What Is 3 On 3 Hockey? [Expert Review!]

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Hockey has returned for its 73rd season, offering exciting games across the world. With the world’s smallest ice rink now open in the South Bank of London, it’s never been more accessible to get on the ice.

While the rules of hockey may have been established in Canada, it’s now played globally. The world’s biggest league, the NHL, boasts 14 teams in Canada and the United States, with teams in Europe, Asia and Latin America. More than 200 million people around the world play hockey each year, making it the world’s most popular sport.

The Basics

3 on 3 hockey is a game that was first played in Canada in the 1940s and is now an international sport. The 3 on 3 variation means that players are allowed to have more than three players on the ice at a time. This means there’s more action and more scoring opportunities.

Each team has three goalies and three skaters on the ice at any one time, meaning there are nine players on the ice at any one time. This makes every play a race against time, and players are frequently involved in fast-paced, high-scoring games.

The scoring area is also larger in 3 on 3, meaning players can score from further out. This, in turn, makes every game more exciting.

The Evolution Of The Game

The origins of 3 on 3 hockey are found in a Canadian city that became renowned for its rough and tumble hockey culture. The game was first played in Montreal in the 1940s and was later codified by the NHL. It was originally designed for speed and skill, with a bit of meanness thrown in for good measure. The smaller the ice rink, the nastier the game tends to get. In the city where hockey is king, it’s only natural that the smallest ice rink would be the most aggressive one.

The game has since evolved to be more about skill and strategy than about who can be the toughest, with teams focusing on their five-on-five play instead of their one-on-one matchups.

The physicality has declined as well, as players are protected by an inflated puck, making hits less effective. This, in turn, has decreased the number of fights that break out during games. It’s still a common occurrence in the NHL, but is less common in the minor leagues.

Where Can I Watch 3 On 3 Hockey?

If you want to see some fast paced, three-on-three action, try the following sports hubs for live scores and streaming:

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