What Is A Penalty Shootout In Hockey? [Expert Guide!]

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If you are unfamiliar, a penalty shootout is a type of sudden-death overtime used in ice hockey, wherein teams have to take alternating shots until someone scores. Penalties are normally assessed for minor infractions (e.g., hooking, tripping, etc.) and are accumulated throughout the game. If a team has accumulated six or more penalties by the end of the game, then a penalty shootout ensues. Typically, the team that scores first wins. There are many different ways to play a shootout, but the basic premise is the same – one-on-one hockey until someone scores. It’s a bit like Russian roulette, but with a hockey stick instead of a revolver.

What Is The Purpose Of The Penalty Shootout?

The purpose of the penalty shootout is to determine a winner between two or more teams that are tied at the end of a game. The format is designed to reward teams that played a good balance of power and pace games while discouraging those who played a boring, defensive game. In a normal game, the last ten minutes are typically a chaotic mess as the clock winds down and players scramble for position. At the end, the teams that played the most fast-paced, offensive hockey will likely come out on top.

How Do You Determine Who Wins A Penalty Shootout?

The rules for a penalty shootout are very simple: The first team to score wins. If both teams are scoreless after five rounds of shots, then a sudden-death round ensues wherein the first team to score again wins. If you have a three-on-three game and it ends in a tie after five rounds of shots, then the shootout rules don’t apply (but don’t fret – if you played a good, clean game, then there will be other forms of OT to determine the winner).

For the most part, hockey fans have accepted the use of shootouts in baseball, but there are still those who balk at the idea of a five-minute brawl after a perfectly good hockey game. To those people, I say “Welcome to the real world, where hockey is a form of government and not just a game.”

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