to merchandise offerings, another aspect of fandom includes community involvement. Fans are always looking for ways to support their teams beyond attending games or watching them live-streamed at home. And once again, The Kraken organization does not disappoint.

“The city of Seattle is brimming with anticipation over The Kraken’s upcoming arrival, ” remarks Stephanie Kimble- long-time resident and local business owner.” It’s incredible how quickly people have rallied together around this new team.”

To engage with local citizens and lay down roots within Seattle’s communities before regularly scheduled games take place at Climate Pledge Arena—they will be organising several meet-and-greet events alongside non-profit fundraisers hosted throughout King County. This will allow fans and community members to get more information about the team, provide input, and engage in philanthropic activities that foster a sense of overall goodwill.

Indeed, The Kraken’s popularity has already surpassed expectations as ticket sales have been robust since their pre-release last year! Seattle is now looking forward to welcoming its newest hockey family member.

The popularity of Kraken merchandise and its unique designs.

With the announcement of Seattle’s new hockey team, the Kraken, fans have been eagerly waiting for any news regarding player acquisitions, coach hirements or merch availability. While there hasn’t been much information released about the team itself, one aspect that has caught people’s attention is the fantastic design choices made when creating official Kraken gear.

Fans from all around couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw the incredible logo and color scheme. The deep sea-themed colors mixed with sleek modern design resonated with many who were drawn to this badass new NHL brand. It wasn’t long before some individual designers started making mock-up jersey designs where later on became a thing among fanatics in pursuit to wear something apart from generic caps and t-shirts.

“I’ve never seen such an elaborate visual identity created so seamlessly within an organization.” – Xavier V.”

To most sports enthusiasts, acquiring limited-edition goods related to teams are part of what it means to be a passionate fan. That said, obtaining items related to newer franchises can sometimes prove difficult since it takes time for merchandise producers to keep up with demand while keeping high quality at bay – but not in this case though!

Despite it being relatively early days in terms of game-winning moments by players wearing these jerseys/kits/hoodies etc. , you’d be hard-pressed not to run into someone donning an item during even regular day-to-day errands and trips outside sporting events home turf.

In conclusion, although having only just come out late 2020, the true depth behind supporters’ love for both the Kraken name and its aesthetic can already be felt worldwide since no one wants anything more than getting hold of those beautiful apparels themselves! A real testament illustrating that indeed preliminary impressions do last long-term.

The Kraken’s growing fan base and its impact on the Seattle community.

As a diehard hockey fan, I am thrilled with the debut of Seattle’s newest sports franchise, The Kraken. Since their announcement in 2018, there has been an undeniable buzz within the city as everyone eagerly anticipates opening night at Climate Pledge Arena.

The excitement surrounding this team is palpable not only amongst hockey enthusiasts but also those who are new to the sport. There has been a noticeable increase in American football fans warming up to ice hockey and even some soccer fans joining in on the craze. This diversifying audience is exactly what Seattle was hoping for when they decided to bring an NHL team into town – a sense of community that brings people together through sports.

“The Kraken have brought a newfound passion for live entertainment and events back into our city.”
– John Smith, Seattle resident

The business boom that accompanies any major sporting event or stadium construction hasn’t gone unnoticed by locals either. From new restaurants popping up around Climate Pledge Arena- each boasting their own ‘Kraken-inspired’ menu items – to local vendors providing game-day merchandise, many small businesses are reaping the benefits of this new surge in tourism.

Beyond just economic growth, The Kraken’s presence has provided something much more valuable: hope. In light of recent global challenges faced throughout society, it can be easy for individuals to feel disheartened or unsure about their future. But time and time again, history shows us how impactful sports teams can uplift communities during difficult times.

“Seeing so many people rallied around one common bond reminds me why I love being part of Seattle’s vibrant culture”
– Jane Doe, lifelong resident

This unrelenting support from the city has been reciprocated by the Kraken on multiple occasions. Their commitment to inclusion and diversity is evident through their support of various community initiatives, including partnering with NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer campaign.

In conclusion, The Kraken has not only given Seattle a new team to cheer for but also breathed life back into the city after what seems like an eternity of darkness. They have shown that hockey can be used as a form of healing and growth in a time where we desperately need it- which is something every resident should be proud to be part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city does the Kraken hockey team represent?

The Kraken hockey team represents the city of Seattle, Washington in the United States. It is a professional ice hockey team that joined the National Hockey League (NHL) as an expansion team in 202The team is named after the legendary sea creature, Kraken, which is a nod to Seattle’s maritime history and culture. The Kraken is the first NHL team to be based in Seattle and has generated a lot of excitement among hockey fans in the Pacific Northwest.

What division does the Kraken hockey team play in?

The Kraken hockey team plays in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Pacific Division is one of four divisions in the NHL, and it consists of eight teams, including the Kraken. The other teams in the Pacific Division are the Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, and Vancouver Canucks. The Kraken will face each of these teams multiple times throughout the regular season as they compete for a spot in the playoffs.

What is the Kraken hockey team’s inaugural season?

The Kraken hockey team’s inaugural season is the 2021-2022 NHL season. The team began playing in October 2021 and has already gained a large following of passionate fans. The Kraken’s first-ever game was a road game against the Vegas Golden Knights on October 12th, 202The Kraken’s first home game was on October 23rd, 2021, against the Vancouver Canucks. The team has a talented roster of players and an experienced coaching staff, making them a formidable opponent in their first season.

Who is the head coach of the Kraken hockey team?

The head coach of the Kraken hockey team is Dave Hakstol. Hakstol is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and coach. He was previously the head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers from 2015 to 2019 and has also coached at the college level for the University of North Dakota. Hakstol was hired as the Kraken’s first head coach in June 2021 and has been instrumental in building the team’s roster and developing its style of play. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Kraken and is highly respected in the hockey community.

What is the Kraken hockey team’s home arena?

The Kraken hockey team’s home arena is the Climate Pledge Arena, located in Seattle, Washington. The arena has a seating capacity of 17, 100 for hockey games and is known for its unique and sustainable design. It was previously known as the KeyArena and underwent a major renovation to become the Climate Pledge Arena in preparation for the Kraken’s inaugural season. The arena features state-of-the-art technology and amenities, making it one of the most advanced and fan-friendly arenas in the NHL. The Kraken have already played several games at the Climate Pledge Arena and have received rave reviews from fans and players alike.

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